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Packaging Machine #1602944

Food Packing Machine

packing machine for food products that have excellent performance, long service life and flawless operation. The machine is manufactured using latest technology and supreme quality parts. To ensure its quality, the machine is tested stringently against different measures. It is resistant to corrosion and has a rugged construction.

The machines can be used to pack different types of food items. They are competent of supporting numerous food packaging technology needs superbly. The whole range of machines is integrated with some standard interfaces like reliable allocation, clear motion control, and more flexibility while working.

Some other essential specifications and features o these machines include:

  • The machine is fully controlled by PLC
  • All the contact parts are created using stainless steel
  • The machine is equipped with AC frequency drive along with speed adjustment control
  • Low maintenance and simple operation
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Water Packaging Machine

Water Packaging Machines are used for packing pouches of drinking water. These machines are specially designed for providing absolute packing solution for packing of water. Constant, highly efficient and flawless operation of these machines keeps us in the first row of such machines manufacturer.

Filling system Liquid Base , Pump, systems
Speed Capacity 40 to 70 bag/min
Power Consumption Motor 1/2 H.P.220 v AC single Phase
Motor Godrej (Crompton greaves)
T.C. Dolphin Automation Digital
Panel Jiyalal enterprises/ Alpha Electronic
Film Roll size 0 D 100 to 300mm max I.D. film real pipe 100 mm min
Heater 150 x 2 + 300 x 2
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Flow Wrap Packing Machine

  • Compact model and elegant look
  • Food : Cakes, Confectionary, Chocolates, Candles, etc.
  • Pharma : I.V Bottles, Catheters, Syringes, hand gloves, Medicines, Diapers, etc.
  • Engineering : Bearing and electrical parts
  • Others : Stationery, Pencils, Sharpeners, Bopp Tappes, Audio/CD, Educational Packs, Magazines, Credit Cards, etc.
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Tea Bag Packing Machine

A range of PLC controlled low cost machines to pack tea, herbal products, yerba mate, oolong tea and also granulated coffee in plain filter paper tea bags without string and tag .This is a standard machine for small sachet packaging modified to pack tea & herbal products in heat sealable paper tea- bags without string and tag. It is a most versatile machine capable of high-speed production up to 100 sachets per minute. The machine is available with 3- side seal arrangement suitable for packaging 1 gram to 5 grams of tea and herbs in filter paper heat-sealable sachets, with a peak packing speed up to 100 sachets per minute. The machine measures, forms, fills, seals and cuts the packed tea bags automatically. The machine is equipped with a SELEC PLC with advanced features such as electronic speed control, automatic output deviation, intelligent status warning devices for various Parameters, etc. To pack these teabags further in an outer envelope we offer two revolutionary low-cost solutions. The machine has the facility for quick cleaning of the machine for changing from one herbal product to another. COMPLIANCE WITH EUROPEAN MACHINERY DIRECTIVES. The machine displayed on this page is classified within the relevant EU directives and further conforms with the specified EU harmonized standards and in compliance with the relevant directive, the technical file of the product displayed on this page is held within the EU with our authorized representative

Sealing Type 4- side seal / 3- side seal / pillow pack
Packing Size Repeat length: 60to 90 mm
Film Width 125 & 145mm
Packing Weight 0.5 gm to 5gm
Packing Speed Up to 100 sachets per minute
Packing Material Tea bag Filter Paper
Electricals AC 220V 50 Hz Single Phase
Motor ½ Kw.
Heaters ×350 watt/2×150 watt+2×350 watt
Machine Dimensions L×W×H : 750 × 815 × 1940 (mm)
Crate Dimensions L×W×H : 965 × 850 × 1800 (mm)
Machine Weight 380 Kgs. Net/450 Kgs. Gross
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Candy Packing Machine

andy packaging machineto our clients. The machine is fitted with high speed based photocell control system, a linear counter and variations for simple size changing. The machine comes with coding device as well as feeding discs of various sizes for speedy performance.

Fabricated of high quality materials, this machine is well known for its durability, efficiency, resistant to corrosion, etc. Offered range of machines is available with different capacity, which is further capable to offer center seals made up of heat sealable BOPP or laminated polyester film.

  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • Operator friendly feeding system
  • Adjustable film folding boxes
  • Cantilever construction that offers simple maintenance and cleaning with simple access to electrical and mechanical components.
  • Self centering film holder with operated brake system
  • Rotary cross sealing jaw with electronic overloaded safety switch
  • All contact parts are made of food grade material
  • Latest and high tech designs for finest performance
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Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum packaging in big production facilities can be easily done using automaticVacuum Packing Machine, offered by Indian Machine Mart. Automatic vacuum packing machines requires the whole product to be put in a flow wrapped pouch or plastic bag in the machine. The product travels through conveyor belt, is positioned automatically on seal bar in the machine, lid gets closed and then air is removed. The seal bar in the chamber then seals the product inside the bag. Once the bag seals, chamber is refilled using air by automatic vent opening to outside. This pressure squeezes remaining air inside the bag and the process gets completed to give the final output.

Some features of the machines are:

  • Digital display options
  • Simple to operate
  • Microprocessor based functioning offering accurate packaging performance
  • Vacuum case made of stainless steel
  • Double chamber support
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Multi Track Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine

Multi Track Zipper Pouch Packaging Machinefor catering the needs of liquor packaging, beverage packing and the likes. This zipper packer machine is incorporated with an automated system as well as high quality components to ensure high efficiency, reliability and durability.

In addition to this, offered machine is flexible and adaptable enough to sealing the flexible PET/PE, Folic/PE, BOPP/PE pouches of different sizes very easily.

Speed of the machine 120 pouch/min in laddi ( strip )
Pouch width 70mm to 125mm adjustable
Pouch length 90-140mm adjustable
Sealing type Four side seal pouch with inner Zip lock
Machine sealing motion Intermediate type
Horizontal & vertical seal width 5-8 mm all side
Number of tracks to meet the requested speed 50stroke /min.
Hopper capacity in kg 50kg
Filling system type Cup changeable Slide cup filler
Maximum roll width 600 mm
Maximum roll diameter 20 inch type approx 500mm dai
Sealer materials SS-410 All sealer
Sachet width adjusting possibility ± 10 mm adjustment
Compressed air requirement & consumption 5CFM
Machine dimensions and weight 2.5x2x2 mtr +2000 kg
PLC, HMI, motors, drive, photocells, electrical parts, heating elements, power supply and pneumatic parts manufacturing brand PLC, DRIVE ,HMI H/W
Festo Make valve & Jenetic make valve cylinder & fitting
Film centering mechanism Manual Sifting

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Pouch Packaging Machine

Pouch Packaging Machine, developed by reliable Indian Manufacturers using advanced technology. These resilient machines are available in automatic range to be used hassle free for packaging of granules, spices, powders and liquids.

Highly appreciated for its attributes like robustness, compact & modular design, PLC control etc., offered range of this machine has a high demand in several industries such as cosmetic, food & beverage and so-forth.


  • Compatible with the materials like Laminated/Polyester/Poly glassine/Met/foil/Poly/Bopp/etc
  • High packaging rate
  • Compact design helps in easy installation
  • Fully automatic eliminates the human error, hence maintains accuracy and uniformity in thickness
  • User-friendly interface
  • Variable Hopper Capacity

We have a wide range of Pouch Packaging Machine, which are used for different pouch packaging with varied speed and output.

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