Vinayakashot Pvt. Ltd.

Vinayakashot Pvt. Ltd.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Vinayakashot Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of cut wire shot in carbon steel , stainless steel , aluminum , zinc & copper cut-wire shot is produced by cutting wire into lengths equal to the wire diameter. Quality is assured by control of the chemical and physical properties inherent in the wire and accurate sizing to length. Every piece is 100% solid. Cut-wire shot is available in an “as-cut” (cylindrical) form as well as in a normal conditioned and special conditioned (spherical) shape. Cut wire shot is available in sizes from 0.40mm to 2.00mm . Oday company is providing the largest range of cut wire shot in different sizes and metals , which suits the best for its customer requirements . Details of product are given as below : product list size grit size cast steel shot size cut wire shot (in inches) equivalent cut wire shot g-50 s-170 0.017 0.40 g-40 s-190 0.020 0.50 g-40 s-230 0.023 0.60 g-25 s-280 0.028 0.70 g-25 s-330 0.032 0.80 g-18 s-360 0.035 0.90 g-18 s-390 0.041 1.00 g-16 s-460 0.047 1.20 g-17 s-550 0.054 1.40 g-12 s-660 0.062 1.60 g-10 s-780 0.080 2.00 material mild steel type 1020 carbon steel type 1070 stainless steel type 302 / 304 /202 / 430 aluminum zinc 98.9% hardness range mild steel 20 hrc carbon steel 45 - 54 / 55 - 60 hrc stainless steel 302 / 304 / 202 / 430 32 hrc minimum shape description specification as cut (-u) cylindrical with sharp edge is 5873-1970 / sae j441 normal (-c) corner pre round is 5873-1970 / sae j441 conditioned (-3c) almost spherical is 5873-1970 / sae j441 packing provided : 25kgs. /bag application of cut wire shot blast cleaning blast cleaning of die-casting, foundry pieces, forgings, sand removal, steel board, steel material, h type steel structure. Rust removal rust removal of foundry pieces, forgings, steel board, steel material, steel structure, descaling of forging. Shot peening shot peening of heat treatment pieces, gear etc. Shot blasting shot blasting of profile steel, steel board, steel material, ship board. Shot polishing shot polishing of steel board, steel material, and profile steel. Grit removal grit removal pre-treatment pre-treatment of surface, steel structure, before-painting. Advantages of cut wire shot 1. Most economical and lowest consumption. 2. Available in various sizes as per requirement. 3. More life span, till completely reduced to smallest tiny particle. 4. Increases the fatigue life of the blasted components. 5. No possibility for dust formation during shot blasting. 6. Cleans the product faster. 7. Cuts down the maintenance cost of shot blasting machine. 8. No dust or health hazard during operation. Why cut wire shot:- raw material is of exact composition without any material defect (blow holes, porosity, shrinkage etc.), and wears out nominally during its use. No dust generation. Environment friendly. Consistent performance reduced time for shot blasting/peening. Consumption decreases 3-4 times less to cast shot (case to case basis). Lower inventory required for the same job. Lower operation cost. All shot being made out of same wire are identical, no variation of size anywhere. Uniform hardness throughout. Micro-structure is only tempered martensite. Due to drawing passes grain size is stabilized. Lower maintenance of machine due to absence of abrasive dust. Peening technology the shot peening media is the tool of shot peening . The better the shot peening media the better the result of shot peening * the shot peening media should be spherical. Broken and uneven particles may produce harmful effects. * the shot peening media should at least have the hardness of the part to be peened, otherwise the compressive residual stress will be significantly reduced. * the shot peening media should be conditioned to have only particle size to the established limits, otherwise the depth of compressive stress layer will be reduced. * the shot peening media should be dry, free from dust and clean, otherwise there will be a damping effect and the compressive residual stress will be reduced as well as the depth of compressive stress layer. Parts also could be unacceptably contaminated. “as-cut” (cylindrical) shot normal conditioned shot special conditioned (spherical) shot

Company Facts

Business Type : Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers
Year of Estd : 2006
Company Turnover : Rs. 5 to 25 Crore Approx.
No. of Employee : 20 - 50
Ownership : Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Business Markets : Why Vinayaka Shot? *PAN India Presence ISO certified capacity to process 1500MT/Year 40% Export Sales Fully technical Support


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