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Cnc Lathe

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • Type Linear tooling
  • LM guides Hydraulic chuck clamping
Machine Features :--LM guides for higher speed & precision-Linear tooling facilitates less cycle time-Telescopic bed covers-Servo Motors on both axis-Taiwanese & Japanese ball screw and bearings. Specification : HCL 300 General Capacity Max.swing diam. over bed :- 350 mmMax.swing diam. over slide :- 160 mmMax.diam.of through-hole :- 34 mmChuck size :- 6" (inches)Spindle speed :- 300-3400 RPMMain motor power :- 5.5 KwType of tooling :- Gang type toolingXZ rapid :- 1218 Mmin

Additional Information:

Delivery Time : 1-2 Months

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Vertical Machining Centers

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • 3 Axis VMC options availabe with and without ATC
  • Posa taiwan spindle Central lubrication system
Tach brand vertical machining center (vmc)model no. Vmc850 -heavy duty vertical machining center, with different table sizes as given below-1000*500 mm 920*320 mm 1200*620 mm and many more.-best suited for machining dies and moulds, tool room purposes-lm guides for higher speed and precision-centralised lubrication system-taiwanese spindle -spindle bearings from fag germany
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Cnc Engraving Machine

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • CNC engraving machines 18000 Spindle RPM
Cnc engraving machines (engraving machines)-brand new cnc engraving machine-perfectly suitable for machining shoe mould dies, and dies which require high surface finish.-high spindle rpm (1800024000) for higher surface finish-spindle with oil chiller
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Cnc Turning Center

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • CNC lathe machine 750mm ABC (Admit Between centers)
  • 4 station turret LM guides
We offer cnc turning centermachine features :--lm guides for higher speed & precision-48 station turrets options available-servo motors on both axis-taiwanese & japanese ball screw and bearings. -750mm abc (admint between centers) specification : hcl 400 general capacity max.swing diam. Over bed :- 440 mmmax.swing diam. Over slide :- 200 mmmax. Length of work-piece :- 750mmmax.diam.of through-hole :- 52 mmchuck size :- 8" 10" (inches)spindle speed :- 200-2500 rpmmain motor power :- 7.511 kwtype of tooling :- square tool post *8 station pragati turret xz rapid :- 1520 mmin
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Swing Type Bandsaws

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • Swing type Bandsaw 250mm cutting capacity
We are offering swing type bandsaws, tach brand horizontal bandsaws -perfectly suitable for cutting round, square or rectangular bars-machines available up to diameter of 450mm-machines available in manual, semi-auto and fully automatic configurations-heavy duty bandsaws available, european design.-accurate cutting-directly coupled motor with gearbox. (no belt driven)-electricals used from schneider, telemechanique.-rotomotive india gearbox and motor
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Cnc Lathe Machine

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • Pneumatic clamping Bar feed arrangement
Small sized cnc turning centerbrand new cnc lathe machine.-pnuematic clamping type cnc turning center with bar feed arrangemnet. -perfectly suited for machining long and slender parts. -automotive pins and slender shafts can be process easily. -machine available with roatating guide bush which facilitates turning long jobs without using tailstock-electrical components with very less diameters and long lenght can be processed easily, indutrial pins.-can accomodate around 5-6 tools
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Cnc Arm Type Tapping Machines

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • Articulated Arm type tapping machines Flexible tapping
We offer tach brand cnc tapping machine-perfect for flexible tapping-machine perfectly suitable for tapping components that are heavy, large and can't be shifted to workplace.-articulated arm type tapping machine-direct servo spindle drive-easy operation machines also available with tapping capacity of m60. Perfect for flexible tapping.
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Groundnut Oil Expeller


Highly efficient
Optimum performance
High durability
Flawless working

Product Details:

Steel Fabricated Base & Bodies
Single reduction gear box with helical gears of cast steel.
Quill Worm drive is separate.

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Single Roller Mini Dal Mill Machine

  • Single Roller Mini Dal Mill :-With Taperroller, Elevator, aspirator, blower, Three screencylindrical sieve unit with screw conveyor, with3HP electric motor, Capacity 200 to 300 Kg/hr
  • Roller:-Carburandum roller for Green gram, Blackgram and Bengal gram
  • Screen Set :-For different pulse
  • Sheller:-With 16 stone and 2 H.P electricMotor
  • Screw Polisher :-100 mm die, 100 mm pitch 2.5mm long with blower aspirator, oil/water tank with1HP electric motor, Capacity 200 to 300 Kg/hr
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Spiral Mixer

The machine works on cavity filling and release principle hence the machine can be used for multipurpose forming applications. It can handle different viscosity of dough.

