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Popular Candles Products

  • Love And Light Scented Travel Tin Candle

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    • Is It Handmade : Yes
    • Packaging Type : Tin
    • Shape : Round
    • Material : Paraffin Wax
    • Type : Scented Candles
    • Speciality : Smokeless, Stylish Design

    Also Deals In : Energy Aromatherapy Glass Jar Candle, Stress Relief Aromatherapy Glass Jar Candle, Sleep Aromatherapy Glass Jar Candle, Positivity Aromatherapy Glass Jar Candle, Balance and Harmony Scented Travel Tin Candle, Love and Light Scented Travel Tin Candle, Peace and Serenity Scented Travel Tin Candle, Strength and Confidence Scented Travel Tin Candle, Reflection and Clarity Scented Travel Tin Candle, Strength and Confidence Gilded Glass Candle, Balance and Harmony Gilded Glass Candle

    ARM Enterprises

    Malad West,Mumbai

  • Scented Candles

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    • Candle Height : 0-15cm
    • Material : Paraffin Wax
    • Shape : Round
    • Candle Thickness : 10-20mm
    • Speciality : Smokeless, Moisture Resistance
    • Finishing : Glossy

    Flora Exim


  • Corporate Candles

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    • Material : Paraffin Wax
    • Burning Time : 2-5 Hrs
    • Usage : Lighting, Party, Decoration
    • Appearance : Modern
    • Shape : Pillar
    • Technics : Handmade

    Positive Angle


  • Saffron Scented Candles

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    • Shape : Round
    • Finishing : Glossy
    • Material : Paraffin Wax
    • Technics : Handmade
    • Color : Multicolor
    • Appearance : Aesthetic

    Also Deals In : gel wax candles, Paraffin Wax Candles, Small Floating Candles, Floral Scented Candles, Tulsi Scented Candles, Saffron Scented Candles, Marigold Scented Candles, Lily Scented Candles, Green Tea Scented Candles, Chocolate Scented Candles, Cinnamon Scented Candle, Mogra Scented Candles, Lime Scented Candles, Musk Scented Candles, Citronella Scented Candles, lavender scented candles, Jasmine Scented Candles, Rose Scented Candles, Aromatherapy Candles, Handmade Candles

    Light Up

    Tirunelveli Town,Tirunelveli

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  • Bowl Candles

    Price : Rs 144 / Pair (Approx)

    • MOQ : 30 Piece(s)
    • Speciality : Smokeless, Attractive Pattern, Smooth Texture
    • Pattern : Plain
    • Diffuser : No
    • Burning Time : 10-12 Hrs
    • Candle Thickness : 40-50mm

    Also Deals In : jelly candles, Gel Candles, Soy and Gel Wax Candle, Bowl Candles, Tea Light Candles, Paraffin Wax Candles, Votive Candles, beeswax candles, perfumed candles, fragrant candles, Jasmine Scented Candles, Aqua Scented Candles, Cinnamon Scented Candles, Eucalyptus Scented Candles, Grapefruit Scented Candles, lavender scented candles, Lemon Scented Candles, Lemongrass Scented Candles, Mogra Scented Candles, Orange Scented Candles, Peppermint Scented Candles, Rose Scented Candles, scented votive candles, Vanilla Scented Candles

    Shreem Candles


  • Prayer Candles 3.0-30-l

    Price : Rs 18 / Pack (Approx)

    • Type : Prayer Candles
    • Shape : Cylindrical
    • Usage : Party, Lighting, Decoration
    • Speciality : Smokeless
    • Packaging Type : Packet
    • Supply Type : Manufacturer

    Also Deals In : Plain Candles 2.2-15-L, Plain Candles 2.8-10-RST, Plain Candles 3.0-10-R, Plain Candles 4.4-06-RST, Plain Candles 4.6-06-L, Plain Candles 6.0-08-L, Aroma Jar Candles, Tea Light Candle Scented, Glass Diya Candles, Murphy Jar Candle, Salsa Jar Candles, Scented Pillar Aroma Candles, Scented Votive (B) Pack of 2 Candles, Scented Votive Pack of 6 Candles, Square Shot Glass Candles, Glass Pot Candles, Long Party Candle, Long Party Candle Bulk, 2 Color Birthday Spiral Candle, Birthday Number Candles, 2 Color Birthday Spiral Candle Bulk, Bandhani Bowl Candle, Crackle Jar Candle, Two Tone Jar Candles, Pillar Candles 2 Inch, Pillar Candles 3 Inch, Pillar Candles Scented, Spiral Candle - 007, Spiral Candle - 727, Spiral Candle - 737, Tea Light Candle Floral, Tea Light Candle Heart, Tea Light Candle R, Tea Light Candle 9-25 Color, Tea Light Candle 9-100, Tea Light Candle 10-10, Tea Light Candle 10-25, Tea Light Candle 10-50, Tea Light Candle 10-100, Tea Light Candle 12-100, Tea Light Candle 23-25, Tea Light Candle 50-12, Water Floating Candle Oval (B), Water Floating Candle Oval (M), Water Floating Candle Oval (S), Water Floating Candle Rose Flower (B), Water Floating Candle Sunflower (S), Shot Glass Round (B) Candles, Shot Glass Round (S) Candles, Textured Votive Candles, Water Floating Candle Sunflower (B)

