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Popular Electronic Test Instruments Products

  • Vinsyst Technologies Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

    Vinsyst Technologies Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

    1.10 Lac /Set


  • electrical resistance tester

    electrical resistance tester

    500 /Piece

    Culture Instruments India LLP

  • industrial energy meter

    industrial energy meter

    7.50 k /Piece

    Adlite Electricals

  • Black Conductivity Meter

    Black Conductivity Meter

    7.50 k /Piece

    Biocoction Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

  • Flow Meters Aluminum Available in Many Colors Magnetic Flow Meter

    Flow Meters Aluminum Available in Many Colors Magnetic Flow Meter

    50 k - 1.50 Lac /Piece

    Sadhika Engineering Works

  • earth resistance clamp testers

    earth resistance clamp testers

    2.50 k - 5 k /Piece

    Shyam Instruments and Calibration Services

  • Alloy Steel Brass Silver Magnetic Level Indicator

    Alloy Steel Brass Silver Magnetic Level Indicator

    10 k - 15 k /Piece

    J. K. Instruments Co.

  • earth contact resistance tester

    earth contact resistance tester

    18.50 k /Piece

    Bharat instruments & Services

  • Grey Conductivity Meter

    Grey Conductivity Meter

    9.80 k /Piece

    Virtech Automation Engineers

  • Data Loggers vibrating wire data logger

    Data Loggers vibrating wire data logger

    85 k /Piece

    Systel Instrumentation Services Private Limited

  • Magnetic Level Indicators Magnetic Level Indicator

    Magnetic Level Indicators Magnetic Level Indicator

    15 k /Piece

    M/s. Level and Flow Control Engineers

    • Km-876 Ul Approved Digital Multimeter

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      • Storage temperature : - 25 to +70°C
      • Relative humidity : <75% non condensing
      • Operating temperature : -10 to +50°C
      • Supply Type : Supplier
      • Altitude : Up to 2000 m
      • Frequency : 45Hz

