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Distillery SpentWash treatment

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Distillery Spent Wash Effluent Treatment Plant and Distillery Spent Wash Treatment

Distillery Spent Wash Effluent Treatment Plant

We are offering distillery spent wash effluent treatment plant • distilleries fermenting sugar cane molasses generate 6-15 liters of waste water per liter of ethanol produced. • the distillery spent wash (dsw) is characterized by being: highly acidic very high bod and cod high recalcitrant organics with dark colour and severe pungent smell. High concentration of recalcitrant cod persists even after both anaerobic and aerobic treatments. Melanoidins and polyphenolic complexes formed during fermentation is not easily decomposed by any conventional treatment distillery spent wash effluent- present approach • composting for fertilizer • biological effluent treatment • bio-methanation > however none of the solution is sufficiently effective. > most of the solutions are to satisfy the statutory requirements only.

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Distillery Spent Wash Treatment

  • Water source Industrial Effluent
  • Treatment Stages Preliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Disinfection
  • Installation Type Containerized Plug & Play, Prefabricated
  • Industry Distillery
  • Plant Type Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Form Liquid

Xerodrop DSW Distillery Spent Wash Treatment (DSW) Treatment System is first of its kind in the World to comprehensively treat such hazardous effluent.   Xerodrop is adaptable to : Raw Molasses Distillery Spent Wash Treatment Bio-Methanated Distillery Spent Wash Treatment (BMDSW) Grain Distillery Thin Slop Spent Lees Evaporator Condensate Effluent in distillery Today, DSW treatment is a major bottleneck in the growth of industry, though the alcohol demand is shooting up. Therefore Aeolus XERODROP with its reliable partners offers you a most comprehensive yet economically PROFITABLE scheme of treatment with combination of Patented Anaerobic Digestion system and Patented Non Biological XERODROP DSW Treatment system. The treatment flow diagram goes as following: Distillery Spent Wash Treatment anaerobic digestion 1 à anaerobic digestion 2 à xerodrop reactor 1 à xerodrop reactor 2 clear water to recycle The distillery industry can benefit a lot out the above proposed treatment, since the cost of treatment is negative – meaning distillery earns instead of spending on DSW treatment. The ROI is less than 700 days of operation without considering several tangible and non tangible bunches of benefits. Most importantly, distillery can operate all 300 days and dependency on press mud is totally eliminated. Maintenance of MEE and other complex equipments are also eliminated. Aeolus offers a most comprehensive solution for zero spent wash discharge. The comprehensive treatment comprises of several patented additives and processes. For Sugar factories and distilleries, Xerodrop can achieve ZERO SPENT WASH DISCHARGE without using Multi Effect Evaporators. Output from Xerodrop is colourless, odourless recyclable water.   Just to recall the un-comparable benefits of XERODROP : Xerodrop does not contain membranes and hence operating cost is nominal. Xerodrop needs no chemical, no incineration, no aeration, no secondary air pollution! XERODROP – is a product with almost zero or negligible supervision to effectively treat highly recalcitrant effluents. Product has given amazing results with challenging waste waters of Distillery Spent Wash Treatment, tannery and paper & sugar mill effluents. XERODROP has also provided extra ordinary results in treating highly toxic effluents such as that from pharmaceuticals, Dairies & food processing units, oil refineries, textiles and thermal power plants. Specifically focusing for more than 4 years of R& D on Distillery Spent Wash Treatment treatment we have successfully treated Distillery Spent Wash Treatment with combined TOD values up to 2, 20, 000 ppm following toughest discharge norms!. The treated water is fit for entire non-potable requirements of industries as well as ferti-irrigation. The solid sludge collected is also rich manure and not a dumping/disposal challenge. Xerodrop is suitable for standalone distilleries as well as distillery associated with sugar factory. You can run your distillery for all 300 days without any dependency on press mud. Xerodrop does not spread secondary pollution like that with Multi Effect Evaporators

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