  • The High Speed Spiral Mixer, is The Ideal Kneader for your Hard Dough and the Perfect Choice for Every Baker. It Enables you to Produce High Quality Dough for Bread, Bun, Rusk, Khari and Many More.
  • Automatic Timer.
  • Stainless Steel Spiral Tool.
  • Twin Speed for Spiral Tool.
  • Reverse / Forward for Bowl.
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Atta Kneader

  • Heavy Duty Atta Mixer for Wheat Flour, Roti, Namkeen, Biscuit etc.
  • Tilting of Bowl for Easy Operation of Kneader.
  • Easy to Operate, Forward Reverse Rotation.
  • Soundless Machine Design Fied with Gear Box.
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Lentil, Dal, Pulse Polisher

  • Unique and reliable design
  • The grains, pulses, dals are highly effective as well as nonstop continuous polishing process.
  • Easier operation & less maintenance cost.
  • Retains proteins and natural shine.
  • Compact design, occupies very little space.
  • A minimized power consummation by the way of friction loses. Low noise operation, no wastage of product andno pollution hazard.

Model No. In Side Fitted Roll Size Shaft M/C RPM Capacity Per Hrs. Kilograms Electric Motor Required Over All M/C Size LxWxH (MM)
IMM-DP-1 Ø228 mm x 685 mm Length 40mm 1000 200-250 1.5 Kw 1420x480x500
IMM-DP-2 Ø254 mm x 760 mm Length 40mm 1000 500-800 3.75 Kw 1625x480x500
IMM-DP-3 Ø304 mm x 760 mm Length 51mm 1000 1000-1200 5.62 Kw 1680x500x500
IMM-DP-4 Ø304 mm x 840 mm Length 51mm 1000 1500-2000 7.5 Kw 1680x520x520
IMM-DP-5 Ø355 mm x 760 mm Length 51mm 1000 2000-2500 9.75 Kw 1680x560x520
IMM-DP-6 Ø355 mm x 840 mm Length 51mm 950 2500-3000 9.75 Kw 1680x600x600
IMM-DP-7 Ø355 mm x 840 mm Length 51mm 950 3000-3500 9.75 Kw 1830x600x600
IMM-DP-8 Ø355 mm x 840 mm Length 65mm 950 3000-3500 9.75 Kw 1830x600x600
IMM-DP-9 Ø410 mm x 840 mm Length 65mm 850 3500-4000 11.25 Kw 2000x720x760
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Emery Roll Machine

  • Suitable for processing of all types of pulses with use of Screen
  • Easy to operate. Also having screen setting to get maximum life of abrasives stone
  • Operates by flat / V belt pulley drive
  • Retains proteins and natural shine

Model No. In Side Fitted Roll Size Shaft Machine RPM Capacity Per Hrs Kg 400-600 Electric Motor Required Over All M/C Size LxWxH (MM)
IMM-HR-1 228mm diex685 mm length 40mm 1000 400-600 5 HP (3.7 Kw) or 7.5 HP (5.5 Kw) 1625x480x500
IMM-HR-2 254mm diex760 mm length 51mm 1000 500-800 7.5 HP (5.5 Kw) or 10 HP (7.5 Kw) 1680x500x500
IMM-HR-3 304mm diex760 mm length 51mm 1000 800-1200 10 HP (7.5 Kw) or 15 HP (11 Kw) 1680x520x520
IMM-HR-4 355mm diex840mm length 51mm 950 2000-2500 15 HP (11 Kw) or 20 HP (15 Kw) 1830x600x600
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Multipurpose Grain

Indian Machine Mart pulses & grains grinder are durable utility grinders capableof grinding most pulses and grains. The Techno Wings multipurpose pulses& grains grinder comprises of a heavy duty aluminum body (alternativelystainless steel construction can be provided in multipurpose pulses & Grainsgrinder wherever necessary). Multipurpose pulses & Grains grinder operate on the principle that most materialswill grind or crush upon impact with the hammers. The material is feed into a multipurpose pulses & Grains grinderfrom the top back through an gravity into the grinding chamber. The grinding chamber of multipurpose pulses &Grains grinder is lined with serrated wear plates, which protects the body from wear and tear. Design provides foradmitting extra air during grinding to facilitate cool operation. Soft to medium hard materials are quickly pulverizedto fine powder. Improved mixing and dispersion are added advantages of such mills. Quite popularly, it is also calledhigh speed close tolerance multipurpose grinding mills.Uniformly fed material undergoes a complex grinding force through attrition between liner plate & hammer tip, impact of high speed hammers and collision between particles. Bottom sieve controls the particle size.

