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Our offered Product range includes SOIL - RECHARGER, Special Minerals For Aqua Culture and Novib.

SOIL - RECHARGER, Special Minerals For Aqua Culture

Our SOIL - RECHARGER, Special Minerals For Aqua Culture is loaded with special minerals such as calcium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, sodium, etc. for aqua culture. This supplement is entrusted with the task of restoring the soil’s richness and fertility. Not only this, but it also replenishes mineral’s deficiency in soil and water. And by doing so, it works on improving the quality of water. We are standing amid the premier Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Soil Rechargers from Andhra Pradesh, India.

Composition (Each Kg Contains) :


Calcium 300g
Phosphorus 90g
Magnesium 100g
Iodine 500mg
Iron 6000mg
Zinc 104g
Copper 500mg
Cobalt 200mg
DL.Methionine 2g
Yeast 1000mg
L-Lysine 4.5g
Manganese 108g
Selenium 0.05ppm
Biotin 1000mcg
Molybdenum 0.00125ppm
Sodium 2000mg
Potassium 100g
Chlorine 3000mg
Aluminium 1500mg
Boron 3000mg
Probiotics Q.S.
Base Q.S

Benefits :

  • Restores the soil fertility
  • Maintains stable plankton bloom
  • Restores the mineral deficiency in soil & water
  • Stimulates the skeletal & muscular growth
  • Improves water Quality
  • Reduces production cost.

Dosage : 5Kg/acre mix with fertilizer once in 10 days.

Packing : 10Kg bag.

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Vibriosis is an important disease problem in hatcheries and shrimp culture ponds. Most of the vibrio sps are part of the autochthonous flora of marine water (baumann and baumann, 1981) and therefore the source of infection is suspected to be near shore sea water.
The occurrence of mortalities of p.monodon affected with vibriosis is preceded by the dominance of vibro sps. In the pond rearing water. Leano etal (1998) reported the vibrio present in the environment can enter in to the shrimp through ingestion of the feed and rearing water which are loaded with large quantities of pathogens. Thus continuous ingestion of bacteria by the shrimp host is initiate the colonization of the pathogen in the digestive system.

Indications :
it contains 100% herbal extracts of vibro-static nature.
It effectively controls vibrioland in water.
It improves water quality.
Dosage : 2-3 lt.acre
presentation : 5 lt.
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