Discover Right & Verified Suppliers

How do I find the right suppliers on ExportersIndia.Com?

ExportersIndia.Com has over 16 lakhs+ suppliers listed in its database. To find the right supplier, you can look for the V-Trust stamp or the verification status of the supplier.

What do you mean by V-Trust Stamp?

V-Trust is a trust stamp issued by ExportersIndia.Com to its members whose business details and documents have been verified by our team. It is based upon the verified record of certified documents pertaining to the proof of existence, legal status, statutory approvals, affiliations and quality certifications. This stamp/certificate helps in finding the right supplier or seller.

What are the details mentioned in a V-Trust Stamp?

V-Trust is a stamp of trust that shows the legitimacy of any seller. Various details like the company name, address, numbers, date of establishment, business type, GST number, legal status of the business, registration authority, etc., are mentioned in the V-Trust certificate issued by ExportersIndia.Com.

Why should I trust the sellers with V-Trust Stamp?

Only those sellers who have taken the ‘Star’ or the ‘Global’ membership package get the V-Trust Stamp. Moreover, all the details of the sellers with the V-Trust stamp have been verified by the team of ExportersIndia.Com.