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Gearbox & Gear Parts

We offer the best product range of Spur Gears, Worm Gear, Bevel Gear, Helical Gear and Spiral Bevel Gears.

Spur Gears

the Company is Ranked Amidst the Major Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of spur Gears or straight-cut Gears in India. the Spur Gears are the Simplest Type of Gear as They Consist of a Cylinder or Disk with the Teeth Projecting Radially, and Although They are Not Straight-sided in Form, the Edge of Each Tooth is Straight and Aligned Parallel to the Axis of Rotation. Our Spur Gears can Be Meshed Together Correctly Only if They are Fitted to Parallel Axles. specifications diameter : Up to 3, 800 Mmmodule : 0.40 to 30 Modulesground Gear : Pcd-25 to 550 Mm Pitch Circular Diametermodule : 1 to 10 Modules

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Worm Gear

We are engaged in providing Worm Gear to our customers. Our Worm Gear is high on demand in the market. A worm drive is a gear arrangement in which a worm (which is a gear in the form of a screw) meshes with a worm gear (which is similar in appearance to a spur gear, and is also called a worm wheel). The terminology is often confused by imprecise use of the term Worm Gear to refer to the worm, the Worm Gear, or the worm drive as a unit. Attributes Reduces rotational speed Allows higher torque to be transmitted High functionality Optimum durability Specifications Diameter : Upto 1500 mm Module : Upto 20 Minimum CD of Worm & Worm Wheel : 28 mm by Tangential Method

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Bevel Gear

Bevel Gears are useful when the direction of a shaft's rotation needs to be changed. The Bevel Gear is usually mounted on shafts that are 90 degrees apart, but can be designed to work at other angles as well. Bevel Gear teeth actually have the same problem as straight spur gear teeth -- as each tooth engages; it impacts the corresponding tooth all at once. Just like helical teeth: the contact starts at one end of the gear and progressively spreads across the whole tooth. On straight and spiral bevel gears, the shafts must be perpendicular to each other, but they must also be in the same plane. If you were to extend the two shafts past the Bevel Gears, they would intersect. The hypoid gear, on the other hand, can engage with the axes in different planes. The Bevel Gear is used in many car differentials. The ring gear of the differential and the input pinion gear are both hypoid. This allows the input pinion to be mounted lower than the axis of the ring gear Bevel Gears Can Be Straight Spiral Hypoid Specifications Diameter : Upto 800 mm Module : 20 Face Width : 200 mm .

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Helical Gear

A helical gear is a gear with teeth which are set at an angle. The angled teeth engage slowly and smoothly, making a  Helical Gear  quieter and smoother in operation than many other kinds of gears. Cars are often equipped with Helical Gears for this reason, and this design may be used in many other applications, as well. These Helical Gears come in a range of sizes for a variety of tasks. Specifications Diameter : Up to 3, 800 mm Module : 0.40 to 30 Modules Ground Gear : PCD: 25 to 550 mm pitch circular diameter Module : 1 to 10 Modules

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Spiral Bevel Gears

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