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Material Testing Labs & Services

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of MICROBIOLOGICAL TESTING IN FOOD AND FOOD PRODUCTS, electrical testing, Metal & Alloys Testing and CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL TESTING.


Alpha Test House offers a complete array of Microbiology Laboratory Testing services available at locations Bahadurgarh laboratory, Haryana, India. Microbiology testing laboratories detect and test for microbes across industries and markets. Microbiology analysis is available for food and food ingredients, agricultural products, cosmetics, water, fuels, pharmaceuticals, and many other products and materials. Our services include the analysis of fungi (mold), bacteria (Legionella, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, etc), mycotoxins, endotoxins, allergens, pollen and particulates in air, swab, water, soil, bulk, dust, wipe, food and consumer products etc.   Alpha Test House offers customized method development and special project design for non-routine analysis by using ASTM & other national and international testing methodologies. We have experienced analyst, validated test methods, calibrated analytical modern equipment which provide accurate test results, we have also modern facilities to collect sample at customer premises. We provide a huge array of Analytical Microbiology laboratory testing services to industry professionals and private users who need fast, reliable, professional laboratory results.





    Gelatine Liquefying

    Yeast & Mould


    Campylobacter jejuni

    Hetrotrophic Plate Count

    Clostridium perfringens

    Iron Bacteria

    Listeria monocytogenes



    Protoelytic and Lipolytic Organisms

    Staphylococcus aureus

    Pseudomonas Aeruginos

    Vibrio cholerae


    Vibrio parahaemolyticus


    Vibrio vulnificus

    Slime Forming Bacteria

    Coli form

    SPC & Coliform

    Aerobic Microbial Count

    Std. Plate Count


    Streptococcus faecalis

    Algae & Mould Spores

    Sulphite Reducing Aneorobes


    Sulphur Bacteria


    Total Plate Count


    Vibro Cholera

    Coliforms & E. Coli


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electrical testing

Alpha Test House Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and accredited by NABL and BIS. We are committed to provide best services of Testing & certification of electrical products, ELECTRICAL WIRE & CABLES & Electrical Home Appliances etc. We continuously improve our quality of Testing without any compromise on integrity. We are customer driven and responsive in our all projects, we share the information about on going projects with client to update them when they needed, we had successfully finishes many electrical safety testing projects of Government & as well as private manufacturer. Alpha Test House Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory is accredited by NABL and BIS. We provide Testing of following electrical products covered under ELECTRICAL WIRE & CABLES & Electrical Home Appliances notified by Government of India in their various notifications:

  • Following products are covered under Compulsory Registration Scheme:

    Sample Description


    PVC Insulated Cable for working Voltages up to1100 Volts


    PVC Insulated (Heavy Duty) Electric cable for working Voltage up to & including 1100 Volts

    IS:1554 (P-1) 1988

    XLPE Insulated (Heavy Duty) Electric cable for working Voltage up to and including 1100 volts

    IS:7098(P-1) 1988

    Aerial Bunched cable working Voltage up to and including 1100 Volts


    Elastomer Insulated Cable working Voltage up to and including 1100 Volts

    IS:9968 (P-1)-1988

    Auto-Vehicle Cable  for all test*


    Welding Cable (for General Purpose & for HOFR)


    Shot Firing Cable(for use other than in shafts)*


    Motor Winding Wire*


    PVC conduits (all test)


    MS conduits  (all test) *


    Aluminium Conductor For Over Head 
    Transmission Purpose

    IS:398(P-1 to 4)-1996

    Copper Wire

    IS:191(P- 5 & 6)

    Copper Purity (only)


    Electrical Home Appliances

    Sample Description


    Single Phase a.c. Induction Motors For General Purpose* (For fan Duty and Other Then fan Duty)

    IS 996:2009

    Stationary storage type electric water heaters (Up to 1.5 Kw  & Above 1.5 Kw)

    IS 2082-1993 (BIS)

