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  1. STACK MONITORING KIT 4 Products / Services available
  2. GASEOUS ATTACHMENT 3 Products / Services available
  3. HIGH VOLUME AIR SAHMPLER - HVS 4 Products / Services available
  4. CALIBRATION KIT 2 Products / Services available
  5. FILTER PAPER 1 Products / Services available
  6. GASEOUS POLLUTANT SAMPLER 2 Products / Services available
  7. Coaching Classes 1 Products / Services available
  8. Meteorological & Weather Instruments 1 Products / Services available
  9. Data Loggers 1 Products / Services available
  10. COMBO DUST SAMPLER 4 Products / Services available
  11. FINE DUST SAMPLER 6 Products / Services available
  12. Pollution Control Machines & Devices 4 Products / Services available
  13. Calibration Services 3 Products / Services available
  14. Instrument Calibration & Testing 1 Products / Services available
  15. AUTOMATIC WEATHER STATION 2 Products / Services available
  16. VELOCITY SAMPLER 2 Products / Services available
  17. RESPIRABLE DUST SAMPLER 6 Products / Services available
  18. HANDY SAMPLER 3 Products / Services available
  19. PERSONAL DUST SAMPLER 2 Products / Services available
  20. Other Products / Services 2 Products / Services available

Calibration Services

We offer a complete product range of Calibration Services, Stack Monitoring Kit Calibration and Annual Calibration And Maintenance Contract Services for Air Monitoring Instrument

Calibration Services

In any equipment, accuracy is vital to obtain precise results. Well, we can help you keep your equipment calibrated to the set standards. We are based in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) and we can be contacted for calibrating various thermal, mechanical, and electro-technical instruments. In most cases, the frequency of calibration is required once in a year or after major repairs. The company has a modern infrastructural facility wherein we work diligently to calibrate products as per the industry norms and client’s functional needs. We provide calibration services to our product and third-party instruments. In air pollution monitoring, maintaining the accuracy of flow, pressure and temperature measurements in the instruments is important because inaccurate measurements can result in misleading figures of concentration of pollutants, which in turn could result in increased health risks and / or wasted man hours. Calibration services provide by us is world-class calibration service for the various thermal, mechanical and electro-technical instruments. Parameters such as specific heat, temperature, flow measurement and time can be effectively measured using specific calibrators to accurately and precisely. Field calibration service provided for the instrument like High Volume Sampler, Respirable Dust Sampler, Handy Sampler, Stack Emission Sampler, Sound Level Meter etc. In most cases the frequency of calibration of air pollution monitoring related devices is generally stipulated by once a year or after major repairs. All our products are duly calibrated in-house before shipping. We also entertain customer’s requests for post warranty calibration. We get our reference instruments calibrated by NABL accredited laboratories such as Fluid Control Research Institute (FCRI), Palghat etc.. It is fully equipped for calibration of our products as well as third party instruments. Our services are characterized by accuracy, reliability, traceability, efficiency and reasonableness of cost.

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Stack Monitoring Kit Calibration

Field Calibration service of Stack Monitoring Kit for the parameters like Flow Indicator (Rotameter), Vacuum Gauge, Stopwatch, Pyrometer, Manometer, Pitote Tube

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Annual Calibration And Maintenance Contract Services for Air Monitoring Instrument

Service for Annual Calibration & Maintenance Service for Field Air Monitoring Instrument like Stack Monitoring Kit, Respirable Dust Sampler (PM 10), Fine Particulate Sampler (PM 2.5), Weather Station, High Volume Air Sampler, Handy Sampler, Sound Level Meter,

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