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Types of College Bags for Girls
There are different types of college bags available in the market that girls can carry to the college to make a great style statement. The top options are:
  • Bucket Bag: Bucket Bags are one of the trendiest bags in the market right now. These bags are sturdy, spacious, and add chic-look when carried with any casual outfit. They look like a bucket and have a sling strap. 
  • Tote Bag: Tote bags never go out of style for all the college going girls. These bags are medium to large-sized and can easily carry all those heavy books and notes. Being large in size, these bags have a lot of space and can fit in all the essentials of a college girl. 
  • Sling Bag: Sling bags are comparatively smaller in size but look stylish when carried with casual jeans and tees. They come with adjustable straps and have just enough space for carrying few books, notes and other essentials
  • Backpack: Backpacks are ideal bags for those girls who have to carry big books, notebooks, and many other essential things to college every day. Gone are the old-school backpacks and new stylish backpacks have taken their place. You can choose from flowery prints to embellished leather to look like a style diva. 
  • Shoulder Bag: Shoulder bags are basically a smaller version of the sling bags or rather a clutch with a sling. They cannot be used to carry books or registers but small notepads can be carried in them. They are great for college outings or parties. Shoulder bags with metallic chains are the best for a trendier look. 
  • Crossbody Bag: Crossbody bags are very much similar to the sling or shoulder bags but the bag size and style makes them stand out. The crossbody bags are bigger than shoulder bags but smaller than slings. They can carry a book or two along with other college essentials. They are carried across the body and are ideal for fewer classes or friends’ outings. 
  • Drawstring Bag: Another option for all the college going girls is the drawstring bag. Although earlier these bags were plain and simple with a rope pulling them together, now they have taken a trendy turn. These backpacks are now available in different styles and can be paired with casual dresses or denims, jeggings to create a style statement.
Types of College Bags for Boys
When it comes to college bags, many boys feel that they do not have as many options as the girls do. But that’s not true. Here are some of the different types of college bags that boys can carry for a cool look. 
  • Backpacks: The most common type of bag carried by college boys is the sturdy backpack. These old-school backpacks have evolved and now come with different compartments for carrying gadgets like laptops etc. They are very spacious and can carry all the books, notes, etc., in an organized manner. Backpacks come in different color, material and size to suit the style and needs of the boys. 
  • Leather Slings: Leather sling bags are another type of bags that can majorly be seen in the hands of the college boys doing professional courses. These bags are carried on the shoulder or across the chest and have enough space to carry college books and notes. Being made from leather, these bags look very stylish and trendy. 
  • Satchel: Satchels are sturdy side bags that come with an adjustable strap. They have different compartments for carrying the books, notes and other stationery items in an organized manner. A leather satchel is a great pick for creating a style statement. 
  • Newsboy Bags: Not many are aware of the newsboy bags but they can be the best fit for the college-going boys. These bags are like messenger bags or slings but with a very casual look. The newsboy bags were initially used by newspaper boys for carrying newspapers but over the years, they have become a style statement to complement a casual college look. 
  • Men Tote Bags: Tote slings are ideal for the boys who want to give a modern and casual twist to the formal and professional briefcases. They are slimmer and rectangular bags but are quite spacious to carry your books, notebooks, and other stationery items. 
  • Messenger Bags: Messenger bags are large bags that very popular among boys. These bags are ideal for carrying heavy books and notebooks to college. Boys can pair these bags with their casual college clothes to stand out from the crowd.
Things to Consider When Buying a College Bag
College bags are used on a daily basis and are required to carry a lot of books and other stationery items. To ensure that these college bags last a long time even after all the rough use at college, it is important to consider some things while buying them. 
  • Material: Material of the college bag is the first thing that one should consider before making a purchase. The material would decide the durability, weight and the look of the bag as well. Choose between fabrics like synthetic, leather, cotton, and canvas depending on the features like water resistance, tear resistance, lightweight, price etc. 
  • Size: The size of the bag is another thing to consider before purchasing a college bag. The size also affects the volume the bag can carry. So, depending on the type of things you have to carry, choose a size that best fits your requirement. As you have to carry different sizes of books, make sure that the size of the bag can easily fit any type of book or notebook inside
  • Style: The style is another important consideration while buying a college bag. Whether you want a side sling, crossbody bag, backpack or handheld bag, the choice should be made according to the style you want. The bag should also match the personality of the college student who will carry the bag. 
  • Price: No matter what we say, the price of the college bag is an important consideration. As you are buying a bag for college going purpose, it is important to buy something that is not too expensive. Trends change and in order to stay on top of the style quotient, it is important to buy a not-so-expensive bag. But do not go for a very cheap bag as well. It should be moderately priced to ensure that it is durable yet not very heavy on the pocket.
  • Compartments & Pockets: The compartments and pockets in the college bag is another thing to consider when making a purchase. Depending on the type of items you have to carry to college, you should choose a bag that can easily carry every book, notebook, and other stationery essential in an organized manner. 
  • Weight: As the college bag is to be carried to college every day, it is important to consider the weight of the college bag before buying one. The college bag should not be too heavy that it makes the shoulders pain because of continuously carrying them throughout the day. 
  • Type of Straps: The type of straps you require should also be considered while buying a college bag. It could be a single strap bag for side holding, or a double strap backpack. You can also choose cross body straps, waist strap etc. The straps should be broad to distribute the weight evenly on a larger area to reduce the pressure. 
  • Padding: When buying a backpack for college, it is important to consider the padding on the back of the bag as well as on the strap for comfort. Even if you are buying a bag that would be carried on one shoulder, make sure the straps have adequate padding to reduce the straps from hurting the shoulders
  • Current Fashion Trend: College life is all about staying trendy and making style statements. When choosing a college bag, it is important to keep the current fashion trend in consideration to took trendy and stylish. But don’t blindly follow the trends, analyze your personality and create you’re your style as per the latest trend to stand out of the crowd.
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