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We offer the best product range of Gas Geyser, Gg1400-002 Gas Geysers and Gg900-001 Gas Geysers.

Gas Geyser

We are counted amongst the leading importers, suppliers and exporters of the premium quality Gas Geyser . Our Gas Geyser is especially designed to reduce the power consumption. It provides efficient results at lesser power and thus cuts down the electricity bill by 50% to 70%. Advantages Provides hot water instantly 6Ltrs hot water in a minute Protected against over heating Protected against gas leakage Features High efficiency Long functional life Maintenance free Available in 6 ltrs, 7 Ltrs, 10 Ltrs, 12Ltrs, 16 Ltrs, 18 Ltrs & 20 Ltrs Capacity FAQ Can we use K-POWER GAS Geyser for water heating? Yes, You can use K-POWER GAS GEYSER for Water Heating and it is far more efficient and Faster than an electric geyser. K-POWER gas water heater is specially designed to cater the need of Customer, more Efficient, Convenient and Safer than a gas stove for heating water. Is it economic? Definitely yes. K-POWER Gas Geysers are very economy. One 14.2 kg gas cylinder provides 5000 - 6000 Ltrs of hot water. It is approximately 4 times cheaper than electric geyser. Safety? Gas water heaters are safer than the cooking stove, if the flame goes off due to boiling over of water or milk, gas continues to leak (it can accumulate in the kitchen and may explode even if a power switch is turned on). In gas water heaters, the gas supply cuts off within seconds with the help of a thermocouple sensor (or flame failure device), if the flame goes off for any reason. Moreover, if there is no water supply (in case the overhead tank is empty) then the gas supply is cut off through a water pressure switch. Lastly, in the rare case of overheating due to any reason, there is a overheat protection device which immediately switches off the gas supply to the burners. What is the capacity of the gas water heater? There is no storage in the gas water heater (This is Instant) and therefore the capacity is virtually unlimited when compared to an electric storage water heater. The 5.0 to 6.0 Ltrs per minute model gives you approx. 300 to 360 liters of water per hour and the and unlike the electric storage water heater, the gas water heater gives you water at the same temperature for as long as the tap is left open. Where can We keep gas cylinder? The cylinder can be kept in a corner inside the bathroom, also outside the bathroom or in a dry balcony and can be connected to the gas geyser. Scaling due to water hardness? Since it is the running water that is heated, the chances of scaling are minimal. In electric geyser, cold water from the tank mixes with hot water even though you are drawing only hot water. In case of a gas water heater, water is heated to a lower temperature and as such scaling does not happen to the same extent. Is Gas Geyser Better than a solar system? With a solar system running cost is virtually nil. Whereas the Initial Installation cost of the equipment is very high. Generally, the solar systems are provided with an electrical back up which takes 2 to 3 hours to heat the storage tank on a cloudy or rainy day. With a K-POWER gas water heater, your solar system can have an instant back up. What about after sales service? K-POWER gas geyser comes with one to two year warranty (Depends on Model) and we assure you of prompt service

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Gas Geysers - Item Code : Gg1400-002

We offer gas geysers that is manufactured keeping in mind the needs of the users. It helps in reducing the electricity bills; hence they are highly popular amongst the users. 1400 gram heat exchanger is used in our gas geyser.

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Gas Geysers - Item Code : Gg900-001

We offer gas geysers that is made keeping in mind the needs of the users. It helps in reducing the electricity bills; hence they are highly popular amongst the users. Heavy duty, long life gas geyser.

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