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Conference Mic

  • Channel number 4
  • Oscillation Mode Quartz crystal  
  • Modulation Mode FM  
  • Frequency Range: VHF 190~280MHz  
  • Frequency Stability +0.001%  
  • Max. Deviation Range +50 KHz
  • S/N Ratio >105 dB  
  • Power Supply DC 12~17V  

Professional, competent, easy-to-use gooseneck Conference Microphone CM 3600 A (VHF) is ideal choice to use at seminars, conferences, meetings rendering easy communication and pure voice transmission.


Best Quality PP Plastic with texture Paint for Professional look

High Output Neodymium Magnet in Cartridge

4 inch to 5 inch hand held reception from mouth

Separate Controls for Each Microphones

Metal Goose neck of microphones for professional look and ease of Speech

Heavy weight housing with anti-skid feet ensures stability

On/Off switch provided.

Special electronic circuitry for minimal switch noise.

All-purpose PA microphone reproducing intelligible, crisp and a bright sound.

Suitable for multi-purpose PA installations.

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  • Color Silver
  • Material Space Aluminum Shell
  • Dimension (120x84x43)mm
  • Surface-Treatment Brushed &Anodic Oxidation Treatment
  • Sensitivity -47dB±1dB
  • Frequency 20Hz – 18Khz
  • Working Current Static State 25mA, Peak-100mA
  • Output Power 2W
  • Working Voltage AC 220V, 50/60 HZ DC +12V

Product Description

This 5CORECounter Interaction Microphone (120x84x43) mm is compact, powerful, and professional two-way communication system with silver-colored table top attendant unit, gooseneck microphone, and separate talk/listen control functions, recording jack and toggle power switch.


  • Easy to install, user-friendly, apt to use by professionals two-way communication system.

  • Compact table top attendant unit with gooseneck microphone rendering high-flexibility.

  • Separate controls for adjusting the speech levels during Talk & Listen modes of operation.

  • Power switch provided for switching between On/Off feature through a toggle switch.

  • Separate power supplying jack, output jack to connect extension and recording jack

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Drum Microphone

Five piece drum microphone kit including One Kick drum Microphone and 2 Snare/Tom Drum Microphones and 2 Overhead Microphones/Hi-Hat/Cymbal Microphones

Holder with Universal Tapping for balanced and adjustable effect responses from the microphone placement.

1.Kick Microphone

Around the beater head (inside drum) for maximum, balanced or soft bass effect.

Around the speaker cone for emphasized, high-frequency and full, balanced sound

2.Snare/tom Microphones

Above the rim of drum head for crispy and punchy sound output

Above the top of drum head for full, balanced sound output.

Above the drum head for natural sound output.

3.Overhead/Hi-Hat/Cymbal Microphones with guitar

From the sound hole for maximum bass effect

From the bridge for warm and mellow sound output

Above the side, over the bridge for natural, well balanced output

4.Overhead/Hi-Hat/Cymbal Microphones with Drums

Few inches over the edge for natural Hi-Hat sound output

Above drummers head for natural overhead sound output

1 Kick Drum for extremely solid low frequency response

2 Drum-rim Microphone Mounts to easily fix the snare microphones with Locking Screws

2 Overhead Mics with Stand Clamps for easy arrangement of microphones

Kick & Snare Drum Microphones made of Fresh ABS plastic with ferrite magnet in cartridge in metal bawl

Foam cover for dust-proofing of Overhead Microphones

Overhead Microphones can be used as guitar microphone

A durable lockable carry case with interiors covered with die-cut foam compartments

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Headset Microphones

  • Input Voltage Range DC 3.5V-5.5V
  • Maximum Current ≥40mA
  • Battery Type Lithium battery
  • Charging Time <4 hour
  • Continuous Working Time ≥8 hour
  • Frequency Band 2400-2483MHz
  • Modulation Method GFSK
  • RF Transmission Power 10dBm
  • Transmission Distance 40m (in open)
  • RX Sensitivity -88dBm
  • Sampling Frequency 16KS/s
  • S/N Ratio ≥65dB (F=1kHz, P=1Pa A curve)
  • Operating Temperature 0°C~40°C

  • Brand:5CORE Electronics

  • Product Code:5C-WHM-01

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Interview Microphone

  • Frequency Response 50 Hz-16 KHz
  • Directivity Uni-directional
  • Output Impedance 2k + -2% unbalance
  • Sensitivity 10-20mV (shot gun) 70-90mV (long)
  • S/N >72dB
  • Cartridge Type Electret Condenser
  • Wire Length 4.5 X 8m
  • Pick-up Distance 20cm-30cm



    Stylish, rugged, and fine-looking 5COREunidirectional interview microphone is ideal to use at press conferences as well as seminars. This high-quality, easy to pack and carry renders great satisfaction and high-end results and good compatibility while connecting to amplifiers.


