Tuff Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt. Ltd.

Tuff Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


  • Ultraviolet Light Curing Adhesive

    Ultraviolet Light Curing Adhesive

    We deal in Ultraviolet Light Curing Adhesive that is cured in seconds when exposed to visible or ultraviolet lights, heat or activator. The Ultraviolet Light Curing Adhesives are known to enable 100% in-line inspection. Also, the speed of automated assembly can easily be utilized by light curable ...

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  • Two Part Epoxy Adhesive

    Two Part Epoxy Adhesive

    We are functioning as Two Part Epoxy Adhesive Manufacturer and Supplier. Our Two Part Epoxy Adhesive has high bond strength and excellent adhesion. Not just that, our Two Part Epoxy Adhesive has high resistance to impact as well as high shear strength. It can be purchased in bulk quantity from us. ...

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  • Synthetic Adhesives

    Synthetic Adhesives

    Since, we have collaborated with numerous distributors; we can cater to buyers all over Mumbai(India) and other markets. Consider our name for acquiring qualitative products in any quantity, safe and time-bound deliveries are what we ensure.

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  • Speciality Chemical

    Speciality Chemical

    the company is counted amidst the famous manufacturers and suppliers of speciality chemical in maharashtra (india). The speciality chemical, we offer, is formulated as per the set industrial quality standards. Our speciality chemical is used in various industrial applications. Our speciality ...

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  • SMT Adhesive

    SMT Adhesive

    Tuff Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt. Ltd is counted as a leading SMT adhesive supplier in India. The customer-centric approach and remarkable industry knowledge have helped the company in building a distinct position in this domain. The provided SMT adhesives are one-component thermo-setting ...

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  • Single Epoxy Adhesive

    Single Epoxy Adhesive

    We are one of the most reliable organizations, with phenomenal experience in dispensing quality industrial adhesives to our valued clients. Tuff Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt. Ltd is a trusted single part epoxy adhesive supplier in India and the offered single epoxy adhesives are suitable for ...

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  • Siltreat 99 Anti Stick Coating Compound

    Siltreat 99 Anti Stick Coating Compound

    Purchase from us specially formulated NEURON Siltreat 99 SP Coating Compound. We use high-quality ingredients for manufacturing Siltreat 99 Anti Stick Coating Compound . The Siltreat 99 Anti Stick Coating Compound, we offer, conform to the international quality standards. They can be purchased at ...

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  • Silicone Sealant

    Silicone Sealant

    We, Tuff Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt. Ltd, serve as a trustworthy silicone sealant manufacturer in Mumbai. Our silicone sealants are manufactured using optimum quality raw materials procured from our dependable and reliable vendors. We are also one of the known RTV silicone sealant manufacturers ...

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  • Silicone Liquid Gasket

    Silicone Liquid Gasket

    The company is known as one of the famous Manufacturers and Suppliers of Silicone Liquid Gasket in India. The Silicone Liquid Gasket, we offer, is known for its superb quality and performance. The company developed superior quality Silicone Liquid Gasket indigenously for Automobile OE Manufactures ...

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  • Sandwitch Panel Bonding Adhesive

    Sandwitch Panel Bonding Adhesive

    the company is known as one of the famed manufacturers and suppliers of sandwitch panel bonding adhesive in india. The sandwitch panel bonding adhesive, we offer, is known for its excellent quality and performance. The sandwitch panel bonding adhesive can be availed from us at the most competitive ...

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  • Sandwich Panel Adhesive

    Sandwich Panel Adhesive

    Sandwich panel lamination plays a main role in the building industry for e.g. structural construction or insulation. Key application fields of sandwich panels are roof and door panels as well as decorative or insulated panels. Sandwich panel adhesives are typically used for sandwich panel bonding ...

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  • Polyurethane Sealant

    Polyurethane Sealant

    Polyurethane sealant is an insulating and grouting material that commonly is used for filling gaps, sealing, keeping air and water away from joints, absorbing the natural movements of building materials and enhancing aesthetics. The properties of the polyurethane sealants such as adhesion strength, ...

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  • Noise Dampening Strips

    Noise Dampening Strips

    Having vast industry experience, we bring to you Tuber Based Noise Dampening Tapes. The Noise Dampening Strips are made from special materials that are sourced from genuine manufacturers. Our Noise Dampening Strips are specially designed for elevators to reduce noise vibration. They are easily ...

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  • Metal To Rubber Bonding Additive

    Metal To Rubber Bonding Additive

    We are bracketed with the leading names functioning as Metal To Rubber Bonding Additive Manufacturer and Supplier. Our Metal To Rubber Bonding Additives are extensively used for bonding metal parts and components with natural and synthetic rubber products. The Metal To Rubber Bonding Additives are ...

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  • Liquid Gasket Sealant

    Liquid Gasket Sealant

    We are a notable liquid gasket sealant supplier in India and are instrumental in offering a qualitative range of liquid gasket sealant to our customers. We offer the finest quality gasket sealants to meet the needs of today’s advanced requirements. The offered product is widely used in all ...

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  • Industrial Adhesives

    Industrial Adhesives

    With our strong distribution network, we efficiently distribute goods to the desired place. Based in Mumbai(India), our organization serves to the varied requirements related to diverse products.

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  • Gasket Remover

    Gasket Remover

    We are functioning as Gasket Remover Manufacturer and Supplier. We offer a special range of Gasket Remover that can be used for removing solid gasket, oil liquid, packaging and sealing materials. Our Gasket Removers are also used for peeling off old oil, paint, baked on carbon, etc. Purchase Gasket ...