    Nanki Trades

    Masjid Bunder,Mumbai

  • Perfumed Candles

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    • Shape : Cylindrical
    • Material : Paraffin Wax
    • Technics : Machine Made,Handmade
    • Finishing : Polished
    • Height : 15-30cm
    • Fragrance : Fragrant

    Also Deals In : Wax Candles, perfumed candles, PROSPERRO LUMO Paraffin Wax Candles, Set Of 50, Unscented, MINISO Wax Candle, Pack of 1, Apple, Pure Source India Wax Jar Candle, Pack of 3, Rose;Jasmine;Lavender, hosley caribbean breeze highly fragranced jar candle

    GahneMall Internet LLP

    Gaur City 2,Greater Noida

  • Lavender Cookie Jar Candle (soy Wax)

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    • MOQ : 100 Piece(s)
    • Supply Type : Manufacturer
    • Burning Time : 19 Hours
    • Is It Handmade : Yes
    • Shape : Cylindrical
    • Aroma : Lavender

    Also Deals In : Tea Rose Crystal Jar Candle (Soy Wax) With Hibiscus Petals, Royal Rose Crystal Jar Candle (Soy Wax), Crystal Jar Lavender Aroma Dream Candle (Soy Wax), Bell Jar Soy Aroma Candle, Lavender Aroma Radiance Candle (Added Natural Buds), Elite Rime Lavender Candle (Soy Wax) Premium, Elite Rime Coffee Aroma Candle-Infused (Coffee Beans), Bitter Orange & Cinnamon Jar Candle (Soy Wax) Premium, Sandalwood Jar Candle (Soy Wax) Premium, Unscented Decorative Double Wax Candle (Soy & Gel Wax), Spearmint Aroma Jar Candle (Soy Wax) Premium, Royal Rose Jar Candle (Soy Wax) Premium, Orchid Aroma Jar Candle (Soy Wax) Premium, Divine Lotus Jar Candle (Soy Wax) Premium, Lemon Honey Jar Candle (Soy Wax) Premium, Citronella Jar Candle (Soy Wax) Premium, Tea Rose Jar Candle infused (Rose Petals) Premium, Tea Rose Jar Candle (Soy Wax) Premium, Cocoa Butter Jar Candle (Soy Wax), Jasmine Jar Candle (Soy Wax), Coffee Jar Candle infused ( Coffee beans), Green Apple Jar Candle ( Soy Wax), Romantic Pillar Candle In Soy Wax (Set of 3), Red And White Small Pillar Candles In Soy Wax (Set Of 4), Trinity Candles In Soy Wax (Set of 3), Blue Beach Gel Candle In A Jar, Gel Candle With Shell & Blue Flower In A Jar, Beach Layer Gel Candle In A Jar With Shells & Chip Stones, Burnish Blue Soy Wax Candle In a Medium Bowl, Burnish Grey Small Soy Wax Candle In a Bowl (Set Of 2), Simple Encrust Bowl Soy Wax Candle (Double Wick), Encrust Soy Wax Candle In A Stylish Bowl (Double Wick), Burnish Blue Soy Wax Candle In a Bowl (Double Wick), Burnish Grey Soy Wax Candle In a Bowl (Double Wick), Lavender Cookie Jar Candle (Soy Wax), Sandalwood Cookie Jar Candle (Soy Wax), Double Scented Cookie Jar Candle Jasmine & Green Apple (Soy Wax), Tea Rose Cookie Jar Candle (Soy Wax), Spearmint Cookie Jar Candle (Soy Wax), Jasmine Cookie Jar Candle (Soy Wax), Lemon Honey Cookie Jar Candle (Soy Wax), Citronella Cookie Jar Candle (Soy Wax)


    Uttam Nagar,Delhi

  • Votive Candles

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    • Packaging Type : Packet
    • Candle Weight : 100gm
    • Supply Type : Manufacturer
    • Usage : Party, Lighting
    • Pattern : Plain
    • Material : Beeswax

    Also Deals In : Anniversary and Wedding Candle Couple, Anniversary & Wedding Candles, Birthday Candles, Christmas Candles, Floating Candles, Multicolor Scented Candles, Pillar Candles, Plam Wax Candles, Spiral Candles, Tea Light Candles, Votive Candles, Flower Candles, ball candles, bamboo candles, beeswax candles, Bowl Candles, carved candles, Church Candles, Coffee Candles, Container Candles, cube candles, dinner candles, Flameless Candles, Fragrance Candles, fruit candles, garden candles, Gel Candles, Glass Candles, Glitter Candles, Glowing Candles, Handmade Candles, heart candles, Hurricane Candles, Ice Candles, jelly candles, musical candles, outdoor candles, Paraffin Wax Candles, printed candles, Roman Candles, Smokeless Candles, soy wax candles, Square Candles, Taper Candles, Terracotta Candles, Tin Candles, travel candles

