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Laboratory Equipments

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Blood Bank Centrifuge, Concentric Water Bath, general incubator, Constant Temperature Bath and Bod Incubator

Blood Bank Centrifuge

Salient Features Menu driven 51 program memory with tamper proof facility Option to centrifuge by setting either RPM or RCF (speed accuracy +10rpm) Time setting up to 99 minutes 9 Acceleration & 10 Deoeleration profiles Temperature range setting -10°C to 40°C Two Pre—cooIing program (4°C / 22°C) Dual LCD monitors displays set & run parameters Viewing window for RPM calibration Safety Features : Door interlock, imbalance cut-off & Over speed protection Key lock for authorized access Safety gas hinges prevents accidental door drop

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Concentric Water Bath

Application: Concentric Rings water baths are identical for all applications requiring gentle steaming work with Erlenmeyer flasks, glasses etc. Advantages: Fitted with a water level indicating device Optional constant water level device. A removable flat drop on lid for concentric rings enables the bath to be used for other work also. Double walled, insulated, full stainless steel construction. Concentric rings in steps of 25 and 50 mm ID moulded from industrial grade non-corrosive material. A precise Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller having resolution and control accuracy of ± 1°C in digital model. 

  • Item Specification Item Specification
    Heating bath dimensions Ø 230 x 130 mm Power supply 230 V, AC, 50 Hz
    Volume of heating bath 4 lit. Approx. Rotation speed 30 to 270 rpm
    Bath heater capacity 1200 Watts Rotation speed display Yes
    Heating bath controller PID with display for set & actual temp. Lift Motorised
    Bath temperature range Ambient + 5 to 180°C Manual lift (When power fails) Yes
    Temperature accuracy ± 2°C Height adjustment 170 mm Approx.
    Independent safety cutout @ 190 °C Flask ejector Yes
    Heating bath material SS 304 Condenser support Yes
    Cond. cooling area: D, V 1200 cm² Glass sets available* D, V, C, E
    Cond. cooling area: C 580 cm² approx. Threaded connectors for utilities Yes
    Cond. cooling area E 2000 cm² approx. Feed stopcock & tube made of PTFE
    Environmental conditions (Temp.) 10 to 40°C Environmental Conditions (% RH) Max 80% NC
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general incubator

Applications: General Incubator is ideally suitable for any laboratory for application requiring a controlled temperature environment upto 70°C. Advantages: Digital PID Temperature Controller with Timer, alarms and auto tuning. Eye level door mounted Controller for easy access and monitoring. Over temperature safety protection. Solid and plain bottom without electricals. Seamless round cornered edge of internal chamber ensures easy cleaning & prevents any leakage Transparent safety glass door. Supplied with wire mesh shelves. Shelf height adjustable in 25mm steps. Temp range: ambient +5ºC to 70ºC. Control accuracy: ±0.1ºC.

  • Model Size (LBH) / Capacity Outer Dimension Shelves App. Shipping Details Gr. / Volume
    #7253-150 500 x 500 x 600 / 150 L 680 x 730 x 860mm 2 70 kg / 0.63 m3
    #7253-250 500 x 500 x 1000mm / 250 L 680 x 730 x 1250mm 3 100 kg / 1.00 m3
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Constant Temperature Bath

Applications: Ideal for constant temperature applications in Refractometry,     Polarimetry, Rotational Viscometry, in biotechnology laboratory for development of culture applications and general laboratory work. Ideal for critical applications requiring a high degree of    temperature accuracy and uniformity. Advantages: Stirring achieved by an efficient, continuously rated, self cooling motor with SS shaft and propeller of anti-corrosive material. Independent over-temperature self resetting safety cut-off with alarm. Full SS construction. Uniformity: ± 0.1°C at 37°C. Resolution: 0.1°C CE certified

  • Constant Temperature Bath
    Model Bath Size L/W/D 
    in cm
    Accuracy at 37°C App. Shipping Details
    Net / Gr. / Volume
    #8405- Stirred Water Bath 5 Lit 30 x 15 x 15 Ambient + 5 to 90°C ± 0.1°C 5.5 kg / 6.5 kg / 0.05 m3
    #8414- Stirred Water Bath 14 Lit 32 x 30 x 15 Ambient + 5 to 90°C ± 0.1°C 9.0 kg / 12 kg / 0.135 m3
    #8428- Stirred Water Bath 28 Lit 50 x 30 x 20 Ambient + 5 to 90°C ± 0.2°C 13 kg / 16 kg / 0.185 m3

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Bod Incubator

Applications: Ideal for preservation of vaccines, study of synthesizing organisms, life cycle testing, shelf life studies, general incubation, refrigerated storage, cell culture process of animals  & plants, microorganisms cultivation & desalting process of enzyme extract in Biology, Botany Virology, Oceanography, water pollution, sewage, agriculture, food and research departments. Advantages: Inner Chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning & better performance. Inner door – frameless – made of tempered safety glass. Single piece inner door panel eliminates crevices & reduces contamination problems. Shelves – adjustable – made of stainless steel wire mesh. Inbuilt validation port – to avoid gasket damage during validation. Automatic chamber illumination when door is opened Custom built Controller for BOD Incubator with data storage, Ethernet connectivity to central work station and PC software.