      Also Deals In : bluetooth multimeter, Multimeter, Hand-Held 200 A Micro-Ohmmeter, High Resolution Earth Tester, DET14C and DET24C Earth Resistance Clamp Testers, DET3TD Earth Electrode Resistance Tester, DET3TC 3 Terminal Earth Resistance Tester, 4-Terminal Earth Resistance And Soil Resistivity Tester, AVO210 Electrician's Multimeter, AVO410 Electrician's Multimeter, DCM340 Digital Clamp Meter, DCM310 and DCM320 Digital Clamp Meter, Earth Leakage Clampmeter, Battery Voltage Monitor, N30 Digital Panel Meter, N25 Digital panel Meter, NA3 Digital Meter with Bargraph, 4 digit Power Factor DPM (96x96), KM-876 UL Approved Digital Multimeter, KM-877 UL Approved Digital Multimeter, KM-878 UL Approved Digital Multimeter, KM-869 UL Approved Digital Multimeter, KM-859CF UL Approved Digital Multimeter, KM-857 UL Approved Digital Multimeter, KM-525 UL Approved Digital Multimeter, KM-711 UL Approved Digital Multimeter, KM-629 UL Approved Digital Multimeter, KM 405-MK-1 Professional Grade Digital Multimeter, KM-DMM-41 Professional Grade Digital Multimeter, KM-333 Professional Grade Digital Multimeter, KM-334 Professional Grade Digital Multimeter, KM-6030 Professional Grade Digital Multimeter, KM-6050 Professional Grade Digital Multimeter, KM-6060 Professional Grade Digital Multimeter, 801- L Industrial Grade Digital Multimeter, 207-MK-1(T) Industrial Grade Digital Multimeter, KM-603 Industrial Grade Digital Multimeter, KM-702 Industrial Grade Digital Multimeter, KM 2006 Digital Leakage Current Clamp Meter, KM-2007 Digital Leakage Current Clamp Meter, KM-2008 Digital Leakage Current Clamp Meter, KM-2008A Digital Leakage Current Clamp Meter, KM-860A Industrial Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-2700 Industrial Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-2781 Industrial Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-999 Industrial Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-9999 Professional Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-2775 Professional Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-071 Professional Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-2783 Professional Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-2783-T Professional Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-2009 Professional Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-2718 Professional Grade Digital Clamp Meter, KM-076 UL Approved Digital Clamp Meter, KM-088 UL Approved Digital Clamp Meter, KM-061 UL Approved Digital Clamp Meter, KM-111M UL Approved Digital Clamp Meter, KM-2772 UL Approved Digital Clamp Meter, KM-135 UL Approved Digital Clamp Meter, KM-2799 UL Approved Digital Clamp Meter, 1000A AC Digital Clamp Meter, 300A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter, 400A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter, 1000A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter, ALCT 66A Digital Clamp Meter, ALCT 606A Digital Clamp Meter, Max10 Digital Multimeter, 410 Digital Multimeter, 612 Digital Multimeter, 613 Digital Multimeter, 615 Digital Multimeter, 616 Digital Multimeter, Multi 12S Digital Multimeter, Multi 13S Digital Multimeter, Multi 14S Digital Multimeter, Multi 15S Digital Multimeter, Multi 16S Digital Multimeter, 101B+ Digital Multimeter, 108B+TRMS Digital Multimeter, 126B+TRMS Digital Multimeter, 603 Digital Multimeter, 9A06 Digital Multimeter, 801 Auto Digital Multimeter, 171B+TRMS Digital Multimeter, 666 TRMS Digital Multimeter, 450B+TRMS Digital Multimeter, 45CF Digital Multimeter, 81-USB Digital Multimeter, 153B+TRMS Digital Multimeter, 27-Auto Digital Clamp Meter, 27T-Auto Digital Clamp Meter, 72-Auto Digital Clamp Meter, 72T-Auto Digital Clamp Meter, 2502T-Auto Digital Clamp Meter, 3150 Digital Clamp Meter, 2520THz-Auto Digital Clamp Meter, 1008-TRMS Digital Clamp Meter, 2250-Hz Auto Digital Clamp Meter, 2727 Digital Clamp Meter, 3636 Digital Clamp Meter, 2003A+ Digital Clamp Meter, digital clamp on power meter, digital lcr meter, Digital Battery Tester, 101 Digital Multimeter, 106 Digital Multimeter, 15B+ Digital Multimeter, 115 Digital Multimeter, 323 Digital Clamp Meter, 324 Digital Clamp Meter, 325 Digital Clamp Meter, 353 Digital Clamp Meter, 233 Remote Display Multimeter, 117 True RMS Digital Multimeter, 175 Digital Multimeter, CRM-100A Contact Resistance Meter, PCRM-200S Contact Resistance Meter, LR-201 Contact Resistance Meter, LR2045-S Contact Resistance Meter, LR-2045 Contact Resistance Meter, LR-2065 Contact Resistance Meter, PCRM-100S Contact Resistance Meter, PCRM-100SM Contact Resistance Meter, DECT-2 Earth Tester, DECT-3 Earth Tester, DET-20 Digital Earth Tester, MET-10 Earth Tester, Transformer Winding Resistance Meter, True RMS Digital Multimeter, True RMS Clamp Multimeter, Multi 18S Digital Multimeter, 6012 BT Digital Multimeter, 6013 BT Digital Multimeter, 6015 BT Digital Multimeter, 6016 BT Digital Multimeter, 116 True RMS Clamp Meter, 324 True RMS Clamp Meter, 355 True RMS Clamp Meter, 374FC True RMS Clamp Meter, 376FC True RMS Clamp Meter, Digital Earth Resistance Tester, Power Guard, solar power meter, Digital Milli Ohms Meter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope

      Shyam Instruments and Calibration..

      Dandia Bazar,Vadodara

    • Temperature Compensators

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      • Speciality : Rust resistance
      • Feature : Long functional life
      • Application : Industrial
      • Performance : Optimum
      • Advantage : Easy to Operate
      • Efficiency : 66.00%

      We are regarded as one of the prominent Temperature Compensators Suppliers and Manufacturers in India. We manufacture Thermistor Temperature Compensators with the help of fine quality raw materials that guarantee their optimum quality. Our Electronic Temperature Compensators are more...