Model No. Chamber Size (Ø=Diameter x Width) 2 Pole Electric Motor Approximate Production Capacity Per Hour Size of Machine 

Ø 5" X 10" Width

Ø 125 X 250 mm

2HP 20-60 Kg 66x40x115 Cm 85 Kg

Ø 6" X 12" Width

Ø 150 X 300 mm

3HP 50-60 Kg 66x40x115 Cm 90 Kg

Ø 6" X 12" Width

Ø 150 X 300 mm

5HP 30-80 Kg 66x40x115 Cm 90 Kg

Ø 8" X 15" Width

Ø 200 X 375 mm

10HP 40-100 Kg 89x54x137 Cm 200 Kg


Material IMM-GM-1302BL IMM-GM-1303BL IMM-GM-1305BL IMM-GM-1310BL
Wheat Flour 16Kg 24Kg 40Kg 80-100Kg 
Rava (Semolina) 60Kg 90Kg 150Kg 250-300Kg
Besan 36Kg 50Kg 90Kg 160-170kg
Rice Flour (Pottu) 12Kg 18Kg 30Kg 60Kg
Sugar 60Kg 90Kg 120Kg 300Kg
Turmeric (Required Two Pass) 10Kg 13-15Kg 25Kg 50Kg
Red Chillies 12Kg 15-16Kg 35Kg 50Kg
Ambala 20Kg 30Kg 40Kg 100Kg
Herbals 15Kg 20Kg 30Kg 70-75Kg
Maize 10Kg 15Kg 25Kg 50Kg
Jawari (Millets) 8Kg 12Kg 20Kg 40Kg


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Pounding Machines

A pounding machine consists of a set of heavy steel pounds, loosely held verticallyin a frame, in which the pounds can slide up and down. They are lifted by camson a horizontal rotating shaft. On Indian Machine Mart pounding machine, the camis arranged to lift the pounds from the side, so that it causes the pound to rotate. As the cam moves from underthe pounds, the pounds falls onto the material below, crushing the rock, spices, roots etc and the lifting process isrepeated at the next pass of the cam. Indian Machine Mart specially designed liver to lock/unlock the pounding process.Sieving can be done while hammering is locked/stopped.

Model No. IMM-PM-101 IMM-PM-210
Hammers Two Four 
Hammers Diameter 50mm 50mm
Hammer's Length  1200mm 1200mm
Cam Two Four
Drive V Belt V Belt
Required Electric Motor 1Hp 1.5Hp
Cam Shaft RPM 95 to 100 95 to 100
Pound Per Minute 195 to 200 390 to 400
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Cupcake Depositor

Suitable for producing Cup Cakes, Muffins, Tiffin Cakes and Bar Cakes. Products like dry-fruits, chocolate chip, chunks can be added in the dough in huge quantities.

It works on individual piston/pusher assembly thereby the weight can be adjusted individually in every cup for uniform weight of all the cups.All the controls can be easily adjusted through the PLC touch screen operation.

  • Specially Developed for Cup Cake, Muns, & Cakes.
  • PLC Model for Accurate Weight Control.
  • Excellent Dough Dropping Texture.
  • Low Maintenance & Easy Operation.
  • Reverse / Forward for Bowl.
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Gulab Jamun Machine

Laddu, Pedha/Peda making machine also use for Gulab Jamun, Sweet Ball Rasgulla and Rasmalai Ball making machine

  • Ideal Machine for Peras / Gulab Jamun / Nankhatai/Laddu etc.
  • Automac Extruder Machine with Rounder
  • Weight of Material can be Controlled Electronically.
  • Power : 0.75 Kw Single Phase
  • Machine Body & All Parts are Stainless Steel Material.
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Rollomatic Machine

ROLLOMATIC dough sheeter is the most compact, easy operating machine. These machine is ideally suitable for Supermarkets, Industrial Canteens, Mid-day meal, Hotels Kitchen and Banquet, Cafes, Bakeries, Hospitals, Schools, Institutions, Pizza-Restaurants, Donut Shoppe, & etc.

Silent Features:

  • Compact model and elegant look
  • Heavy duty, all Stainless steel construction
  • Spring loaded scrapers readily removable for easy cleaning
  • Simple handle adjustments for exact uniform dough thickness
  • Ergonomic design for easy operation
  • Large hopper accepts large pieces of dough
  • Convenient side operation
  • Maintenance free drive mechanism
  • Variable speed mechanism to obtain different food products of various types of dough
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Table Top Dough Sheeter

The sheeter makes dough sheet for samosas in a hygienic process. The sheeter gives uniform dough sheets for making samosas and other similar snacks. Precise configuration og the sheeting machine avoids doubling or tearing of sheets.

