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Dried Fruits

We offer a complete product range of cashew nuts and Almond Kernels

cashew nuts

  • Calories 553/100gms
  • Total Fat 44 g/100gms
  • Sodium 12 mg/100gms
  • Potassium 660 mg/100gms
  • Total Carbohydrate 30 g /100gms
  • Protein 18 g /100gms

Cashews have a kidney shape and it is sourced from the cashew tree. This is rich in nutrients and also highly beneficial plant compounds are present in it. You can add it to any dish you want without any trouble. Zukhruf, Hyderabad is the number one cashew nut manufacturer. We even export our products to different countries. What Are The Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts? Like that of other available nuts, cashew nuts help in improving your overall health. These are good for weight loss and also controls your blood sugar level and makes your heart healthy. This nut is rich in unsaturated fats and also reduces the risk of premature heart disease and death. They are low in sugar and it is a great source of fibre. This contains the same amount of protein that you get from cooked meat. We manufacture and deliver our products in time and therefore counted among the best cashew nut exporter. The cashew nuts that we have consist of a significant amount of copper. This is a mineral which is essential for the production of energy and also helps in the development of the brain. You can build a strong immunity system by consuming cashew nuts daily. Order our products in bulk and get it delivered on time. We are the best cashew nut wholesale supplier in India.

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Almond Kernels

  • Style Dried
  • Application Milk, Sweets
  • Shelf Life 1year
  • Feature Air Tight Packaging, Good Taste
  • Texture Hard
  • Taste Crunchy, Sweet

Almond kernels can be roasted or raw, salty or sweet, unsprouted or sprouted but they are always amazing in taste and crunchy. Our company Zukhruf based in Hyderabad is one of the best almond kernels wholesale supplier. These are very tasty and outstanding. Though these are called nuts it is a seed of a tree. The almond that you get from our company is top class and superior in quality and taste. We manufacture these products in our company. These are safe and secured for human consumption as well. Therefore choose our almonds as we are the best almond kernels manufacturer in India. Health Benefits Of Almonds. • Almonds help you to stay healthy. These have a low level of bad cholesterol and are packed with magnesium, vitamin E and potassium. This also helps in nutrients and oxygen flow which can move freely in the blood. Your heart also loves almond. • These are bone-building food. These are filled with calcium and are loaded with phosphorus which keeps your skeleton strong and healthy. There will be fewer chances of breaks and fractures. These were some of the benefits of having almonds from our company. Get them and have it daily. We are one of the best almond kernels exporter in India. Choose us and call us if you have any question.

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