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asphalt sensor paver

asphalt sensor paver

Asphalt paver was developed by Barbar Green Co that originally manufactured material handling systems. In 1929, the Chicago Testing Laboratory approached them to use their material loaders to construct asphalt roads. This did not result in a partnership but Barber Greene did develop a machine based on the concrete pavers of the day that mixed and placed the concrete in a single process. This set-up did not prove as effective as desired and the processes were separated and the modern paver was on its way. In 1933, the independent float screed was invented and when combined with the tamper bar provided for uniform material density and thickness. Harry Barber filed for a patent a ¨machine for and process of laying roads´ on April 10, 1936 and received patent on December 6, 1938. The main features of the paver developed by Barber Greene Co have been incorporated into most pavers since, although improvements have been made to control of the machine.Further, the country´s thrust on developing roads in the North-East and far flung rural areas of the country entails a new breed of small asphalt pavers to enter the road construction sector. These pavers will be required to address the challenges of flexible operational width and diverse (sometimes extreme) climatic conditions, easy transportability, steep gradients in hilly terrains without compromising on optimum performance characteristics. Innovative technologies and engineering are expected to play a major role in such pavers.

  • width : 7 m

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