  • Compact model and elegant look
  • Power Consumption: 0.37 kW
  • Weight: Around 123 kg
  • Caster wheel: Heavy duty caster wheel used with lockable
  • Size: 2550x880x1180 mm
  • Type of dough sheeter: Floor Model
  • Roller Size: 520 mm
  • Body structure: Made by food grade stainless steel with Non-Magnetic steel with fully rusted proofed 304 grade
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Planetary Mixer

We are readily offering the best range of Planetary Mixer, which is widely used in various industries for mixing purposes. The planetary mixture is suitable for mechanical mixing of ointments, dry powder or wet hard mass. Offered machines are used for mixing, whisking and beating of cream, dough, biscuit, milk, and juice. Offered machines are used for mixing, whisking and beating of cream, dough, biscuit, milk and juice.

  • Electro Mechanical Controller
  • Stainless steel Bowl
  • Safety Cover with cut-off swith
  • Heavy duty gear box with 3 speed
  • with 3 Attachments
  • 1 Wire whisk
  • 2 Spatula
  • 3 Hook
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Mad Angle Cutter

We offer our client an excellent quality range of Bingo Mad Angle Cutter, which are manufactured from high grade quality raw materials. These Mad Angle Cutter can be customized as per our precious customers specifications. These Mad Angle Cutter are widely known for its durability and quality. Our Mad Angle Cutter can be availed at industrial leading price.

  • This machine for making of mad angle type products.
  • Technical Specifications of Mad Angle Cutter:
  • D C Motor 02 HP.
  • Gear Box . 2.5
  • Use Material : Complete S.S.
  • Cutter making of unbreakable material with electric control panel.

Capacity 100 kg
Machine Type Automatic,Semi-Automatic
Power Consumption 2 HP AC DRIVE
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Snacks Puff Extruder

We offer high quality Snacks Puff Extruder to our esteemed customers. Precisely engineered from optimum quality metal and alloys, the offered extruders are known for their excellent production capacity, corrosion resistance, and hassle free operations. Available with us at cost effective market prices, the offered extruders are widely used in the extrusion of puff ball, snacks line, and snacks rings.

Puff Extruder Machine manufacturers, Snacks Extruder Machine suppliers, Puff Extruder Machine producers, Puff Extruder Machine exporters, Puff Extruder Machine. Grace Food Processing Packaging Machinery offers Extruder Snacks Machine, Snacks Machine, Snacks Puff Extruder Machine, Single Extruder Corn Puffs Snacks Extruder machine.

  • Compact model and elegant look
  • New troplicalised design resulting in high product output with low power consumption
  • The controls are easy to operate
  • Environment friendly
  • Main Motor: 25 HP
  • A.C Motor : 1H.P Feeding and 1 H.P Cutter Motor (Both VFD controlled)
  • Dimension(LxWxH): 5 Ft x 3 Ft x 6 Ft approx

  • Production Capacity: 100/hr

Automatic Grade Automatic,Semi-Automatic
Capacity 100 kg
Installation Services Yes
Power (kw) 0-25
Production Capacity (kg per hour) 100-200
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Food Mixer Machine

  • Capacity 50 Kg/ 15 Minutes
  • Main Power 2 HP AC Motor With Gear Box
  • Use Material Stainless steel

We are among the reputed manufacturers and exporters of Masala Mixing Machine in the industry. The offered water mixers are regarded for their impeccable designs and optimal performance. Easy to install and operate, these machines are in high demand in the market. We incorporate premium quality materials and advanced technology in the manufacture of these machines. Customers are reasonably charged for these machines.

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Spice Flavor Coating Systems

  • No wastage start and shut down system
  • Wash in place available
  • Anti-bearding spray nozzles technology
  • Variable throughput rates
  • Automatically adjustable
  • Precision airflow balancing system
  • Block style manifold design with revolutionary gasket for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Precision sanitary lobe pump
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Rotary Toaster

  • Capacity 100 Kg
  • Dimension 16 Fit Length x 30 Inch Dia x 6 Fit Height
  • Dc Motor 1 HP
  • Heater 4 ( 3 KW)
  • Gear Box 2.5 Inch

Owing to the vast experience in this field, we have been able to manufacture and export high quality Rotary Roaster Machine Available with us at a highly reasonable market price, the offered toasters are known for their high production yield, user-friendly operations, and low power consumption. As per the specifications provided by our customers, the offered toaster can be customized. To ensure high standards of quality, the offered toasters are rigorously tested by a team of quality controllers.

