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Floor Mats

We offer a complete product range of Electrical Rubber Mats, Rubber Mats, Electrical Insulating Mats, insulating mats and Insulating Rubber Mats

Electrical Rubber Mats

  • Model Number ERDA Approved/ CPRI Approved/ BIST certified
  • Brand Name Vardhman

We are one of the chief Manufacturers and Exporters of Electrical Insulating Mats. As our Electrical Rubber Mats are IS: 5424/1969 certified, they are ideal for electrical purpose. Our Electrical Rubber Mats are used as floor covering around electrical panels as a safeguard to the life of the workers due to possible leakage of current and short circuit. Electrical Rubber Mats are used in power generation plants, sub-stations, workshops, etc. These rubber mats are manufactured by special rubber compound, free from fabric insertion and fibrous material to serve your purpose of safety at its best.

  • Specifications
    Surface Ribbed, fluted, chequered, plain any other desired pattern.
    Thickness 6.5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 20mm, 25mm.
    Size 3feet X 6feet, 4feet X 8feet, 1mtr X 2mtr.
    Color Black, Red, any desired color.
    Hardness Shore A 40 to 85
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Rubber Mats

  • Brand Name Vardhman
  • Place of Origin India

Rubber mats are used as floor covering around electrical panels as a safeguard to the life of the workmen due to possible leakage of current and short circuit. Rubber mats are used in power generation plants, sub stations, workshops. Etc.

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Electrical Insulating Mats

  • Width 3ft(900mm)/1M
  • Thickness 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm
  • Form Rolls or Mat
  • Length 5M/10M/20M
  • Color(*Other colors as per request) Red/Black/Blue/Grey

Vardhman High Voltage Electrical Insulating Mat is considered as personal protection equipment(PPE), it is specially designed for use in front of open switchboards or high voltage equipment. Used in many Industrial Plants and Factories to protect against electrical shocks. Vardhman is manufacturing electrical Insulating mats in India, since 1996.   Features ISI Marked, ERDA & CPRI Type Tested insulating mats. Tests and specifications also meet BS 921, IEC 61111, ASTM. For both A.C. and D.C. applications. Di-electric Strength 65KV (650000volts) AC proof Voltage up to 36KV. Low Temperature resistant. Acid, Alkali, Diesel & Transformer oil resistant. Flame Retardant. Good Aging properties. High Insulation resistance exceeding 1100000 High tensile strength and elongation properties. Leakage Current less than 1mA.   Note: 1. Mats shall be ISI embossed at every meter with unique CM/L No. 2. Mats shall be Type Tested by ERDA. 3. Mats shall be pastable type. Pasting/Fixing or request. 4. Inspection facilities are available. 5. In-house test certificate along with supply 6. Mats shall be replaced on first sign of any damage.

  • S.No. Specification Class A Class B Class C
    1 Thickness 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
    2 Max. use Voltage 3.3KV 11KV 33KV
    3 Ac Proof Voltage 10KV 22KV 36KV
    4 Ac Di-electric Strength 30KV 45KV 65KV
    5 Max. Leakage Current 10mA 10mA 10mA
    6 Min. Insulation resistance measured by 5000 V megger 1,00,000 M 1,00,000 M 1,00,000 M
    7 Min. Tensile Strength (N/mm2) 15 15 15
    8 Min. Elongation(%) 250 250 250
    9 Minimum Retention in Tensile Strength and Elongation from Original Value on Ageing at 70+-1'C for 168hrs T.S-Min.75%
    10 Minimum Retention in Tensile Strength and Elongation from Original Value when immersed in Acid/Alkali/Diesel/Transformer Oil for 48Hrs T.S-Min.80%
    11 Low Temperature Yes Yes Yes
    12 Flame Retardance Yes Yes Yes
    13 Composition Synthetic Elastomer Synthetic Elastomer Synthetic Elastomer

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Insulating matting

It is made of rubber compound suitable for providing electrical safety to the workmen working around the possible areas of electrical shock and act as a safeguard equipment.

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Insulating Rubber Mats

insulating rubber mats manufacturer for electrical purpose in India. We are certified of insulating rubber mats as per Indian Standard of certification of insulating rubber mat for electrical purpose IS 15652. Our objective is providing quality stander of Insulating rubber mat for electrical purpose and takes care of technology advancement. Vardhman insulating rubber mats specially design for used in front high voltage equipment and switching boards. Insulating rubber mat designed to protect for high voltage shocks and used as personal care equipments. Vardhman insulating rubber mats are manufacturer of insulating rubber mat for different application. Our Insulating rubber mat for electrical purpose is applicable up to 33KV as per Indian standard of specification of insulating rubber matting.

