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  1. Bakery & Dairy Machine 2 Products / Services available
  2. Filling Line 5 Products / Services available
  3. Biscuit Making Machinery 5 Products / Services available
  4. Banding Machine 1 Products / Services available
  5. Pulses 1 Products / Services available
  6. Powder Filling Machine 2 Products / Services available
  7. Grinding Mill 4 Products / Services available
  8. Pouch Packaging Machine 3 Products / Services available
  9. Food Grains & Cereals 1 Products / Services available
  10. Filling Machines 1 Products / Services available
  11. Fruit Plants 1 Products / Services available
  12. Wrapping Machines 1 Products / Services available
  13. Dryers 3 Products / Services available
  14. Lamination, Wrapping & Banding Machines 1 Products / Services available
  15. Extruder Machine 5 Products / Services available
  16. Textile Machinery 1 Products / Services available
  17. Induction Cooktops, Gas Stoves & Burners 3 Products / Services available
  18. Sewing Machines 3 Products / Services available
  19. Electric Cutting Tools 1 Products / Services available
  20. Marking Machine 2 Products / Services available
  21. Machines and Equipments 6 Products / Services available
  22. Bending Machines 4 Products / Services available
  23. Snack Machine 3 Products / Services available
  24. Spm Machine 6 Products / Services available
  25. Construction Machinery & Equipment 1 Products / Services available
  26. Lamination Machine 1 Products / Services available
  27. Coating Machine 1 Products / Services available
  28. Rotavator 1 Products / Services available
  29. Toaster 1 Products / Services available
  30. Rice Mill Machine 1 Products / Services available
  31. Automatic Cutting Machine 1 Products / Services available
  32. Power Winches 1 Products / Services available
  33. Lathe Machines 2 Products / Services available
  34. Noodles Making Machine 2 Products / Services available
  35. Wire Making & Cabling Machines 4 Products / Services available
  36. Industrial Drilling Machine 1 Products / Services available
  37. Freezers, Refrigerators and Chillers 1 Products / Services available
  38. Wire Making Machines 2 Products / Services available
  39. Storage Drums, Tanks & Containers 2 Products / Services available
  40. Cutting Machine 2 Products / Services available
  41. Industrial Blowers, Coolers & Fans 2 Products / Services available
  42. Casting Machines 1 Products / Services available
  43. Fruit and Vegetable Processing Machine 2 Products / Services available
  44. Rope Making Machine 1 Products / Services available
  45. Router, Cables & Networking Devices 2 Products / Services available
  46. Bakery Oven 1 Products / Services available
  47. Tables 1 Products / Services available
  48. Casting, Forging & Moulding Machines 3 Products / Services available
  49. Chips Making Plant 1 Products / Services available
  50. Grinding & Milling Tools & Machinery 1 Products / Services available
  51. Saws, Chainsaws & Saw Blades 1 Products / Services available
  52. Kitchenware and Cookware 2 Products / Services available
  53. Plastic Machine 1 Products / Services available
  54. Cnc Job Work 1 Products / Services available
  55. Earthmoving Machines 1 Products / Services available
  56. Domestic Fans, AC & Coolers 1 Products / Services available
  57. CNC Machine 1 Products / Services available
  58. Chocolate Machinery 1 Products / Services available
  59. Milling Machines 1 Products / Services available
  60. Cooking Range 1 Products / Services available
  61. Industrial Machinery 7 Products / Services available
  62. Bread Making Machine 3 Products / Services available
  63. Food Processing Machines & Plants 4 Products / Services available
  64. Oil Mill Machinery 1 Products / Services available
  65. Pulverizers 7 Products / Services available
  66. Candy Machines 1 Products / Services available
  67. Food Grains & Nut Processing Machine 3 Products / Services available
  68. Sealing & Strapping Machines 4 Products / Services available
  69. Oil Extraction Machine 2 Products / Services available
  70. Fast Food and Beverages Machines 1 Products / Services available
  71. Rolling Machine 2 Products / Services available
  72. Packaging Machine 10 Products / Services available
  73. Other Products 22 Products available

Other Products / Services

Our offered Product range includes spiral mixer, Pounding Machines, Cupcake Depositor, Rollomatic Machine and Table top dough Sheeter.

spiral mixer

The machine works on cavity filling and release principle hence the machine can be used for multipurpose forming applications. It can handle different viscosity of dough. The High Speed Spiral Mixer, is The Ideal Kneader for your Hard Dough and the Perfect Choice for Every Baker. It Enables you to Produce High Quality Dough for Bread, Bun, Rusk, Khari and Many More.. Automatic Timer. Stainless Steel Spiral Tool. Twin Speed for Spiral Tool. Reverse / Forward for Bowl.

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Pounding Machines

A pounding machine consists of a set of heavy steel pounds, loosely held vertically in a frame, in which the pounds can slide up and down. They are lifted by cams on a horizontal rotating shaft. On Indian Machine Mart pounding machine, the cam is arranged to lift the pounds from the side, so that it causes the pound to rotate. As the cam moves from under the pounds, the pounds falls onto the material below, crushing the rock, spices, roots etc and the lifting process is repeated at the next pass of the cam. Indian Machine Mart specially designed liver to lock/unlock the pounding process. Sieving can be done while hammering is locked/stopped.