Salient Features:

  • Compact model and elegant looks
  • New troplicalised design resulting in high product putput with low power consumption
  • The controls are easy to operate
  • Environment friendly
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Automatic Sheeting And Cutting Line

  • Variable speed mechanish to be option different food product and various types of dough
  • Construction heavy duty SS 204
  • Spiring handle nob for adjust unifor thickness
  • Economic design for easy operating
  • Less power required use in 220-V. 1 phase
  • Convenient for single side operating
  • less maintenance for echonomic design
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Noodle Making Machine

Crafted out of premium quality material, theAutomatic Noodle Machineoffered by us is much effective and dependable. As it is fitted with unique heavy duty structure made of mild steel, it is known for sturdiness and strength. It is much easier to clean this machine, further giving you an advantage to save your precious time.

This Noodle making machine follows all set industry standards and is completely safe to use. As compared to other machines in the same league, it is also resistant to any kind of wear and tear due to abrasion or otherwise.Get Noodles produced in bulk which are uniform in size and shape within no time.

Some important features of this machine are:

  • Adjustable thickness of noodles can be manipulated
  • Less labour is required as compared to others
  • Automatic cross section and pole
  • Low noise and reduced vibrations
  • Stainless steel body
  • Allows you to produce Chinese raw noodles, Chuka-men, Thailand Bamee noodles and other varieties
  • Assembling all the parts is an easy task to carry out
  • High productivity and can be used continuously without stopping
  • Having such favourable features, this machine becomes a must buy.
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Ice Cream Making Machine

Ice cream making machine India for their efficient performance. This ice cream making machine has easier operations and few setting points for precise functioning.

The power consumption of this machine is very low and yet has an efficient range of its sub-parts like cylinder, beater design and its refrigeration system. It has a batch pasteurizer and batch freezer of a significant capacity along with a double compartment flavor tank.

Features and specifications of our entire range ofice cream making machineare

  • An efficient and sturdy homogenizer
  • Freezing tank of various capacities
  • Conventional and/or custom-built cold rooms
  • Fast freezing and double insulated freezer bowl
  • Wider and broader feeding trough
  • Non-stick bowls with handles on both sides
  • Reliable electrical defrosting system
  • Efficient fan for adequate cooling inside the chamber
  • Superior refrigeration system, cylinder and beater designs
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Commercial Ice Cream Making Machine

icecream maker machine commercialequipment. This is an innovative machine that can also add syrups of various flavors, making them even more delicious. This contemporarily designed machine has a sturdy refrigeration unit with an efficient air-cooled condenser. It has been engineered to keep it free of snags for several years. These are available in counter-top models that take minimal workspace.

Some more features and specifications of our commercial ice cream making machine are

  • High and efficient overrun beater shafts
  • Efficient polymer scrapper for optimal efficiency and higher extraction
  • Strategic designing of piston pump
  • Effective mix & air feed at optimum over-run
  • Fast and efficient cooling due to direct expansion system to the freezing cylinders
  • Mix storage tanks for hygienic storage of ice-cream mixes
  • Magic eye for automated start/stop of the machine
  • High performing thermostat system for overnight storage of ice cream
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Coconut Cutting Machine

Find a new solution for peeling off the husk of coconut by having highly innovativeCoconut Cutting Machineavailable at Indian Machine Mart. This machine is designed and developed to enhance the production rate of coconut processing industry alongside reducing the human labour. This electrically powered machine is highly appreciated among the customers owing to its several attributes such as user friendly, safe and rapid operation, less maintenance, compact size, easy portability, and high speed. Clients can place the order to us for this cutting machine and even request for any customization in the machine as per the desired application requirement. We are able to cater to the needs of our clients within the promised time frame at cost-effective rates.

Some Common Features:

  • Can be carried to any place due to its compact structure and easy mobility
  • Small powered single phase motor
  • Simple to operate even by unskilled user
  • Easily removes husk of various shapes and sizes
  • Dehusk more than 500 or more nuts per hour

Model Number CCM 100 CCM 200 CCM 300
Capacity 100 kg. 200 kg. 300 kg.
Power 3 hp 5 hp 5 hp
Rotation Per Minute 1440 1440 1440
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Sugarcane Juicer Machine

Developed by implementing latest technology, OfferedSugarcane Juicer Machinesallow you to get more juice with less rollers at one go. The provided range of this sugarcane juicer has been procured from reliable Indian manufacturers, who have constructed this in accordance with the CE norms. Check out all the listed variants and choose as per your application requirement.