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Electrical Insulating Rubber Matting

  • Width 0.9mtr, 1.0mtr, 1.2mtr
  • Thickness As Per Specified Class
  • Length 2mtr, 5mtr, 10mtr, 20mtr, or as per requirement
  • Colors Black, Blue, Grey
  • Surface/Design Anti-Skid Texture Finish

Vardhman Insulating Matting (Di-Electric Carpets) made of Rubber Compound suitable for providing the Electrical safety to the workmen working around the possible areas of Electrical shock and act as a safeguard equipment from electrical shock due to leakage of current, shot circuit or any other. Electrical Rubber Matting manufactured by Vardhman conforms to IEC 61111 and comes with a double triangle logo. The special high quality Rubber Compound ensures the complete shock protection against electrical shocks due to electrical earth faults. Our Mats are fully compliant With IEC 61111 (International Electro Technical Commission) and are regularly tested by third like TUV, Lloyds and many others. The mats offered by us are ROHS and PAH Compliant. We at Vardhman, adopt the most advance technology to manufacture Insulating Mats. The state of the art line (German Technology) makes our quality and finish unmatchable in the industry. All the testing and inspection facilities are established within the factory Which ensures every square inches of mat are fully tested to the specifications.   Application The Mat can be used in Indoor and outdoor locations and are mostly used in front and rear side side of electrical panels, switchgears, transformers and other high voltage workplaces to provide the high safety environment for the workforce. This mat can also be used as portable protection for site engineers working on live equipment.   Features And Advantages Fully tested to specification IEC 61111. Provides safety for operators against electrical shock. High Electrical Resistance Up to 50 KV/50000 volts. Suitable for both AC and DC Applications. Health and safety regulation Halogen Free flame retardant material. Highly Flexible mats with self-gripping design on floor. Anti-Fatigue type. Comfortable while standing for long period. Anti-Slip Finish. Tested to slip resist test. Resistant to acid, oil and Low temperature test. Ozone, UV and weather resistant. Permanent Marking-Durable and un-erasable done while curing of mats. Fully Traceable supply. Low Maintainance. No Recycled Rubber. Confirm Marking The marking on the top side (always visible) of the safety mat will consist of following details: The complete marking shall be marked at least once on every meter of mat. The marking shall be colour coded as per IEC 61111:2009 guidelines. Class '0' - RED, Class '1' - WHITE, Class '2' - YELLOW, Class '3' - GREEN, Class '4' - ORANGE

  • Other Properties
    S.No. Technical Specification All Classes
    1 Composition and Surface Rubber elastomer*, Anti Skid Finish. Macromolecular material which returns rapidly to its final dimension by a weak stress and release of the stress.
    2 Workmanship Mats shall be free from Harmful physical irregularities.
    3 Mechanical Puncture Resistance Min. 70N
    4 Slip Resistance Test @ force of 70N Maximum 15mm
    5 Ageing Test at 70 deg cl./168hrs. Puncture Resistance shall be min. 80% of original value.
    6 Flame Retardant Test Flame shall not reach any point on a 50mm circle.
    7 Thermal Test (Low Temp. Test) No Crack@100N.
    No-Breakdown on specified voltage.
    8 Acid Test; H2SO4 For 8hrs. Minimum Retention in Mech. Puncture Test initial value. Min. 75% Retention & No Breakdown on specified Voltage.
    9 Oil Test; oil for 2hrs.
    Minimum Retention in Mech. Puncture test initial value.
    Min. 75% Retention & No Breakdown on specified Voltage.

  • Class Standard Thickness Max. Use Voltage Proof Voltage Withstand Voltage Color Code
    0 3 mm 1000 Volts 5000 Volts 10000 Volts Red
    1 3 mm 7500 Volts 10000 Volts 20000 Volts White
    2 3/6 mm 17000 Volts 20000 Volts 30000 Volts Yellow
    3 4/6 mm 26500 Volts 30000 Volts 40000 Volts Green
    4 4/6 mm 36000 Volts 40000 Volts 50000 Volts Orange
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Electrical Rubber Mat IS:5424 (Convential Type)

Rubber Mats for Electrical Purposes as per IS-5424/1969 (withdrawn...) Vardhman® IS:5424 are used as floor covering around electrical panels as a safeguard to the life of the workmen due to possible leakage of current and short-circuit. The mats are manufactured by vulcanized rubber compound free from fabric insertion & fibrous material. The upper surface have a ribbed, fluted, chequered, plain or other suitable pattern as per requirement. The lower surface have cloth marked finish or plain.   Applications: High Voltage Panels HT/LT Switch Gears   Substations   Transformer Rooms  

  • S. No. Technical Specification Value (All Thicknesses)
    1. Composition Vulcanized rubber compound free from any insertion
    2. Upper Surface Checkered/Fluted
    3. Lower Surface Plain
    4. Thickness 6.5mm/8mm/10mm/12mm
    5. Length x Width 1m x 2m
    1.2m x 2.4m
    0.9m x 1.8m
    6. Tensile Strength Min 50kgf/cm2
    7. Elongation Min. 250%

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