  • Model No. IMM-PM-101 IMM-PM-210
    Hammers Two Four 
    Hammers Diameter 50mm 50mm
    Hammer's Length  1200mm 1200mm
    Cam Two Four
    Drive V Belt V Belt
    Required Electric Motor 1Hp 1.5Hp
    Cam Shaft RPM 95 to 100 95 to 100
    Pound Per Minute 195 to 200 390 to 400
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Cupcake Depositor

Suitable for producing Cup Cakes, Muffins, Tiffin Cakes and Bar Cakes. Products like dry-fruits, chocolate chip, chunks can be added in the dough in huge quantities. It works on individual piston/pusher assembly thereby the weight can be adjusted individually in every cup for uniform weight of all the cups.All the controls can be easily adjusted through the PLC touch screen operation.. Specially Developed for Cup Cake, Muffins, & Cakes. PLC Model for Accurate Weight Control. Excellent Dough Dropping Texture. Low Maintenance & Easy Operation. Reverse / Forward for Bowl.

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Rollomatic Machine

ROLLOMATIC dough sheeter is the most compact, easy operating machine. These machine is ideally suitable for Supermarkets, Industrial Canteens, Mid-day meal, Hotels Kitchen and Banquet, Cafes, Bakeries, Hospitals, Schools, Institutions, Pizza-Restaurants, Donut Shoppe, & etc. Silent Features: Compact model and elegant look Heavy duty, all Stainless steel construction Spring loaded scrapers readily removable for easy cleaning Simple handle adjustments for exact uniform dough thickness Ergonomic design for easy operation Large hopper accepts large pieces of dough Convenient side operation Maintenance free drive mechanism Variable speed mechanism to obtain different food products of various types of dough

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Table top dough Sheeter

The sheeter makes dough sheet for samosas in a hygienic process. The sheeter gives uniform dough sheets for making samosas and other similar snacks. Precise configuration og the sheeting machine avoids doubling or tearing of sheets. Compact model and elegant look Power Consumption: 0.37 kW Weight: Around 123 kg Caster wheel: Heavy duty caster wheel used with lockable Size: 2550x880x1180 mm Type of dough sheeter: Floor Model Roller Size: 520 mm Body structure: Made by food grade stainless steel with Non-Magnetic steel with fully rusted proofed 304 grade

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Planetary mixer

We are readily offering the best range of Planetary Mixer, which is widely used in various industries for mixing purposes. The planetary mixture is suitable for mechanical mixing of ointments, dry powder or wet hard mass. Offered machines are used for mixing, whisking and beating of cream, dough, biscuit, milk, and juice. Offered machines are used for mixing, whisking and beating of cream, dough, biscuit, milk and juice. Electro Mechanical Controller Stainless steel Bowl Safety Cover with cut-off swith Heavy duty gear box with 3 speed with 3 Attachments 1 Wire whisk 2 Spatula 3 Hook

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Snacks Puff Extruder

We offer high quality Snacks Puff Extruder to our esteemed customers. Precisely engineered from optimum quality metal and alloys, the offered extruders are known for their excellent production capacity, corrosion resistance, and hassle free operations. Available with us at cost effective market prices, the offered extruders are widely used in the extrusion of puff ball, snacks line, and snacks rings. Puff Extruder Machine manufacturers, Snacks Extruder Machine suppliers, Puff Extruder Machine producers, Puff Extruder Machine exporters, Puff Extruder Machine. Grace Food Processing Packaging Machinery offers Extruder Snacks Machine, Snacks Machine, Snacks Puff Extruder Machine, Single Extruder Corn Puffs Snacks Extruder machine.   Compact model and elegant look New troplicalised design resulting in high product output with low power consumption The controls are easy to operate Environment friendly Main Motor: 25 HP A.C Motor : 1H.P Feeding and 1 H.P Cutter Motor (Both VFD controlled) Dimension(LxWxH): 5 Ft x 3 Ft x 6 Ft approx   Production Capacity: 100/hr

  • Automatic Grade Automatic,Semi-Automatic
    Brand FUN FLIPS
    Capacity 100 kg
    Installation Services Yes
    Power (kw) 0-25
    Production Capacity (kg per hour) 100-200
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Commercial Ice Cream Making Machine

ice  cream maker machine commercial  equipment. This is an innovative machine that can also add syrups of various flavors, making them even more delicious. This contemporarily designed machine has a sturdy refrigeration unit with an efficient air-cooled condenser. It has been engineered to keep it free of snags for several years. These are available in counter-top models that take minimal workspace. Some more features and specifications of our commercial ice cream making machine are – High and efficient overrun beater shafts Efficient polymer scrapper for optimal efficiency and higher extraction Strategic designing of piston pump Effective mix & air feed at optimum over-run Fast and efficient cooling due to direct expansion system to the freezing cylinders Mix storage tanks for hygienic storage of ice-cream mixes Magic eye for automated start/stop of the machine High performing thermostat system for overnight storage of ice cream

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Electronic Bingo Machine

We are one of the premium electronic bingo machines suppliers at the Indian Machine Mart with flat screen display so that you can see the numbers correctly. It is ideal to suit in all kinds of venues and made with sturdy metal with a carry handle so that you can easily carry it anywhere you like. As we deliver a standalone unit, so you do not feel that it is taking up too much space. We continuously strive to bring changes in the system so that you can get every bingo solution right in one unit. Some of the exclusive features that we provide in the unit: It is equipped with high quality and brightness LED bulbs for complete brightness. This will enable the audience to see the numbers easily from a distance. You will get a hard wired control pad for displaying the patterns of your game and also the value of the prize. You can use it with the conjunction of your current bowler as well. 