Take a look at the specialties of our offered Sugarcane Juice Extractor Machine:

  • Extracts up to 99% of juice in a single pass
  • Can crush up to 3 kg/ min
  • Virtually maintenance free and does not require lubrication for 2-3 years
  • High quality parts that further ensure rugged and durable
  • Maintains 100% efficiency for prolonged usage
  • High performance owing to direct driven technology
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Bakery Oven,bakery Oven

Bakery Ovenis designed to meet the needs of baking cookies, biscuits, rusks etc. in a quick manner and able to deliver maximum performance even in multi-tasking bakery environment.Further, the usage of latest cutting edge technology allows the heating element to distribute its heat uniformly inside the chamber for baking the products properly, every time when bring in use.

It is made in variety of models that are distinguished in terms of production capacity for biscuits, ruks and bread, and tray sizes. We are able to provide all the models of bakery oven that have varied tray sizes ranging from 10x15 to18X30 andcan produce:

Biscuits: 9 to 300 Kg/hr

Rusks: 70 to 3000 Kg/hr


Production Capacity

Tray Sizes

Biscuit /Hr In Kg.

Rusk/Day (24 Hr. In Kg.)

Bread/25 Min. 400 Gm.





































































786 FH
























1025 NH












1025 FH












































































































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Electronic Bingo Machine

We are one of the premium electronic bingo machines suppliers at the Indian Machine Mart with flat screen display so that you can see the numbers correctly. It is ideal to suit in all kinds of venues and made with sturdy metal with a carry handle so that you can easily carry it anywhere you like.

As we deliver a standalone unit, so you do not feel that it is taking up too much space. We continuously strive to bring changes in the system so that you can get every bingo solution right in one unit.

Some of the exclusive features that we provide in the unit:

  • It is equipped with high quality and brightness LED bulbs for complete brightness. This will enable the audience to see the numbers easily from a distance.
  • You will get a hard wired control pad for displaying the patterns of your game and also the value of the prize.
  • You can use it with the conjunction of your current bowler as well.
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Banana Chips Making Machine

banana chips manufacturing machines with 2-in-one slicers, which are apt for producing banana chips of uniform shape and size. You will get the thickness of the chips as per your choice as they operate on a high power electric motor. To make the production process easier for our customers, we have the machine available in different dimensions and capacities.

In the end, you will get a machine that will consume less power and is also defect free. And the best part is that our banana chips making machine price is, well within your reach.

Some of the features that we provide:

Less time consumed for manufacturing the chips

Tested under different conditions

It is easy to install and operate

Cleans easily

Consumes less power

Sturdy construction

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Vegetable Cutting Machine

vegetable cutting machine that chop veggies in a hygienic way. This an advanced multipurpose vegetable cutting machine with various cutters that strip, chop, slice, shred, cube vegetables.

The exterior of this machine is robust and its cutters can be changed easily. Its stainless steel shaft is driven by V shaped belt and an enclosed fan. Multiple blades are made available for facilitating varied cuts and slices

Some more features and specifications of our vegetable cutting machine are:

  • Three phased squirrel cage electric motor
  • Auto feeder and tubular feed-throat made of premium quality of aluminum
  • Adaptable vegetable cutter for cutting strong roots to soft leaves
  • Compact, space saving and table-top models
  • Space Saving and Compact table-top model
  • Designed for a wide range of cut choices
  • Allows can cut various kinds of vegetable into cubes, threads
  • Used to chop the vegetables quickly and precisely
  • Mainly used in hotel, banquet places, catering, restaurant and others
  • Its efficient cutting and chopping process makes the product highly appreciated in the market
  • Sharp edged and anti-corrosive blades
  • Caster wheels fitted at bottom for mobility
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Automatic Chips Making Machine

Most reliable chips making machines. These machines render impressive output of varied chips. There is continuous and even feeding of raw chips to the fryer that results in less wastage. Furthermore, there is lesser load on the filters.

There is diesel or gas based heating source that work over automatic burners. As much as more than hundreds of chips can be manufactured within one hour. These machines have easy-to-follow operations and can be cleaned easily.

More specifications and features of automatic chips making machine are:

  • Pneumatic hood of the fryer for easy handling
  • Continuous circulation of hot edible oil amongst heat exchanger, fryer and batch filter
  • Controlled temperature for even frying of chips
  • Simultaneous removal of burnt particles and sediments from the oil tank
  • Less oil build-up while making chips to generate fresh flavor of the ready chips
  • Connection of fryer to thermal fluid boiler system via heat exchanger system
  • Presence of inspection belt to remove the burnt or spoilt chips
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Sev Making Machine

sev making machines that can effortlessly make huge volume of sev within short time. Made of industrial grade stainless steel, this machine comes fitted with pulley belt and chain mechanism for consistent quality of operations. There are multiple dimensions of this machine available for varied needs of clients.

The USP of this machine is its low energy consumption and amazing functionality. It has hydro based oil extracting mechanism fitted with an efficient motor to eject oil and water from its lower side.