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  • Scented Tea Light Candles

    Price : Rs 151 - Rs 199 / 50 pieces box

    • Color : Available In Many Colors
    • Material : Glass, Paraffin Wax
    • Application : Decoration
    • Pattern : Plain
    • Finishing : Polished
    • Shape : Round

    Also Deals In : scented tea light candles, Unscented Tea Light Candles, scented jar candles, Unscented Jar Candles, Essential Oil and Wax Tea Light Candles

    Hansraj Home Décor


  • Lawsonia Candle Set

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    • Pattern : Printed
    • Application : Gifting
    • Feature : Fine Polishing, Good Quality Stylish
    • Material : lawsonia
    • Finishing : Polished
    • Type : Candle Set

    Also Deals In : Aroma jars, Pillar candles or designer pillar candles, Floating Candles, Rose Ball Shaped Candles, Container Candles, Votive Candles, Tealight Candles, Taper Candles, hurricane candle, Handmade Candles, Glass Candles, Gel Candles, Floating Candles, Glitter Candles, Decorative Candles, Rose Scented Candle, Jasmine Scented Candle, Lavender Scented Candle, Citronella Scented Candle, Musk Scented Candle, Lime Scented Candle, Mogra Scented Candle, Jar Candles, Pillar Candles, Vanilla Scented Candle, Chameli Scented Candle, Chocolate Scented Candle, Cinnamon Scented Candle, Citrus Scented Candle, Green Tea Scented Candle, Lily Scented Candle, Marigold Scented Candle, Saffron Scented Candle, Tulsi Scented Candles, Lawsonia Candle Set

    Creative Handmade Candles


  • L.o.f Lords Of Fashion Smokeless Home Dcor Round Shaped Long Burning T-light Candles (pack Of 100)

    Price : Rs 208 - Rs 240 / Sets

    • MOQ : 10 Set
    • Shape : Round
    • Pattern : Printed
    • Item Part Number : ‎LOF-DW20-T-Light-P100
    • Appearance : Unique
    • Usage : Party, Lighting, Decoration, Birthday, Home Usages

    Also Deals In : 12 Pcs DS051314 LOF Handmade Decorative Designer Candles Set, 16 Pcs Diwali decoration LOF Handmade Decorative Designer Candles Set, Decorative Long Tea Light Candle, Aroma diffuser Lemon Grass Fragrant Candles set, Lavender Fragranced Premium Set of 3 Candles with Aroma Diffuser Set, Aroma Diffuzer with Rose Fragranced Premium 3 Candles, Tea Light Candle, handmade candle, Lotus Shaped Designer Wax Floater candles, Round Hand Crafted Home Decor Candle (Zari Pillar Candles) Pack of 2 Set, Smokeless Round Vertical Lined Assorted Candle, smokeless home dcor round shaped long burning t-light candles, home decor bakery fresh bottled ripe raspberry scented candles, L.O.F Lords of Fashion Set of 6 Multicolor Wax Candle (Pack of 2)

    Vee Ess Sales Pvt. Ltd.


  • Ring Tea Light Candle

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    • Application : Decoration
    • Technic : Machine Made
    • Appearance : Stylish
    • Material : Glass, Wax
    • Finishing : Polished
    • Type : Designer

    Also Deals In : Designer Tea Light Candle, Flower Tea Light Candle, Gota Tea Light Candle, Moti Tea Light Candle, Rangoli Tea Light Candle, Ring Tea Light Candle

    Rathi Wood House

    Laxminarayan Pura,Jaipur

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  • Home Decor Candles

    Price : Rs 899 / Piece (Approx)

    • MOQ : 1 Piece
    • Type : Art Candle
    • Appearance : Modern
    • Material : Beeswax
    • Shape : Pillar
    • Pattern : Plain

    Also Deals In : Aroma Scented Candles, Aromatherapy Candles, Home Decor Candles, Deep Rose Art Glass Candles, Rose Baccara Art Glass Candles, Natural Wax Art Glass Candles, Passion Fruit Rustic Spa Candles

    Leaf Enterprise

    Rajendra Place,Delhi

  • Jar Candles

    Price : Rs 200 / Piece (Approx)

    • Packaging Size : 6 jars per pack
    • Packaging Type : Jar
    • Feature : Scented and smokeless
    • Appearance : Aesthetic
    • Shape : Round
    • Speciality : Smokeless, Fine Finished, Attractive Pattern

    Also Deals In : Jar Candles, Tin Candles

    Tirupati Traders

    Vijay Nagar,Jabalpur

  • Handmade Brass T-light

    Price : Rs 75 / Piece (Approx)

    • MOQ : 100 Piece(s)
    • Size : 2 Inch
    • Base Material : Brass
    • Color : Gold | Silver
    • Supply Type : Manufacturer
    • Packaging Type : Standard

    Nien Creations

    Laxmi Nagar,Delhi

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