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Pollution Control Machines & Devices

We offer a complete product range of Pollution Control Equipments for Air & Water pollution control from Aeolus and Foul Odour Control And Removal System by Aeolus

Pollution Control Equipments for Air & Water pollution control from Aeolus

  • Type Pollution Control System, Pollution control equipments
  • Application Pollution
  • Condition New
  • Display Type Analogue, Digital
  • Driven Type Electric
  • Warranty 1year

aeolus is a leading supplier of air & water pollution abatement and control. We deal with most modern and most effective technologies for air and water pollution control.   we have wide range of ozone generators and uv systems and their combinations for industrial, commercial and domestic air pollution abatement and disinfection. Be it the requirement for disinfection, odour control and cross contamination control in food, pharmaceutical, hospital and healthcare industry, we have a perfect affordable solution.    odorous compounds such as vocs (volatile organic compounds), h2s and volatile fatty acids (vfas), can be found in kitchen ventilation and a wide array of different industries. Odorous vocs can originate from microbial or thermal decomposition of organic matter, which is a common process in breweries, wastewater treatment plants, restaurants, mega kitchens and food industries. our systems are specially designed to control h2s, mercaptan and organic voc in fumes & stack emission. Biogas plants, solid waste handling and composting sites, breweries, sugar industry, distillery, waste water treatment plants stp & etp, dairy, slaughter house, chemical industry and storage area, hazardous waste storage area, incinerations sites.   we have a wide range of solutions for new and existing water and waste water treatment plants for disinfection and pollution control. We provide systems based on advance technologies to reduce water pollution in terms of cod & bod. We also undertake modifications of existing waste water treatment plants to meet the norms prescribed by the authority.  we have wide range of technologies to treat pollutions that includes advanced oxidation processes, electro-coagulation, electro-oxidation, electro-floatation, electro-chlorination, ozone, uv radiation, advance filters. whatever be your problem with pollution ã¢â€â“ aeolus has a solution! contact us now!  

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Delivery Time : 3 weeks

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Foul Odour Control And Removal System by Aeolus

  • Type Chlorinator
  • Application Drinking Water
  • Color Grey
  • Feature Stable Performance
  • Voltage 220V
  • Condition New
  • Driven Type Electric
  • Warranty 1Yr
  • Country of Origin India

  aeolus offers complete and comprehensive solutions right at genesis of the foul smell without chemically masking them to proliferate at a later stage.   foul odour or bad smell is a huge challenge for industries, hospitals, institutions, malls, cinema & multiplex, food plaza and food factories, chemical industries, public toilets, sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plants, flue gas and stack emissions, community halls, hotels and restaurants, fish, chicken and meat shops, poultry farms, hatcheries, ponds, swimming pools, overhead water tanks, underground water tanks, drinking water systems, air conditioned offices and commercial complexes, onion storage and drying beds, food grain storage, solid waste storage and composting sites, sludge handling systems, mega kitchens, cold storages, horticulture systems, aquaculture, fodder storage, fish food storage, plastic recycling units, waste paper storages, chemical storages, hazardous chemical storages, commercial laundry, pharmaceutical product storages, humus storage, pet rooms, pet clinic, pet food stores, stud farms, cow-buffalo-goat-sheep shelters, volatile organic compound (voc) emission and almost all manufacturing – storage and handling points.   foul smells are generated due to various reasons like emissions from product or users, thermal and biological decomposition or biological contamination, volatile organic compounds (voc) and gas emissions like ammonia, h2s, alcohol evaporation, moisture, fungi and many more. All this lead to allergic conditions, discomfort, poor ambience, poor hygiene and many a times legal proceedings from public or pollution control authorities.   wastewater treatment plants frequently undergo septic conditions due to anaerobic conditions generated in aeration ponds.   ponds, aquaculture tanks and water storages generates foul smell by nitrification and biological decomposition of organic material at their bottom commonly referred as putrefaction.   conventional solutions to foul odour or foul smell management & control mainly comprises or masking agents like biocides, disinfectant chemicals, deodorizers, freshener perfumes, volatile oils, camphor and chemical masking agents.   aeolus offers novel solutions for oxidizing and disinfection of the material & fumes generating foul odours. The foul smell is cured and not masked!   aeolus offers tailor made solutions for industries, commercial and domestic applications for foul odour control and management. No secondary pollutants like vocs are generated by aeolus treatment schemes. Rather vocs are effectively controlled by aeolus odour control systems.   aeolus offers solution for foul smell reduction, control and complete removal based on client’s requirement. The solutions are mainly based on onsite generation of ozone, and onsite generation of surface disinfectants like sodium hypochlorite.       aeolus ozone generators are state of the art programmable devices with diffusion systems and air ozone level monitors to effectively eradicate foul smell without compromising the human health in the vicinity. Aeolus offers ozone generators from 25mg/hour to 1250 gm/hour capacity for various applications.       aeolus chlor generators are batch and or continuous process sodium hypochlorite generators which uses common salt, soft water and electricity to produce non hazardous concentration of sodium hypochlorite for surface disinfection and laundry disinfection.   our systems are installed at leading hospitals, solid waste and hazardous waste handling sites, hotels, restaurants and factories too. Contact us for all your foul smell handling issues, we definitely have solutions for it!

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Delivery Time : 4 weeks

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