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Vishal Synthetics

Gujarat, India
Vishal Synthetics
Vishal Synthetics is a corporate entity of “COT Group” with a current turnover of over US $ 5 million. It has its beginnings in the late 80's with the vision, drive and entrepreneurial initiative of Mr. Mahesh Patel, whose business acumen has successfully guided the growth of this group till date, A qualified textile engineer from one of the premier engineering colleges of India, Mr. Mahesh Patel picked up over half a decade of hands on managerial experience, in the established textile industry, before branching out on his own. Starting with what is now known as 'Vishal Synthetics' he consolidated his primary business, and then ventured into related business. His units are situated in KADI (Gujarat, Western India), spread over a sprawling campus of over 2200 sq. mtrs. His businesses have continuously acquired greater reach and clientele, till now his footprints span more than a dozen countries internationally, a figure that is steadily growing. Vishal Synthetics is specialized in the production of Polypropylene Spun bonded Non Woven Fabrics and Non Woven Products. We have established Spun bonded non woven fabrics production line making by Taiwan based company. Currently our annual output for non wven fabrics is 2000 Metric Tons. Apart from Fabrics; we also manufacture Superior Quality Non woven fabrics products which are use in Hygiene & Medical Sectors, Industrial & Agro Textiles, Auto Textiles, Interlining & Garment Industries, Geo Textiles, Home Textiles, Packaging & Sports sectors. As a universal player, we have invested US $ 1.2 million in high-tech technologies and R&D. Yet we are still constantly researching new ways of improving and upgrading our QC methods. We strategically placed near major markets and consumers of our products with diversified production units; we are able to provide them Superior quality products with best quality service at most competitive prices. At Vishal Synthetics, customers are the focus of our attention and they rely on us to research and develop products and solutions. We innovate and develop new products, investing in the long term, as partners to our customers application Industry. Non woven fabrics are broadly defined as sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments (and by perforating films) mechanically, thermally or chemically. PP Spun bonded Non woven Fabrics are produced using a precise extrusion-based technology. The polymer is stretched into a continuous filament and loosely spread onto a conveyor belt to form the web. Air is used to form and lay the fabric filaments. On the other hand, some non woven fabrics can be recycled after use, given the proper treatment and facilities. For this reason, Non woven fabrics is consider as a more ecological fabric for certain applications, especially in fields and industries where disposable products are important, such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, hotels and luxury accommodations. Non woven fabrics have various Properties such as Stretch ability, Flame retardancy, Wash ability, Strength, Absorbency, Liquid repellency, Resilience, Softness, Cushioning, Filtering, Bacterial barrier and Sterility. These characteristics are frequently combined to make fabrics suitable for exact jobs. Non woven fabric manufacturers usually manufacture the fabric in a roll form. It is then sent to various other industries where it has end applications, where is it cut and given different form depending upon the use. They can also be used in combination with different materials and offer a wide range of products. Non Woven Fabrics is used in below listed Industry and products. 1. Medical Sector Products like Isolation Gowns, Surgical Gowns, Surgical Caps, Surgical Face mask, Medical Packaging. 2. Hygiene Sector Products like Baby Diapers & Nappies, Feminine Hygiene, Adult Diapers, Wet Wipes, Disposable Bath And Face Towels 3. Foot Wear / Sport Sector Products like Disposable Slippers and Footwear 4. Geo Textiles Sector Products like Soil Stabilizer, Roadway Underlayment, Foundation Stabilizers, Erosion Control, Canals Construction, Drainage Systems, Geomembrane Protection, Agriculture Mulch, Pond And Canal Water Barriers, Sand Infiltration Barrier For Drainage Tiles 5. Packaging Sector Products like Carry Bags, Shopping Bags, Rice Bags, Vegetable Seed Packing Bags, Other Packaging Products 6. Agriculture Sector Products like Crop Cover, Soil Cover 7. Auto Textiles Sector Products like Car Cover, Car Roof 8. Leather Industry Products like Wallets, Purses, Folios, Briefcases/Suitcases, Jackets/Shirts/Shoes 9. Home Furnishing Sector Products like Sofa, Chair, Mattresses, Artificial Carpets, Pillow Cover, Bed sheets, Curtains, Table Cloths, 10.Garments Sector Products like Men Suit Cover, Women Sarees/Salvar Packaging Cover.

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Quality Policy : We strongly believe our customers deserve the highest quality products and services and we are driven by quality improvement throughout all our design, manufacturing and delivery processes. Since our very first days of operation, we have focused on quality as one of our core corporate objectives.

Company Facts

Business Type : Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers
Year of Estd : 1989
Company Turnover : Rs. 5 to 25 Crore Approx.
No. of Employee : 20 - 50
Ownership : Partnership
Business Markets : India, North America, Europe, Australia, South Asia, Gulf Countries, South America, Singapore, Far East, Japan, China

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Brijesh Patel

68, G.I.D.C. Estate, Near Budasan Bus Stop, Kadi - Kalol Road, Kadi, Dist. -Mehsana, Kadi, Gujarat - 382715, India

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