    Safety of household and Similar electrical appliance   
    (Stationary Storage Type Electric Water Heaters)

    IS: 302-2-21:2007 (BIS)

    Product- Specification for Electric Immersion Water Heaters (Up to 1.5 Kw  & Above 1.5 Kw)

    IS: 368-2014  (BIS)

    Safety of  Electric Immersion Water Heaters

    IS: 302-2-201:2008  (BIS)

    Product- Safety of household and Similar electrical appliance   -Instantaneous Water Heaters

    IS: 302-2-35:2011 (BIS)

    Product- Specification for Electric -Instantaneous Water Heaters

    IS: 8978:1992 (BIS)

    Mineral filled sheathed heating elements (Up to 1.5 Kw  & Above 1.5 Kw)

    IS: 4159:2002 (BIS)

    Electric Radiator (Up to 1.5 Kw  & Above 1.0 Kw)

    IS: 369:1992 (BIS)

    Product- Safety of household and Similar electrical appliance (Room Heaters)

    IS: 302-2-30:2007 (BIS)

    Electric Iron

    IS:366-1991  (BIS)

    Product- Safety of household and Similar electrical appliance   
    Electric Iron

    IS: 302-2-3:2007  (BIS)

    Plug and socket

    IS:1293-2005  (BIS)

    Switches for domestic and similar  purpose*


    Secondary cells and Batteries

    IS:16046-2015 (BIS)

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Metal & Alloys Testing

Metal & Alloys Testing   Metal and Alloy Testing is the foundation of Alpha Test House, When we had started testing services Metal and Alloy Testing is one of them, so we are specialist in this field. We test and analyze all types of ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys, Copper Alloys, Aluminium Alloys, Zinc Alloys, Lead, Aluminium & Aluminium Products, Stainless Steel, Gun Metal including precious metals and powdered metals. All services are performed at our one-stop Laboratory in Delhi, The Capital of India. The use of metals and alloys like cast iron, steel, stainless steel and alloy steel has necessary for social developments. In recent years, even though the demand for nonferrous metals and new non-metallic materials has increased rapidly and production and use of these products have also risen. So, the safety and reliability requirements for these products have also increased. Our laboratory technicians and materials engineers are highly qualified to carry out a wide-range of metal testing and evaluation to help identify the root cause. We measure the quality and performance levels of raw materials and product samples according to industry standards, specifications and customer requirements. Alpha Test House provided wide-range of metal testing services has proven valuable to customers in all aspects of basic metals, fabricated metal products and manufacturing. We support a wide-range of businesses that service varied industries, including casting, forging, heat treating, plate production, welding and tubing, pipe, bar etc. Chemical Analysis and Corrosion Testing can determine the composition and corrosion susceptibility of metals to aid in material selection. Surface or internal flaws, inconsistencies and discontinuities that occur in basic metals or a component product during manufacturing can be uncovered by various types of testing before problems or failures occur.

  • Our List Of services:

    Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Alloys

    Copper Alloys

    Aluminum Alloys

    Zinc Alloys


    Aluminum & Aluminum Products

    Stainless Steel

    Gun Metal

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The raw material is the soul of any construction work. The quality of the material should hence be tested for its quality, durability and long lasting approach; great care should be taken to the assessment of these materials. We offer a comprehensive testing service specifically geared to meet the requirements of the construction sector manufacturers. Cement: OPC, PPC, White Cement & Slag Cement Steel: TMTSteelTOR Bar, Angle, Channel, Beam , LRPC Strnd Wire, Barbed Wire, Concentina Wire, Hollow Section, LRPC Strand wire Bricks: Flyash Bricks, Bricks. Stone & Blocks: Kerb Stone, Paver Block, Marbles, ACC Block, Kota Stone, Granite, Bitucina Marble, Lime Stone Pipes: PVC Pipe, G.I. Pipe, C.I. Cipes, HDPE Pipe, Hume Pipe Concrete: Concrete Cube, Mix Design, AAC Block, Concrete Permeability Test

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