  • BOD Incubator - Intello Series
    Model Product Capacity Ltr / CuFt Shelves Internal Dimension L/W/D in cm External Dimension L/W/D in cm
    #7144-250 EQUITRON BOD Incubator Intello series 250 / 8.8 3 nos 50 x 50 x 100 69 x 79 x 170 (Approx)
    #7144-400  EQUITRON BOD Incubator Intello series 400 / 14.1 3 nos 60 x 60 x 111 79 x 92 x 194.5 (Approx)
    #7144-600 EQUITRON BOD Incubator Intello series
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Compact Cooling Centrifuges

These newly developed compact bench top Cooling Centrifuges models MW-8 Plus and MW-12 Plus offers quiet operation with very small footprint. Centrifuge model MW-8 Plus is suitable for routine sample analysis in Medical, Hospital, Pathology and Institutional laboratories. With a wide choice of rotor heads and adaptors, this unit is truly versatile. Micro Centrifuge model MW-12 Plus is useful for routine applications in bio-technology, PCR, life sciences, bio-chemical and clinical labs etc. This unit is ideal for centrifugation with micro tubes from 0.2 ml upto 1.5 ml. Performance   Stable speed output High Capacity (MW-8 Plus) High Speed (MW-12 Plus) Wide variety of rotors & reduction adaptors Precise temperature control up to – 20°C Pre-cooling feature Fast spin feature Calibration window on lid for speed (rpm) Safety Automatic Rotor identification Safety lid interlock to prevent lid opening during centrifugation Imbalance detection & centrifugation stop with display of error Motor overload protection Gas hinge to prevent falling of door Emergency lid lock release       User Friendly   24 programme memory 3 Accelerations, 4 Deceleration profiles Choice of rpm / rcf setting & display Operating panel with feather touch keys     Digital countdown timer 0-99 minutes & continuous run Last set parameters recall (Useful for repetitive analysis) Automatic door opening Log of cumulative centrifuge run time  

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Refrigerated Centrifuges

Refrigerated Centrifuges are useful for centrifugation of temperature sensitive material and find applications in routine and research work in auxiliary laboratories in industry, Educational & Research institutions, Bio Technology, Medical Laboratories, Hospitals, Blood Banks, Pharmaceutical laboratories etc The user has a choice of different types of control, i.e. Electronic Controls or Microprocessor based Controls. User can select models as per their requirements from – high volume low speed Centrifuge model MW-23 BL / MW 23, low volume high speed centrifuge model MW-24 BL / MW- 24 in table top design & MW-30 BL / MW- 30 a compact high-speed high volume floor standing centrifuge. BL series Centrifuges are Electronic controlled & MW series Compufuges are Microprocessor controlled centrifuges with temperature programming facility for temperature sensitive samples. All the Centrifuges have soft touch keypads for fast and accurate setting of run parameters. Basic runs are easy with setting of speed, time, temperature, brake, Press ‘start’ key and Compufuge does the rest for you. Brushless induction motor with frequency drive & unique automatic rotor identification ensures accurate speed setting for individual rotors. Over current overheating safety cutoff circuit is provided for motor protection. Safety lid interlock on the centrifuge ensures that the rotor does not run with cover open while the cover cannot be opened unless rotor comes to complete halt. A unique safety feature of automatic rotor identification ensures proper speed setting for individual rotors to avoid danger of over speed running. Advanced manufacturing techniques are used for resilient mounting of heavy-duty brushless induction motor resulting in low level of vibration and noise. Salient Features: Brush-less induction motor with frequency drive Precise speed control and reproducibility Pre setting of speed, temperature and time Speed holding accuracy 100 RPM Safety lid interlock to prevent cover opening during centrifugation Digital speed indicator, 0-99 minute digital count down timer with temperature indicator Dynamic brake Imbalance detector with cutoff Over current overheating safety cutoff for motor protection Additional Features: (Microprocessor based models) Interactive alpha numerical LCD display Menu driven ten programme memory Choice of 9 acceleration and 9 deceleration profiles and coasting Self-diagnosis for errors Unique safety rotor identification  

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heating bath

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