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Nuts and Dries

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of dried black grapes, Almond, Pistachio Nuts, cashew nuts and Dried Fig

dried black grapes

BLACK GRAPES Black grapes, which are known for their velvety colour and sweet flavour, come packed with  nutrients  and  antioxidants . With their cultivation dating back to 6, 000 to 8, 000 years ago, they are said to be the oldest cultivated fruit in the Near East and Europe, and are botanically known as Vitis vinifera. There are two widely known species of black grapes: the old world species is native to the area across the southeast coast of the Black Sea (near the south of the Caspian Sea) to Afghanistan and is still found in these regions with over 10, 000 varieties; and the new world species that originated from South America and North Eastern America. The most popular use of grapes, all over the world, is in making wines. However, the juicy fruit has also added a number of uses to its crowning glory.  In addition, it has some incredible  benefits  for the skin, hair and overall health. Black Grapes benefits are Protects the Heart, Improves Vision, Fights for cancer, Boosts brain Function, Prevents the risk   of Diabetes, Promotes healthy hair, Immunity booster, Healthy Skin, Prevents Bone Loss.

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ALMOND Almond is a highly nutritional  nut  and a rich source of  vitamin E ,   calcium , phosphorous,   iron  and  magnesium . It also contains  zinc ,   selenium ,   copper  and  niacin . Compared to all other nuts, they are the most packed with nutrients and beneficial components. Almonds are found in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel. Both sweet and bitter almonds are readily available. Traditionally, sweet almonds are edible, while bitter ones are used to make almond oil, a common oil that is used to add flavor to  food . They are usually eaten raw, but many people also add them as ingredients in salads, casseroles, and other dishes.  Almond milk  is also a delicious  beverage , and an alternative to less nutritious cow’s  milk . You can eat almonds directly, preferably on an empty stomach to increase and speed up the absorption of their nutrients. The health benefits of almonds are extensive, and they are frequently used as a healthy solution for relief from  constipation , respiratory disorders, coughs,   heart  disorders,   anemia , impotency,  and  diabetes . They also help in maintenance of  healthy hair ,   skin  care ( psoriasis ), and dental care.

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Pistachio Nuts

  • Protein 3.97 %
  • Magnesium 30%
  • Calories 562
  • Total Fat 0.26 %
  • Sodium 1 mg
  • Potassium 025 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 28 g

PISTA Pistachio, commonly famous by the name ‘ Pista ‘ in (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi) also known as ‘ Pistha Pappu ‘ in Telugu is from Western Asia but it is mostly also available in the Mediterranean region. The nutrient rich pistachio is a nut. Actually pistachio is a fruit, but the the outer shell of the fruit is removed and the yellow coloured seed kernel is usually eaten as it is edible. So let’s take a deep look into pistachio health benefits. Healthy Heart Anti-inflammation Properties Prevents Diabetes, Haemoglobin And Blood Nervous System Macular Degeneration Healthy Brain, glands and Skin, Anti-ageing, Skin Natural glow and Skin health, Fights Hair Loss

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cashew nuts

CASHEW NUT 240, 320, 450 Caju is what we call them in India. We use them mostly in sweets and children love to eat them as they are. Cashew nuts or ‘ kaju ‘ (Hindi), ‘ Jeedipappu’  (Telugu), ‘ Munthiri Paruppu’  (Tamil), ‘ Andiparippu’  (Malayalam), ‘ Geru Beeja ‘ (Kannada) and ‘ Kaju ‘ (Gujarati) are full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals which are required for the normal functioning of the body. They actually belong to Brazil but Portuguese brought them to India in the 16th century. The kidney shaped or bean shaped nuts have many health benefits, a few of which are presented below:   Prevents cancer, Healthy heart, Lowers high blood pressure, Helps hair, Healthy bones, Healthy nerves, prevents gallstones, helps in weight loss, Anti-Oxidants, Helps digestion, High on vitamins, Healthy gums and teeth, pleasant sleep, free radicals, mascular degeneration.

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Dried Fig

FIG Figs are purple, copper or yellow-green in color. Highly nutritious and tasty, dry fig can be used in jams, ice-creams and baked items. Although figs are generally seasonal fruits, you get them right through the year in dried form. The fruit is absolutely delicious and contain nutrients like calcium, iron, phosphorous, manganese and vitamins. While a lot of people turn to health supplements and medications, they often ignore the dried figs benefits. top health benefits of dry figs. Regulated blood pressure Effective weight loss, Safe against breast cancer, Enjoy healthy and smooth skin, Long and luscious hair

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Dry Grapes

DRY GRAPES Dry grapes are made by drying grapes in the sun or in driers. This turns the grapes golden, green or black in colour. They are many health benefits of dry grapes and are everyone’s favorites. Dry grapes are used in cooking and desserts throughout the world. They are also added in health tonics, snacks and food. Benefits of Dry Grapes are Constipation, Weight gain, Cancer Prevention, Hypertension, Diabetes, Anaemia, Fever, Sexual Dysfunction, Acidosis, Bone health, Hair health,

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Coffee Powder

COFFEE POWDER Coffee Powder comes in fine powder form contained in glass jars, sachets or tins. Powders are generally preferred by both producer and consumer because of the ease and time for dissolving in hot water. It is up to the user to control how much is used; large amounts will produce stronger, thicker coffee whereas small amounts will produce a light coffee. This popular powder has been added to beverage and enjoyed as a drink for hundreds of years. Nescafe is one of the world's top-selling brands of instant coffee, made by Nestlé.  Promotes the effectiveness of certain migraine drugs. It postpones muscle fatigue and thus enhances athletic performance and endurance. May protect against free radical damage to tissues. Coffee lifts your mood and treat headaches. Coffee has also been shown to improve endurance performance in long-duration physical activities. Caffeine dilates bronchial tubes, providing short-term relief for asthma sufferers. Coffee contains compounds known as antioxidants which may help protect against some of the most prevalent diseases.

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