Some more features and specification of our sev maker machine are:

  • Huge operational capacity due to machines construction with stainless steel and aluminum material
  • Feature of auto-stop and time-setting operations
  • Efficient and automated extrusion production line
  • Eco friendly and ergonomic design for easy handling
  • All inner parts and components resistant to abrasion and wear & tear
  • Different dies and cutters available for varied shapes and thickness of final product
  • Dough Collector comes with steam exhaust line
  • Electric Heater fitted with every set of die assembly along with temperature controller
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Cylinder Grader


  • Structure is framed by using finest grade steel that also increases its robustness
  • Compact design helps in easy installation
  • Quick interchangeable type indent segments
  • Remarked for high precision grading capability
  • Rotational speed of cylinder can be easily adjusted

   Cylinder Size

Capacity (Kg.)


Motor Power 

Shipping Details



Length (mm)


Wheat & Pulses

Rev. Min


Net (Kg.)

Gross (kg.)

Cubage (cu.m)

TC2 600 2000 2000 3000 37 1.5 1.1 560 680 2.8
TC3 600 3000 3000 4000 37 2 1.5 750 920 4.0
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Chocolate Enrober Machine


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Precise temperature control
  • Control and correct viscosity owing to heater unit
  • Maximum production rate
  • High efficiency

Dimensions     L 195 cm x B 56 cm x H 110 cm
Weight      100 kgs approx.
Power Consumption 750 W approx.
Belt width 18 cms
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Dosa Making Machines

Highlights of Dosa Making Machine:

  • Noise less functioning
  • Compact structure
  • Fabricated from finest grade quality stainless steel that increases its durability

Technical Specifications:

Size of the machine : 29*27 inches
Weight of the machine : 50 kg
Size of the dosa made : 34*28 cm (max) 10*10cm (min)
Thickness of the dosa : 1mm to 5mm
Electrical details : 3 kilo watt machine, 1-phase, 15 amp socket required

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Milk Mini Parlor Machine

  • For Farm with 40-50 Cows
  • Less Labour Required
  • Less Wear & Tear
  • No Brushing of Liners
  • Less Cleaning Time
  • No Civil Work
  • Can Be Fitted in any Barn
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Coconut Oil Mill

Highlights of Coconut Oil Mill:

  • Chamber cage opens on hinges simply by tilting of chamber halves
  • User can easily change the cake thickness while running of expeller
  • Expeller is integrated wil oil pump, which eliminates the need of separate pump
  • Its compact design allows the user to install it anywhere and use any time
  • Highly sturdy and durable owing to its 6 taper roller bearings

Details of Oil Expeller:

  • Equipped with12.5 HP motor for smooth running
  • Net weight: 500 kg
  • Volume: 1.60 cubic metre
  • Capacity: 1.5 kg / hour
  • Oil Expeller chamber size 22x 4 crushing capacity 125 140 kg./hr. complete
  • Round automatic feeding kettle
  • Filter press 16x16-16 plates complete
  • Coconut grating machine with 0.5 HP electric motor
  • Accessories pipelines, beltings, valves, pulleys, base frame etc
  • Essential spare parts
  • Oil storage tank 3000 liters capacity
  • Baby boiler 16'' complete with required accessories
  • Copra cutter with 3 HP motor [optional]
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Ice Candy Making Machine

Offered Ice Candy Making Machine is beautifully designed by the engineers by following the standard guidelines as per the national and international norms. This export quality model can offer maximum output by taking less time.

Following are some ggeneral features of Ice Candy Making Machine:

  • Application: Ice Candy, Roll Cut Ice cream Production
  • Temp: -26C to -30C
  • Body: Outer - S.S. Grade 304 Thick 1mm, Inner - S.S. Grade 316, Thick 1.2mm
  • Pull Down Time: Ice cream base freezing time 20 to 30 minute approx. (Mix Inlet temp - -4C to -6C)
  • Water base flavor freezing time 30 to 35 minute approx. (Mix Inlet temp - +10C to +14C)
  • Conditions: Water flow rate as per required capacity in case of water cooled system
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Pasta Making Machine

Features ofPasta Making Machine:

  • Fully autoatic process
  • Pneumo-electronic system used for raw material dosing
  • Vacuum kneading
  • Standalone hydraulic system monitors the water flow and water temperature
  • Paste steaming, both pre-steaming (after press) and finish steaming (after cabinet drier)
  • Automated belt drying section
  • Packaging and weighing machine operating in an automatic mode
  • Small size allows easy installation
  • Easy to use and maintain
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Band Sealing Machine

