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Suspension & Suspension Parts

Our product range contains a wide range of Multi Leaf Springs, Parabolic Leaf Springs, parabolic leaf spring, Automobile Leaf Springs and Leaf Spring

Multi Leaf Springs

We are engaged in providing the multi leaf springs which are widely used for automobile suspensions. Our multi leaf springs have high durability and optimum quality. We assure this by checking the multi leaf springs under stringent quality tests carried out by our experts. The multi leaf springs are provided at pocket friendly prices to the customers.

the multi leaf springs consist of a series of flat plates, usually of semi- elliptical shape. The leaves are held together by means of two u-bolts and a centre clip. The longest leaf, called the master leaf, is mounted with chassis at both ends & center is fixed to the axle of the vehicle. Multi leaf springs are provided with one or two extra full length leaves in addition to the master leaf. These extra full-length multi leaf springs are stacked between the master leaf and the graduated-length leaves. The extra full-length are provided to support the transverse shear force.

steel used
  • en45a, sup9, sup11a, sae5160

suspension components
  • u bolts
  • center bolts
  • casting pad
  • eye bush
  • shackles & pins
  • clamp
  • sheet metal components
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Parabolic Leaf Springs

We are offering parabolic leaf springs.
we always lead by new innovative, which leads us to introduce parabolic leaf spring, characterized by the use of less leaves whose thickness varies from the center to the outer side following a parabolic pattern. This results in less inter leaf friction, because of which the only contact point between the springs in vehicle is at the end and the center where the axle is connected. Spacers used in the new design prevent the other parts collisions. Besides being less in weight the main benefit of parabolic leaf springs is their greater flexibility, which is translated as a high ride quality of the vehicle. Parabolic leaf spring gives us the high ride quality which refers to the high degree of safety to the riders from the uneven road surfaces and gives high level of comfort.our parabolic leaf springs are processed under technical care & our leaves are painted on all sides using zinc rich primer and a coat of special paint after proper surface preparation.

why our parabolic leaf springs?
  • better load bearing capacity
  • less weight
  • improved fuel economy or load carrying capacity
  • reduced road damage for an equivalent axle weight

steel used
  • 50crv4, 60simn5, 55cr3, 55si7, 51crmov4
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Parabolic Leaf Spring

we Always Lead By New Innovation, Which Leads Us to Introduce the parabolic Leaf Spring, Characterized By the Use of Less Leaves Whose Thickness Varies from the Center to the Outer Side Following a Parabolic Pattern. this Results in Less Inter Leaf Friction, Because of Which the Only Contact Point Between the Springs in Vehicle is At the End and the Center Where the Axle is Connected. Spacers Used in the New Design Prevent the other Parts Collisions. Besides Being Less in Weight the Main Benefit of Parabolic Springs is Their Greater Flexibility, Which is Translated as a High Ride Quality of the Vehicle. It Gives Us the High Ride Quality Which Refers to the High Degree of Safety to the Riders from the Uneven Road Surfaces and Gives High Level of Comfort.

our Parabolic Leaf Spring is Processed Under Technical Care and the Leaves are Painted On all Sides Using Zinc Rich Primer and a Coat of Special Paint After Proper Surface Preparation.

cost Effectivebetter Load Bearing Capacity with Less Weightimproved Fuel Economy or Load Carrying Capacityreduced Road Damage for An Equivalent Axle Weight
steel Used
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Automobile Leaf Springs

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