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Irrigation Hand Pump

Irrigation Hand Pump

Features :

  • Recommended maximum suction depth of 5mtr well or water source.
  • Recommended maximum delivery height of water 15mtr. (Can work for upto 5 mtr.depth and 15mtr. height but with difficulty)
  • Transport water upto 300mtrs.
  • Weighs just about 1kg and can be ported to any place by any person.
  • No electricity requirement, works on hand power by any person.
  • 100% plastic pump, hence very smooth in operation, less wear, less maintenance and long-life.
  • Directly runs drip and sprinkler kits to irrigate small agriculture plots.
  • This hand pump can be used for agriculture for irrigation and for domestic household purpose to fill water in overhead /loft tanks.
  • A standard hand pump comes with a 1” suction spiral pipe, 1” LLDP delivery pipe, special foot valve, hose clamp and a backpack bag for convenience.


Application : Hand pump is a boon to marginal farmers. Basically used by farmers to lift and fill water in overhead tanks, irrigate their plots, suction from wells and transport water to a distant storage. It works towards the upliftment of smallholder marginal farmers.

  • Can easily irrigate upto area by drip/sprinkler irrigation.
  • Can be used in dry or electricity-less areas.
  • Can be used in case of emergency to pump water.
  • All micro irrigation kits require water to be stored at height of 3mtrs for the gravity flow of the water in the pipes and outlets. This water has to be manually lifted into the tank; the easiest way to fill the tank is by the use of the treadle pump.

  • Weight : 1 kg
  • Material : Plastic
  • Delivers upto : 2000litres/hr. Nominal discharge 1200litres/hr

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