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Our Complete range of products are Men's Urinal For Three Persons, six persons Mens urinal and Kross Men's urinal For Four persons.

Men's Urinal For Three Persons

  • Features Capacity 1400 users , Depth 185/16" (965 mm)

Aptly titled, "Nature's Call", the urinals of Superloo are quite elegant despite their intended use of being urine recepticals. Super mens urinal for three persons are revolutionary product toilet facilities for a variety of occasions, including festivals and sporting events with large crowds as well as on construction sites. They are made of polyethylene with one piece seamless roof and is of blue colour. Categorised as ready to use products with a mirror attached to it, the capacity of urinal is 1400, are easy to clean and can be easily transported from one place to another offering complete flexibility. The portable urinal can hold upto 265 litres of waste. The toilet has heat resistant walls and a transparent roof which ensures a cosy interior making your business comfortable. The dimensions of the toilet are as follows: length 7614"(2936 mm), Depth 18516" (965 mm), Height 39 18" (998 mm), Weight 80 lbs (36.3 kg) and Privacy Screen Weight 80lbs(each). Outer diemensions are 73.25x7.25x feet approximately. The benefits of hiring portable urinals for large events include being able to reduce queues by providing a quicker alternative for males and saving space. Superloo can also help Local Authorities address the problem of male street urination, by providing a cost effective method of keeping streets clean, reducing the need for specific street cleansing.

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six persons Mens urinal

  • Features Capacity 1400 users , lengths 761/4" (2936 mm) and Depth 185/16" (965 mm)

When it comes to high-efficiency, low maintenance, durability and dependability there is no better substitute for Superloo. The Superloo men’s urinal for six persons has a privacy barrier between it and the other one, so that if you’re standing there, there is no way someone could look over at you. Having a capacity for 1400 users, the men’s urinal require low cost maintenance and odour-free environment as a special chemical is used to keep away the odour. The primary aim is to keep the surroundings clean and Superloo can be the means to fulfill this aim. With a tank volume of 265 litres, the need for rapid cleaning cost gets minimized. The heat resistance walls provide a cozy interior which means even for a short period your guests won’t feel uncomfortable. The dimensions of the men’s urinal includes length 7614” (2936 mm), Depth 18516" (965 mm), Height 39 18" (998 mm), Weight 80 lbs (36.3 kg), Privacy Screen Weight 80lbs (each), Outer dimensions 7x7x8 feet approximately. The provision of a transparent roof ensures enough visibility in the urinal area.

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Kross Men's urinal For Four persons

  • Features: Space-saving: 4 urinals in 1. and Large capacity

Everyone has experienced bladder urgencies at one time or another. Usually it happens on the road or when confronted with the stench of filthy public cubicles. No one will ever tell you it’s easy. Holding up your need to go isn’t just hard and painful, it’s also detrimental to your health. Doing so interferes with the body’s natural liquid waste elimination process and damages the kidneys. Why tolerate the inconvenience and risk serious health problems when there is Superloo?

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