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  • Flash Butt Welding Compound

    Flash Butt Welding Compound

    Get in touch with us to buy special Flash Butt Welding Compound that is made with Heavy duty splatter compounds. The Flash Butt Welding Compound, offered by us, exhibits 100% pure formulation and high efficiency. The Flash Butt Welding Compounds can be purchased in different variants from us. We ...

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  • Epoxy Gel Coat

    Epoxy Gel Coat

    Our company is successfully serving as a leading epoxy gel coat supplier in India. We at Tuff Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt. Ltd are instrumental in offering premium quality epoxy gel coats to our buyers. The offered product provides superior quality, protective coating for timber, composite, ...

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  • Electrical Contact Cleaner

    Electrical Contact Cleaner

    Buyers from all over the country can contact us purchasing Electrical Contact Cleaner , which is used to clean and degrease electronic and electrical contacts precision optical equipment, PCB, etc. The Electrical Contact Cleaner is a highly effective solution for varied industrial items. It is ...

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  • Cylinder Head Gasket Compound

    Cylinder Head Gasket Compound

    A cylinder head gasket compound is a piece of material that is located between the cylinder head and the engine block inside an internal combustion engine. The purpose of the cylinder head gasket compound is to seal the cylinders to ensure maximum compression and prevent the leakage of coolant or ...

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  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

    Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

    Cyanoacrylate adhesive is a type of instant adhesive that is designed for the assembly of difficult-to-bond materials requiring uniform stress distribution and high tensile or shear strength. This adhesive used for the rapid bonding of a wide range of materials, including plastics, metals, and ...

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  • Butyl Tape

    Butyl Tape

    Butyl tape is typically a type of adhesive tape having strong adhesive and excellent sealing effect. This tape is made with raw material like butyl rubber (polyisobutene). The tape has excellent waterproof performance, so it is also called butyl waterproof sealing adhesive tape. These tapes are ...

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  • Break Shoe Adhesive

    Break Shoe Adhesive

    We are offering break shoe & clutch facing adhesive, the break shoe & clutch facing adhesive is a single part phenolic based adhesive that can be used for any type of friction lining material bonding applications. we are renowned as a celebrated break shoe & clutch facing adhesive manufacturer and ...

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  • Break Shoe And Clutch Facing Adhesive

    Break Shoe And Clutch Facing Adhesive

    Purchase from us Break Shoe And Clutch Facing Adhesive that is based on single part phenolic and processed using advanced methods. Our Break Shoe And Clutch Facing Adhesive is used for friction lining bonding applications such as clutch facing and brake shoe. The Break Shoe And Clutch Facing ...

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  • black pvc polymer

    black pvc polymer

    Our quality analysis wing comprises deft professionals who conduct strict checks for ensuring zero-defect products. We keep a stern check on the payment procedures that we sternly follow and apart from this, we make a completely secured database that lists all the payments made and clients' ...

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  • Anti Spatter Gel

    Anti Spatter Gel

    We are functioning as Anti Spatter Gel Manufacturer and Supplier. Our Anti Spatter Gel is only needs to be dip hot for normal temperature protection. The specially manufactured Anti Spatter Gel is highly demanded for MIG nozzles. It has non-flammable and Non-toxic nature, good paint-ability. We can ...

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  • Anaerobic Adhesive

    Anaerobic Adhesive

    Anaerobic adhesives are the type of adhesives that cure or harden in the presence of active metals and in the absence of oxygen. These adhesives are commonly malleable until enclosed in the absence of air between close fitting active metal surfaces. Anaerobic adhesives are commonly used to enhance ...

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  • High Temperature Lsr

    We are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of Neuron 1999 High Temperature LSR â Two Part Liquid Silicon Rubber. This is flowable addition curing two part liquid silicone rubber, when mixed with the catalyst or part B to form ready to use product having long pot life which cures at high ...

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  • silicone Rubber Parts

    The company is a prominent Neuron N-1291 Manufacturer and Supplier, based in Mumbai (India). The Neuron N-12910-One Part Silicon Rubber is majorly used for screen printing application. Neuron N-1291 is a free flowing, ready to use and modified silicone, which cures either at room temperature or at ...

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  • Temperature Indication Crayons

    Enriched with remarkable experience in this domain, Tuff Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt. Ltd has established itself as a leading temperature indication crayons supplier in India. The company is instrumental in offering a qualitative range of temperature indication crayons that are easy alternatives ...

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  • PU Mould Release Compound

    Our company is successfully serving as a leading PU mould release agent supplier in India. We at Tuff Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt. Ltd are instrumental in offering premium quality PU mould release agent to our buyers. The offered product is a unique preparation specially designed for polyurethane ...

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  • Thermally Conductive Paste

    The thermally conductive paste is commonly used as an interface between heat sources such as high-power semiconductor devices and heat sinks. The primary role of thermally conductive paste is to eliminate spaces or air gaps from the interface area so as to increase heat transfer and dissipation. ...

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  • Liquid Silicone Rubber

    Liquid Silicone Rubber

    We are a known liquid silicon rubber supplier in India and have marked a distinguished position in the market by providing the finest quality range of liquid silicone rubber to our buyers. Liquid silicone rubbers are widely used for molding extrusion applications. They are used for all types of ...

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