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Solar Hand Pump

Solar Hand Pump

We are offering solar hand pump.
object :
aov solar pump can be oprated manually wihtout ac or dc support, it can run throgh ac source and also it can run throgh dc source. The villager gets water
a/ you can fetch water manually
b/ you can fetch water thru ac source in the night or during rainy days when there is less sunlight
c/ you can fetch water in day time only thru dc source (solar inverter).
recommendation for opration :
through solar energy back up, it is recommended to keep the pump running daily 4 to 5 hours. The water discharge for the pump is 18 ltrs per minute in fifty stroks.
the inverter, battery and motor should be kept under roof / shadow and should not be directly exposed to sunlight.
while connecting battery to the inverter kindly note that all connections are tightly made, so that there will be no chance of sparking etc.
after installation of the force lift hand pump, the gear box and the motor would be properly aligned with the handle of the pump so that stork length is achieved .
bill of quantities
1/ force lift hand pump with 10 nos. Connecting rods and 10 nos. Riser pipes (setting depth 30 mtrs). Capabale of lifting water 9mtrs.
2/ dc to ac inverter with inbuilt charge controler.
3/ two battries 12 volt 180ah.
4/ 10 nos solar panels of 100 watt. Each and mounting hardwares. Alongwith electrical cables.
5/ electric motor with gearbox with mounting structure.
how to install
1/ install your hand pump first.
2/ install gear box with motor
3/ place inverter and battery together near the motor. Both batteries are to be connected in series and the negative and positive of the battery would be connected with the inverter.
4/ now the panels are installed either on roof top or on plain ground facing south, the mounting structures are provided.
5/ make pair of two panels by connectingthem in series with each other and make parallel connection of all the pairs . ( diagram enclosed )
6/ then the negative and the positive of the panel wire to be attached to the input of the inverter.
7/ then the plug of the motor is attached with the three pin socket behind the inverter.
8/ see all the connections are intact and tightly made.
9/ press the inverter switch and see your solar water pump is running.

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