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Ayurvedic & Herbal Powders

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of DEPENVET Herbal Anti Diarrhoea Powder.

DEPENVET – Herbal Anti Diarrhoea Powder

Special selective herbs having functional properties as anti diarrhoeal and Anti spasmodic

Composition: (Each 1000G Contains )

Aegle Marmelos 100g
Cinnamomum 100g
Zingiber Officinale 80g
Zeylanicum 150g
Punica Granatum 100g
Wood Fordia 50g
Floori Bunda 80g
Acasia Catechu 50g
Cyperus Rotundus 50g
Bombax Malabaricum 25g
Mangifera Indica 215g


•    Regulates Bowel Movements And For Better Bowel Evacuation.
•    Binds Toxins Selectively And Expels Out Through Dung.
•    Most Suitable In The Conditions Like Bloat, Colic, Constipation And Restlessness Etc.
•    Brings Back The Intestinal Motility To Normal Level.
•    Herbal Product Hence No Side Effects.



Swine: 1kg/ ton of feed.

Cow: 1kg/ ton of feed. 

Cock: 1kg/ton of feed (or) as advised by an veterinary consultant.

Packing : 25Kg & 10Kg Bag, 1Kg Pouch

1)    Objective of Depenvet use: 

  • Acts as a bacteriostat against Brachyspira hyodysenteriae. Its active ingredients act on the surface of  the intestinal mucosa, making it unsuitable for Brachyspira proliferation.
  • Eliminates all negative effects of dysentery: diarrhoea, mortality, decreased daily gain…
  • As all are natural products, not a medication, and it can be used freely.
  • Reduces costs of the antibiotic treatments.


Improves Production Parameters:

Daily gain feed conversion ratio…

  • Mixed into the pig finishing feed continuously (from 25 kg until slaughter)
  • Eliminates need for using antibiotics against dysentery during the whole fattening period
  • Improves the DWG and FCR significantly
  • Mixed into the finishing feed with low inoculation rate (1kg/ton)
  • 30-50% of cost savings can be achieved versus antibiotics treatments against dysentery
  • Less feed is needed to reach slaughter weight
  • There are no residues in meat, no withdrawal period, no prescription needed
  • Product under free trade

2)     Expected benefits. Health promotional benefits for animal gastric tracts. 

3)    Caution. No adverse reactions even when administer over dose because it is not a drug but a supplement feed.However, its feeding dose should be well adjusted depending on each farmer's conditions. The product with pack once opened shall be stored at dry places.

4) Prevention and treatment of swine dysentery:

  • Reduces mortality rate.
  • Improves daily gain and feed conversion ration.
  • Reduces cost of medical treatment.


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