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We offer a complete product range of Red Chilli Powder, Indian Green Cardamom, Turmeric Powder, Black Cardamom and Paprika

Red Chilli Powder

Cultivation Zone  : Moonlite Foods Inc is engaged in manufacturing of Red Chilli Powder processed from high quality Dry Red Chili. We are well equipped with sophisticated machinery that assures hygienically processed Dried Red Chilli Powder as per the requirements of all our Domestic and Foods Inc Customer. Our Red Chilli Powder is ideal for preparing a wide variety of cuisines such as curry, sausages etc. We have different variety of Dry Red Chilli powder , Hot , Very Hot , Food Coloring purpose ( Kasmiri red Chilli Powder etc). Our Red Chilli Powder is free from Impurities , pungent taste and 100% Pure . Chilli powder adds flavor to the food. Chilli powder has many beneficial properties, making it an important part in Ayurvedic medicines to fight many diseases, destroys harmful toxins and stimulates gastric juices that help in digesting food. RED CHILLI GROUD FEATURES :   Indian Origin Fresh Crop Dry Red Chilli Very Hot, Hot, Medium, Mild or Low Corse or Fine or Extra Fine No adulteration   Substitution Moisture 12.00% Max Sound Condition Free From Damage, Contamination,   Infestation Microbial   Residues   Afflatoxins within Prescribed Limits Inspection by SGS or any Other Foods Inc Agencies Quality standards 100 % Free Samples

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Indian Green Cardamom

Pepper is the 'King of Spices' and Cardamom is the 'Queen' of Spice . One of the most exotic and highly prized spices, Indian green cardamom or small cardamom has a history as old as human civilization. The dried fruit of a herbaceous perennial, green cardamom is grown mainly in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka, on the shady slopes of the western Ghats. Warm humid climate, loamy soil rich in organic matter, distributed rainfall and special cultivation and processing methods all combine to make Indian green cardamom truly unique in aroma, flavour, size and colour tempting parrot-green. Indian small cardamom or choti elaichi also known as hari elaachi in India, is offered to the Foods Inc markets in different grades: 'Alleppey Green Extra Bold' (AGEB), 'Alleppey Green Bold' (AGB) and 'Alleppey Green Superior' (AGS) are names that register instant appeal world-wide. Small Cardamom oil is a precious ingredient in food preparations, perfumery, health foods medicines and beverages. India is a traditional exporter of cardamom to the Middle East countries where it goes mostly into the preparation of 'Gahwa' - a strong cardamom - coffee concoction without which no day is complete or no hospitality hearty for an Arab. Indian cardamom enjoys a premium preference in the Middle East, Japanese and Russians because they relish it for its distinct enriching properties.    OTHER COMMON NAMES: Ailum, Elaichi, Malabar Cardamums, Ebil, kakelah seghar, capalaga, gujalatti elachi, amomum cardamomum, Alpina Cardamom, matonia cardamomum, cardamomum minus, Cardamomi Semina  BLENDS WITH: It blends well with alcohol, water and cardamom oil. CONSTITUENTS myrcene (27%), a-terpineol (45%), limonene (8%), b-phellandrene (3%), menthone (6%), 1, 8-cineol (2%), smaller amounts of heptanes and sabinene (2%). This bushy herb will grow to a height of 6 to10 feet with erect shoots from a thick, underground rootstock. The shoots bear two rows of dark green leaves each about 2 inches long. The leaves are long, alternate and lance-shaped. The small, yellowish flowers are borne on panicles and they emerge directly from the underground stem on long floral stalks. The fruit are ovoid or oblong, greenish-brown capsules containing about 15-20 seeds attached to axial placenta. The seeds have a warm, slightly pungent and highly aromatic flavour.

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Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is a bright Yellow Powder is made by grinding of dry turmeric finger mature turmeric rhizomes. Turmeric Powder main ingredient is Curcumin which as a wide range of medicinal activities back to the ancient Vedic culture of India. The main use of Turmeric for Coloring and Flavoring Foods, Medicinal and Cosmetic properties.

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Black Cardamom

Black cardamom , also known as "kali elaichi" in India is a common spice available in every Indian household. Black cardamom is often fallaciously described as an inferior substitute for green cardamom by those unfamiliar with the spice. It is reckoned as QueenofSpices because of its plentiful health benefits, taste and aroma. It is one of the most outlandish, highly prized and is one of the world's very ancient spices. Cardamom is a spice that originated in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Black cardamom, needs some time to develop its aroma best, and by contrast, is better for hearty meat stews, biryani, meat based curries, savoury dal preparations and similar dishes. Its smoky flavor and aroma extract from traditional methods of drying over open flames.The rich aroma of this black cardamom adds to the flavour and gives dishes a smoky, robust taste. It helps in enhancing and reinforced the taste of other ingredients. This spice variety is used to spice and flavour a variety of meat dishes, curries and rice preparations. Our products are organically produced with no additives and artificial flavourings, we are very muchconcerned for our customers and try our best to keep our products free from pesticide and chemical remnants. At Moonlite, we directly source from the healthy farms and procure from established vendors of the industry. Farm fresh spices are guaranteed at your door step, you can buy impeccable and quintessential Black Cardamom online. Health Benefits of Cardamom : The health benefits of cardamom include gastrointestinal protection, cholesterol control, control of cancer, relief from cardiovascular issues, and the improvement of blood circulation in the body. >>   It possess anti-depressant properties >>   Treats Urinary disorders >>   Gives protection against Gastro intestinal diseases >>   Also Deals with dental problems >>   It is very efficient tool for cardiovascular health >>   Controls cholesterol and makes your heart healthy. >>   Black cardamom is used for stomach disorders and malaria. >>   These tiny spindle shaped condiments help stimulate appetite, treat indigestion and stomach ailments. >>   Controls hair fall, make skin shinny and prevents oral problems.

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Paprikais a ground spice made from red air-dried fruits of the larger and sweeter varieties of the plant Capsicum annuum, [3] called bell pepper or sweet pepper, [4][5] sometimes with the addition of more pungent varieties, called chili peppers, and cayenne pepper. paprika is made by drying a particular type of sweet pepper, then grinding them to a fine, rich red powder.  

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pure turmeric powder

Turmeric powder is a bright Yellow Powder is made by grinding of dry turmeric finger mature turmeric rhizomes. Turmeric Powder main ingredient is Curcumin which as a wide range of medicinal activities back to the ancient Vedic culture of India. The main use of Turmeric for Coloring and Flavoring Foods, Medicinal and Cosmetic properties. Turmeric has a very long history of medicinal use in South Asia, mentioned in Sanskrit medical dissertation and widely used in Ayurvedic systems. Susruta's Ayurvedic Compendium in 250 BC recommends an ointment containing turmeric to relieve the food poison effect. Since then, Turmeric has been used as an important spice, spiritual ceremonies and in beauty products. Turmeric has long been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory in both the Chinese and Indian systems of medicine. In medieval Europe, turmeric became known as Indian Saffron, since it is widely used as an alternative to far more expensive saffron spice.

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