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Ginger Root (COPL-S-08)

Ginger Root (COPL-S-08)

Common name: ginger

botanical name: zingiber officinale

part used: root

ginger is a tropical plant that has green-purple flowers and an aromatic underground stem (called a rhizome). It is commonly used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Historically, ginger has been used in asian medicine to treat stomach aches, nausea, and diarrhea. Today, ginger root powder is used as a folk or traditional remedy for postsurgery nausea; nausea caused by motion, chemotherapy, and pregnancy; rheumatoid arthritis; osteoarthritis; and joint and muscle pain.

What is in it?

active component: gingerol, zingiberene, shogaols

  • Model Number : COPl-S-08
  • Brand Name : carmel organics

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