  • Horizontal and Vertical Both in One Machine.
  • Unique Adjustable Constant Temperature System!
  • Technical Support Available Easy To Set Up, Use, and Maintain!
  • Compact model and elegant look
  • To seal different types of pre filled flexible bags continuously.
  • Applications in various industries like food packaging, chemicals packaging, packaging of engineering and industrial items etc. used in Laminated and Alluminium Foil Pouches

Silent Features:

  • Compact model and elegant look
  • New troplicalised design resulting in high product output with low power consumption
  • The controls are easy to operate
  • Environment friendly 'CFC' Free refrigerant ' CFC ' free thermal insulation

Model No.  SPCS 900 L  SPCS 900 V 
Voltage 220/50 220/50
Power(W) 650 650
Sealing Speed (m/min) 0~12(0~16) 0~12(0~16)
Sealing Width(mm) 8~10 8~10
Temprature range(Deg.C) 0~300 0~300
Distance from the sealing center to the conveying table(mm) 10~40 15~270
Convevor size( L x W) (mm) 840 x 153 840 x 153
Film Thickness (mm) 0.08 0.08
Single Conveyor Loading (kg) 3 3
Overall Dimension (LxWxh) (mm) 840 x 380 x 320 840 x 380 x 550
Net Weight( kg) 32 32
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Ffs Auger Filler Machine

  • Dimension(L*W*H) 7 Fit x 3 Fit x 6 Fit
  • Power(W) 30 HP
  • Gear Box Helical Type Heavy Duty
  • For Cutting 2 HP Motor
  • Production Capacity 150 KG /hr

FFS Auger Filler Machines for our clients spread nationwide and abroad. These FFS Auger Filler Machines have features such as high tensile strength, dimensional accuracy and sturdy construction. FSS Auger Filler Machines are used for packing powder like commodities and granules i.e. spices, flour, etc. We also design customized requirement for our client's benefits.

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Liquid Fill Multitrack Machine

  • Total PLC Control
  • Fully automatic compact & robust machine
  • 10% saving on laminate
  • Photo-electronic mark registration system
  • High Speed up to 480-pouches/min
  • Speed control through AC frequency drive
  • P.I.D base temperature controller system
  • Automatic batch cutting
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Oil Jam Juices Sauce Etc Machine

These liquid packaging machines are specially designed and dedicated for packing of oil, jam, juice, and sauce. High efficiency, accuracy, high tensile strength, wide range of packing size, etc are some main features of these machines that can fulfill optimum requirements of liquid packing

Filling system Liquid Base , Pump, systems
Packing material Oil, jam, sauces, juices, shampoo etc
Speed Capacity 40 to 70 bag/min
Power Consumption Motor 1/2 H.P.220 v AC single Phase
Paper Required Polyester Paper
Motor Godrej (Crompton greaves)
T.C. Dolphin Automation Digital
Panel Jiyalal enterprises/ Alpha Electronic
Machine Size H - 2150 MM, W - 680 mm, L - 900mm
Heater 150 x 2 + 300 x 2
Drive 1 H.P single phase ( Delta)
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Collar Type With Auger Filler Machine

We are involved in present an exclusive range of collar Type Auger Filler Machine. Our products are available in diverse specifications that meet on exact requirements of our patrons.

Packaging Material Heat sealable Laminated
Films Roll Width Max-425mm, Min.120 mm
Pouch Dimension -200mm
Electrical Supply 230v/AC/Single Phase/50Hz
Compressed Air Required 6CFM,6 bar
Weight 400 Kg (Approx)
Filling Range Auger filler Adjustable
Pouch Type Centre Seal Pouch
Height 65-300mm
Power Consumption 3Kw
Production Rate 60 shots per minute(Varies with the nature of product & Filling range)
Machine Dimension L-1050mm,W990 mm,H-1360mm
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Collar Type With Cup Filler Machine

We are offering Collar Type Mechanical Cup Filler Pouch Packing Machines that is one of the fully automated machinery. These machines have widespread application for packaging of Tea Leafs, Whole Species, Pan Masala, Ajwains, Soyabari, Chanachur, Bhujia, Spice Powder etc.

Packaging Material Heat sealable Laminated Films
Pouch Type Centre Seal Pouch
Height 65-300mm
Height 65-300mm
Power Consumption 3Kw
Production Rate 60 shots per minute(Varies with the nature of product & Filling range)
Machine Dimension L-1050mm, W990 mm, H-1360mm
Roll Width Max-425mm, Min.120 mm
Pouch Dimension -200mm
Electrical Supply 230v/AC/Single Phase/50Hz
Compressed Air Required 6CFM,6 bar
Weight 400 Kg (Approx)
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