    • Premium quality metal-bodied interview microphone with a metal switch

    • Clip with Microphone with brass tapping

    • 3.5mm to P38 Connector to attach camera for proper mounting of the Microphone

    • Unidirectional Microphone with a pick-up range of 20cm-30cm

    • Runs on AA-sized battery

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  • Color Golden
  • Pickup Dynamic
  • Frequency 76KHz~108KHz
  • Sensitivity 10mW
  • Power output 126dB 1Khz THD<1%
  • Power supply DC 5V
  • Battery 800mA Li-battery (charge 2hours, play 3hours)
  • Supporting Smartphone, MID, PC
  • Material Aluminium alloy
  • Dimensions (195x50)mm (160x30)mm

With neodymium magnet cartridge

Wireless reception from main output device

Wire connectivity between two mics

1. Recording cable
2. Earphone
3. USB 5V charge cable
4. 3.5 audio cable
5. Portable twins case
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Meeting Microphone

  • Type Desktop microphone
  • Mic. Directivity Ultra-Cardioid
  • Mic. Sensitivity (-35±1) dB
  • Capsule Type Condenser ¤9.7mm
  • Sound Receiving Distance 20-60 cm
  • Freq. Resp 100Hz to 15, 000Hz
  • Power Supply DC 1.5V or 48V phantom power
  • Type of Output balance
  • Goose Length 45.72 mm (18 inches)


  • High Performance Miniature Condenser Gooseneck Microphone with a Functional Desktop Base

  • Foam Cover for spit and dust proofing of the Microphone

  • High Output Electret Condenser Microphone Cartridge for best speech response.

  • 6.5m low noise coaxial cable to attach Microphone with the Amplifier

  • Base Unit with Power ON/OFF switch

  • 4 inch to 5 inch reception from mouth


  • Additional Mute Button is provided on the Base Unit for user convenience.

  • Made with fresh ABS plastic with texture powder coating

  • LED Ring on Microphone to indicate Mute/ Unmute of Mic

  • We have the largest range of Meeting Microphones

  • 3-pin professional universally-matched connector

  • Premium quality Lithium Battery is included in the accessories .

  • Heavy weight housing with anti-skid feet ensures stability on Podium or similar surfaces for speech usage.

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  • Directional character Full point
  • Frequency response 50hz-12KHz
  • Sensitivity -38db±3db (0db=1v/pa at 1KHz)
  • Output impedance 200Ω±30%(at 1KHz)

Compact and tactfully designed, the table embedded boundary layer microphone Cylindrical fits any style of interior and can be easily installed into surfaces such as tables and adds perfection to the conferencing. Rugged housing, premium built renders the best speech intelligibility.


Light weight and easy to install

Designed for surface mount applications such as high-quality sound reinforcement, professional recording & teleconferencing

Low-profile element provides uniform cardioid polar pattern

Mounts unobtrusively in table top, ceilings and wall panels

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Condenser Type Rugged Microphone

  • Directivity Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response 30Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity -43dB(7.0mV)
  • Output Impedance 200Ω
  • Maximum Sound Pressure 138dB, 1KHz
  • Dynamic Range 111dB, 1KHz at max SPL
  • Noise Ratio 67dB, 1 KHz at PA
  • Power Phantom + DC 48 V
  • Output Connector

  • Highly-sensitive, wide range pick up

  • Condenser Type Rugged Microphone

  • High fidelity and stable performance

  • Pick up range: 80

  • 10m Balanced Line Cable

  • Elegant design for minimum visibility

  • Rugged Design & Construction

  • Wide range condenser element for excellent performance

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5COREpresents premium-quality, durable, reliable Recording Microphone with clear and crisp sound recording feature that enables high-end users experience.

  • Heavy Duty Metal Powder Coated

  • Super Fine Quality Cartridge purposely designed for Recording Feature

  • Acoustically Designed for recording Purpose

  • Phantom(48V) operated microphone

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5C PM 888 Wired Microphone

  • Sensitivity 2 mv/pa
  • Frequency Response 50-16000 Hz
  • Impedance 300Ω

5COREpresents 5C PM 888 Wired Microphone in Plastic Series with fascinating features and specifications that render great satisfaction to customers. Integrated with technology, 5COREMicrophones in Plastic Series formed of heavy-duty ferrite magnet within a Plastic/Metal Bawl gives exemplary sound output. Plastic Microphones render impressive Microphone to mouth reception.


  • Good reception of the Microphone

  • 4.5m coaxial shielded low noise cable

  • Metal/Plastic bawl with thick foam for shock/dust proofing cartridge.