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    • Mm900 Micro Ohm Meter

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      • Meter Type : Micro
      • Weight : 16.9kg
      • Model : MM900
      • Connectors : 4mm Safety Socket
      • Output : 100/1200A

      In response to ever growing demands for safer and more accurate methods of testing circuit breakers, Weis has developed the self powered MM900 portable micro-ohm meter. It is used for measurement of resistance (μΩ) by injecting a heavy current through a breaker contact o more...


      Also Deals In : Micro Ohm Meter, Micro Ohm Meter, 10 AMP Micro-OHM Meter, winding resistance tester, digital micro ohm meter, MM100 Micro Ohm Meter, MM200 Micro OHM Meter, MM600 Micro OHM Meter, MM900 Micro OHM Meter

      Technology Products

      Udyog Vihar,Gurgaon

    • Digital Magnetic Flow Meter

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      • Brand Name : DMS
      • Display : Digital
      • Usage : Water

      In order to pace with the technology, we have developed a payment procedure that allows us to make safe and secure transactions. Also, our system is verified by authority. Packaging of products is what we equally focus on. Our industry experts follow all the quality parameters wh more...

      DMS Control System


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    • Contact Resistance Meter

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      • Maximum output voltage : 5v
      • Test current : 50 A or 100 A dc ( model for 100 A)50A/100A/150A/200A dc ( model for 200A)
      • Frequency : 50 hz
      • Resistance range : 1-39999.9µ/ 1-19999.9μ( 50 A/100A)
      • Power : AC 220V± 10%
      • Operating Temperature : -20oC- 40oC

      Also Deals In : Transformer Insulation Resistance Tester, Handheld Analog Insulation Resistance Tester, Contact Resistance Meter, Handheld Digital Insulation Resistance Tester, Transformer Winding Resistance Tester, Clamp Meter, clamp earth tester, Micro Ohm Meter, transformer resistance meter, Water Insulation Resistance Tester, Hand Held Gauss meter

    • Digital Clamp Meter

      Price : Rs 2.50 k / Piece (Approx)

      • MOQ : 1 Piece(s)
      • Supply Type : Manufacturer
      • YELLOW : RED

      We are engaged in providing our clients a comprehensive range of Electric Clamp Meter. These products are well known for their features such as durability, rugged built, accuracy and reliable performance. All these products are certified as per the international standards. Applic more...

      Rexson Products India

      Vishwas Nagar,Delhi

    • Universal Ic Tester

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      • Supply Type : Manufacturer
      • Application : Laboratory
      • Display : 9 Digit Seven Segment Display
      • Features : Auto search facility of all Digital ICs
      • Syringes Weight : 3 g

      We offer various type of ic testers such as universal ic tester, universal ic tester with membrane ascii keypad, analog ic tester and portable digital ic tester to our clients. more...


      Also Deals In : Digital Ic Tester, Analog Ic Tester, Universal Ic Tester, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, PC Based 2 Channel Oscilloscope, PC Based 1 Channel Oscilloscope, Dual Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Universal Ic Tester, ic testers, VPL IC Tester (AICT), VPL IC Tester (DICT), VPL IC Tester (UICT), VPL IC Tester (UICTM), Optical Power Meter (VPL-CL-DBM), USB Based Standalone Data Logger System (VPL-USBDLS), 10 MHz Single Channel Oscilloscope (VPL-CA-8016), 20 MHz Dual Channel Two Trace Oscilloscope (VPL-CA-8124)

      VPL Infotech & Consultants

      Preet Vihar,Delhi

    • Digital Panel Meter

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      • Weight : 100-200kg, 200-300kg
      • Certification : ISO 9001:2008
      • Color : Red
      • Application : Testing Electrical Goods
      • Power : 1-3kw
      • Driven Type : Electric

      Also Deals In : Battery Tester- BCT- 7 MX, Battery Tester, Automotive Battery Testers, Automotive Battery Tester, Battery Charge Monitor (BCM-06), BCT- 700 motorcycle battery testers, auto battery tester, Digital Panel Meter, 2 Wheeler Battery Testers, BATTERY TESTER BCT 7, BATTERY TESTER BCT 5, BATTERY TESTER BCT 700, MOTORCYCLE BATTERY TESTERS, BATTERY TESTER BCT-7 MX, BATTERY TESTER BCT-70 MX

