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External Gear Pumps

External Gear Pumps

The “ DEVPUMPS ” / “ DEV ” ‘s RGP / HGP Series Positive Displacement Rotary External Gear Pumps are most efficient and economic range with variety of materials for transferring of oils & viscous liquid, which has special features like Simple & compact in design, Low Noise Level, High in Efficiency and Easy to maintain. It has two piece construction with pump body and cover. The Pump’s element is a pair of single helical modified profile alloy steel gears , which is shrink fitted on carbon steel harden and ground shaft.  And it is supported on either side by self lubricated, oil impregnate, sintered bronze bush bearing , which ensures longer life and smooth performance of pumps. The shaft sealing is by Neoprene Rubber oil seal , which  ensures leak proof working than gland packing design.  The in – built pressure relief vale design gives safety against overloading of electric motor and release excess pressure . This pumps are available in different sizes and capacity with maximum working pressure 10 Kg/cm2 from 2.5 LPM to 500 LPM with ¼” to 3” sizes. 

The flange mounting type pump is suitable for mounting on any equipment or machine. The company is also provide right angle L-type mounting bracket in different frame size to make it foot type pump. By this during the maintenance period you can easily dismantle the pump without disturbing the alignment with motor , which is the main advantage of flange type gear pump .
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The “ DEVPUMPS ” / “ DEV ” ‘s RGP / HGP -series foot mounted design gear pumps are ideal for handling of all types of Oils & Viscous liquids like All Fuel Oils like Light Diesel Oil ( LDO ), Furnace Oil ( FO ), LSHS, High Speed Diesel ( HSD ), Diesel , Mineral Oils, Lubricating Oils, Fish and Animal Oils, Vegetable Oils, Tar, Asphalts, Sugar Syrups, Molasses, Starch, Soaps, Silicate, Wood Pulp, Glycol, Glycerin, Honey, Inks, Colors & Paints, Resins, Kerosene, Varnishes and viscous chemicals etc. in all types of industries for intermittent duty.
The CGX –series flange mounted rotary gear pumps are used for general purpose application to pumping all above oils and viscous liquids. It is ideally suitable to OEM for standardisation on their equipments or machine, such as centralised lubrication system, Pumping & heating units, oil filteration, oil cleaning and cooling systems, Transformer and Hydraulic oil cleaning systems etc. for continuous duty application.

The CGXM- Series  Flange / Bracket mount pumps are coupled with Foot cum face mounted electric motor with the help of  adaptor to design Mono-block type for compactness and to avoid frequent allienment problems. Above pumps are also supplied with standard  make electric motor also.

Part No Part Details Standard Design Optional Design on request
1 Pump Body Cast Iron Cast Steel Gr. WCB
2 Back Cover Cast Iron Cast Steel Gr. WCB
3 Gland Cover Cast Iron Cast Steel Gr. WCB
4 Shaft En-8 Harden & Grind SAE-8620, En-24 / 31, SS-304 / 316 harden & Grind
5 Gears En-8 En-24, En-31, SS-304 / 316 harden by nitriding
6 Seal Rubber oil seal Nitrile / Neoprene PTFE Graphite Gland Packing, Mech. Seal
7 Bush Bearings Self Lubricated Sintered Bronze Cast Iron , PTFE Coated Self lubricated Sintered
8 PRV Assembly Std. Alloy steel SS-304 / 316
9 Key MS SS

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