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Automatic Chips Making Machine

Most reliable chips making machines. These machines render impressive output of varied chips. There is continuous and even feeding of raw chips to the fryer that results in less wastage. Furthermore, there is lesser load on the filters. There is diesel or gas based heating source that work over automatic burners. As much as more than hundreds of chips can be manufactured within one hour. These machines have easy-to-follow operations and can be cleaned easily. More specifications and features of automatic chips making machine are: Pneumatic hood of the fryer for easy handling Continuous circulation of hot edible oil amongst heat exchanger, fryer and batch filter Controlled temperature for even frying of chips Simultaneous removal of burnt particles and sediments from the oil tank Less oil build-up while making chips to generate fresh flavor of the ready chips Connection of fryer to thermal fluid boiler system via heat exchanger system Presence of inspection belt to remove the burnt or spoilt chips

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Milk Mini Parlor Machine

For Farm with 40-50 Cows Less Labour Required Less Wear & Tear No Brushing of Liners Less Cleaning Time No Civil Work Can Be Fitted in any Barn

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Liquid Fill Multitrack Machine

Total PLC Control Fully automatic compact & robust machine 10% saving on laminate Photo-electronic mark registration system High Speed up to 480-pouches/min Speed control through AC frequency drive P.I.D base temperature controller system Automatic batch cutting

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IMM Paper Machine

The most popular Indian Machine Mart Paper Recycling Technology IMM PaperMek – XV for Institutions caters to the requirement of the customer to produce diverse quality of paper that can be used within the institution and for local markets. The range of end-use applications includes writing quality paper, card paper, files and folders for office use. The IMM Paper Recycling Enterprise can recycle one tonne of waste paper per month; higher capacity is also available.This unit is capable of producing upto 15000 Kg of finished paper. A higher value addition can be achieved through custom designed products. The capacity for recycling can be enhanced incrementally. High quality writing paper can be produced with the use of IMM Hollander Beater.

  • Description IMM Paper Machine-XV
    Capacity 50-75 Kg/day
    Hydrapulper 6 Kg/Charge
    Beater 3.5 Kg/Charge
    Univat 18"×23"
    Screw Press 18"×23"
    Calendering Machine 24", Width of Rolls
    Cutting Machine 33", Size of Blades
    Power 12 HP,3 Phase
    Manpower 7 Persons
    Water (Potable) 2500 Litres/Day
    Ideal For Pulp Preparation, Paper Making And Finishing
    Power Supply 11 H.P 3 Single Phase 
    Demanded In  Local Market
    Area Requirement 40 Square Metre
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seed grader machine

Seed Grader Machine  as a most essential agricultural equipment at the most economical rates. Offered range of machine is fabricated by using high grade stainless steel to offer robustness and durability. Moreover, the optimum quality components used in this machine helps to remove chaffs, straws, seeds, dust and other light impurities including husk etc effectively. The machine that we are offering has been procured from reliable Indian Manufacturers, who have large industrial experience in the domain. Thus, they have designed and developed this machine by incorporating modern technology so that machine can sere for long time without any interruptions. Works at standard operating voltage i.e  220V, 50Hz Single Phase AC Stainless steel hopper has a arrangement of rack and pinion High cleaning capacity Compact in design Featured with  pre-aspiration and final aspiration   with three easily and rapidly changeable screens for cleaning, scalping and grading respectively   Usage: This machine is used for cleaning and grading of various cereal Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Oil seeds, Pulses, Forestry Seeds like wheat Paddy, Maize, Bajra, Peas, Urad, Moong, Gram, Soyabean, Sunflower, Mustard, Jawar, Barley & Coffee Seeds etc.    

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Hand Operating Winding Machine

This machine is designed to rewind all types of ceiling fans' coils One can rewind manually two or three stators; Using our machine, one can rewind 10 stators in 8 hours SIX DIE(One Die sliding system) is provided for ceiling fan winding. Able to rewind all kinds of ceiling fans' stators

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Milk Line Milker

For Farm with 40-50 Cows Less Labour Required Less Wear & Tear No Brushing of Liners Less Cleaning Time No Civil Work Can Be Fitted in any Barn

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Double Profile High Speed Corrugating Machine

FFS Pneumatic Auger Filler

Four Head Pouch Packaging Machine

NC Controlled Pipe Bending Machine

Gear Drive Winding Machine

Mechanical Coil Winding Machine

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