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Flexure Testing Machine

Flexure Testing Machine

we are engaged in offering compression & flexure testing machine, which is specially designed for compression test of concrete. It has high precision servo control and simple-operated program improve effectively the convenience and reliability of test.
  • compression testing machine. Digital 2000 kn x 1 kn least count fitted with additional pressure gauge 2000 kn x 10 kn/div.

  • power pack for standard portable model


  • compression testing machine, (3000 kn) cap., electrically-cum-manually operated. 2 or 4 pillar model.


  • compression testing machine, 3000 kn. (300 tonne) cap.
  • electrically-cum-manually operated. 2 or 4 pillar model: with three load gauge 0-1000 kn x 5 kn/div, 0-2000 kn x 10 kn/div and 0-3000 kn x 15 kn/divn.


  • compression testing machine, 3000kn cap x 1 kn electrically with digital display. 440v, 3 phase, 50 cycles, ac supply.
  • accessories:
  • brick platen. Set of 2
  • load gauge 150 mm dia. For manually ctm
  • load gauge 200 mm dia for electrical ctm
  • flexural attachment for 100 x 100 x 500 mm beams and 150 x 150 x 700 mm beam as per is: 516
  • dummy with red needle for load gauge.
  • spacer block for 1000 kn machine
  • spacer block for 2000 kn machine
  • hydraulic pump 100 tonne for portable ctm hand
  • hydraulic pump for 100 tonne machine hand operated
  • hydraulic pump fort 200 tonne machine hand operated


flexure strength
  • flexural testing machine upto 100 kn capacity hand operated for 10 x 10 x 50 and 15 x 15 x 70 cms concrete beams as per is-516-1959, is: 4696.
  • complete with hydraulic load gauge 0-100 kn x 0.5 kn/div. With calibration certificate. Hand operated loading unit 100 kn cap. With a self retracting type jack & a hand operated hydraulic pump, load gauge with maximum load indicating pointer,
  • the machine has a set of platens, top platen has a self aligning roller fixed at the center and lower one has two rollers of 25 mm dia, equally spaced at a distant of 15 cm.
  • these rollers are hard chrome plated to increase the abrasion resistance and hardness. Type of loading: third point.

  • flexural testing machine, same as asew-110, but electrically-cum-manually operated. 220v, 1 phase, 50 cycles, ac supp

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