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Organic Fertilizer

Our product range comtains a wide range of and cow dung cakes

Cow Dung Cakes

  • Shape Round
  • Organic Type Organic
  • Color Dhenu Kripa., Light Brown
  • Moisture 5%
  • Purity 99%
  • Usage Used in traditional Indian households for Hawan kund, yagnas, ceremonies, rituals

Indian holy cow dung cakes importance Indian cow dung are considered pious and have specific place in worship and many ritual ceremonies. In Mahabharata it is said, “Of all 8.4 million species of living entities, only cow is such entity whose dung is pure and which purifies every kind of impurities” . Goddess lakshmi is the presiding deity of cow dung. She is the embodiment of wealth, prosperity and marital happiness.   Cow dung is used during the festival of Naagpanchami, onam, gudi parva and govardhan pooja festivals to invite the auspicious energies of goddess laxmi in one’s life. Havan and Yagna Cow dung is used to burn fire in havan and yagna. In this form worship, cow plays a central role and some scientific finding proves that burning cow dung in fires tends to purify air; it also acts as anti-pollutant and has anti-radiation qualities that benefits environment. That is the reason our ancestors had the cow and its product placed at the helms of every celebration and observation. However, one doesn’t get all this benefits in foreign breed of cow. And cow dung cake that is available in market mostly belongs to foreign breed cow. As Insect Repellent and Disinfectant  Cow dung is antiseptic. Cow dung and cow urine possess complex degrading substances and may possess antibacterial properties. Cow dung is used in field as fertilizer of plants. It also helps to produce biogas which helps in cooking and also used to generate electricity. In village, house’s are made of cow dung mix with sand. Its act as radiation absorber. In Smartphone also chip of cow dung is available which act as radiation absorber.    Ayurveda describes cow dung as germicidal, nourishing, giving brightness to body, as a moisturizer and destroyer of bad smell.

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