  • 3-pin professional connector universally matched.

  • Best quality grade 1 plastic granules for professional look


  • High-quality ferrite magnet in cartridge

  • Best Quality PP Plastic with Powder Coating/Paint for Professional look

  • We have the largest range of Wired Microphones

  • Easily compatible with all PA System

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  • Element Moving Coil Dynamic
  • Directivity Uni-directional
  • Frequency Response 50Hz-15KHz
  • Sensitivity -49dB+-3dB
  • Output Impedence 600 ohm +-15%
  • Catridge Details NDFEB magnet


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  • Sensitivity 2 mv/pa
  • Frequency Response 50-16000 Hz
  • Impedance 300Ω

5COREintroduces Metal Microphone - MM 260 along witha large variety of metal wired microphones rendering high-end user gratification with its intriguing features and fine appearance.


  • Premium-quality ferrite magnet in cartridge

  • Good reception of the Microphone

  • 4.5m coaxial, shielded low noise cable

  • Metal with thick foam for shock/dust proofing cartridge

  • Universally-matched 3-pin professional connector


  • Best quality Metal paint for the finest look

  • We have largest range of Wired Microphones

  • Easily compatible with all PA System

  • Perfect molded body for handling the Microphone effortlessly

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Wireless Microphone

  • Frequency Range VHF210-270MHz, Quartz Frequency Lock                                       
  • Power 9V for mic, AC 220V for receiver
  • No. of Microphone Two Wireless Handheld Microphones        
  • Frequency Stability ±0.05%                     
  • Modulation Deviation 50KHz                 
  • Audio Frequency Response 40Hz-15KHz   
  • S/N Ratio >90dB T.H.D: 0.5%(1KHz)
  • Audio Output 0-0.5V
  • System Distortion ≤1.0%                                                       
  • Operating Range 30-50 m                                                  
  • Operating Temperature Range radius-10~+55°C
  • Scope of application Concert, KTV, school, hall, family, party
  • Range from the receiver 25m-30m(Radius)
  • Mouth to Microphone reception 3” to 4”

Wireless Microphone - Mic 300 (ND)

Special electronic circuitry for minimal noise distortion

Compact electronic transmitter & receiver circuit for good frequency transmission

Mouth to Mic reception 3-inch to 4-inch

Specially designed receiver compatible with high-quality pure quartz crystal

Easy installation & low power consumption

12-volt adapter to power the receiver

P38 Connector to attach receiver with amplifier

On/Off/Mute function for easy handling of Microphones

9-volt Lithium batteries operated, Unidirectional Microphones, VHF compatible for appropriate professional work, 20m 25m range from the receiver

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  • Frequency Range VHF100MHz
  • No. of Microphone One Collar Microphone
  • Frequency Response 40Hz-15KHz
  • Receiver Rated Power 4W
  • RF Sensitivity 38dBu
  • RF Power 8.5mW
  • RF Mode FM
  • Deviation Mode ±25KHz
  • Power AA1.5V

  • Special electronic circuitry for minimal noise distortion

  • Compact electronic transmitter & receiver circuit for good frequency transmission

  • Individual antennas for the VHF microphones to enhance their receiver to transmitter range.

  • Separate volume controls for both the VHF microphones

  • Mouth to Mic reception 3-inch to 4-inch

  • Specially designed receiver compatible with high-quality pure quartz crystal

  • Easy installation & low power consumption

  • P38-P38 cable to attach receiver with amplifier

  • On/Off/Mute function for easy handling of Microphones

  • 9-volt Lithium batteries operated, Unidirectional Microphones, VHF compatible for appropriate professional work

  • Premium quality Metal bawl for professional look

  • High-output neodymium magnet in cartridge module

  • We have the largest range of wireless microphones

  • Heavy-weight housing with anti-skid feet ensures stability

  • Acoustically designed to match with 5CORE Mixers, Amplier and speakers.

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  • Frequency Range 50Hz-15KHz ±3dB
  • Frequency UHF 650~770 MHz
  • Frequency deviation ±25 KHz
  • Work temperature range 10ºC-50ºC
  • Private model with LCD Built in 18500
  • 1600 mah battery detachable & replaceable battery Frequency receiver distance
  • 50M Number of channels

  • UHF Wireless Microphone

  • Ulta-long Standby 72 Hours

  • Legendary quality and Reliability

  • Excellent voice and unique design

  • Hassle-Free Wireless Microphone System with Simple Plug-and-Play Operation

  • Wireless Receiver -Direct connection to Amplified Speaker Systems

1. 2 Pcs. Li-battery
2. 1 Pc. Charging cable
3. 1 Pc. Receiver
4. 1 Pc. Slip Ring
5. 1 Pc. Manual
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