      Elak Private Limited

      Industrial Area Phase I,Chandigarh

    • 8 Channel Ntc Data Logger

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      • Power Down Allowed : < 5mS
      • CPU : 600 MHz ARM Cortex-A8
      • Sensor Type : PT-100 (8 Nos)
      • Backlight : LED
      • Input Power : DC 12V, Input Range: DC 9V - 12V
      • Panel Cutout (WXH) : 147mm X 147mm

      Also Deals In : 8 Channel NTC Data Logger, 16 Channel NTC Data Logger, digital multi function meter

      Vallabh Corporation

      Pimpri Chinchwad,Pune

    • Data Logger

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      • Voltage : 10-30 VDC
      • Application : Data Logging
      • Automation Grade : Automatic
      • Warranty : 1Year
      • Application Areas : Air Flow Meter, Chemical Flow Meter, Gas Flow Meter, Heat Flow Meter, Oil Flow Meter, Steam Flow Meter, Water Flow Meter
      • Weight : 100-500 gm

      MX-3 data logger is dedicated for real time logging and analyzing of data. Using GPRS/GSM, logger sends data to remote users / server. MX-3 can also communicate with other controllers and sensors. Device has wide range of optional interfaces and protocols and can read any kind of more...


      Also Deals In : power meters, Data Logger

    • Temperature Data Logger

      Price : Rs 400 - Rs 1.50 k / piece

      • MOQ : 100 Piece
      • Material : Plastic
      • Weight : 100-200gm
      • Power Source : Battery
      • Certification : CE Certified, ISO 9001:2008
      • Color : Grey

    • Data Logger

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      • Color : Grey, Maroon
      • Voltage : 3-6VDC
      • Material : Copper, Plastic
      • Display Type : Digital
      • Application : Humidity Monitoring
      • Type : Humidity Data Logger

      Looking for data logger manufacturer India online? At Aimil, we are the ideal choice for you. Whether you wish to record hundreds of inputs or easy single channel fixed functions, we provide you the best data logger for your configuration, downloading, viewing, and generating a r more...


      Also Deals In : Data Logger, battery monitoring systems

      Aimil LTD

      Mathura Road,Delhi

    • Conductivity Meter

      Price : Rs 1.30 Lac / Piece (Approx)

      • TDS Resolution : 0.01mg/l to 1g/l
      • Conductivity Resolution : 0.01uS to 0.01S
      • Conductivity Range : 6 Auto-selected from 0 to 19.99s
      • Conductivity Accuracy : +/-0.5% +/-2 Digits
      • Tds Range : 6 Auto Selected Ranges from 0 -1999g/l
      • Cell Constant : 0.010 to 19.999

      Also Deals In : Conductivity Meter, Smart Energy Meter

      Iza Analytics

      Indraprastha Extension,Delhi

    • Three Phase Electronic Energy Meter

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      • Feature : Durable
      • Automatic Grade : Automatic
      • Warranty : 1Year
      • Weight : 300-400gm
      • Application : Energy Monitoring
      • Power Source : Electric

      Are you looking for Three Phase Electronic Energy Meter with integrated functions? Yes, you have come to the right place that is Modern Transformers Private Limited. The reason being, that we manufacture quality Three Phase Electronic Energy Meter which is light, compact and reli more...


      Also Deals In : Single Phase/Three Phase Keypad Prepayment Energy Meter, Three /single Phase Electronic Ic Card Prepayment Energy Meter, Electronic Energy Meter, prepayment electronic energy meter, Single Phase Electronic Energy Meter, Three Phase Electronic Energy Meter, static energy meter

      Modern Transformers Private Limited

      Bulandshahr Road Industrial Area,Ghaziabad

    • Conductivity Tds & Salinity Meter

      Price : Rs 12 k / Piece (Approx)

      • MOQ : 1 Piece(s)
      • Warranty : 1 Year
      • Display : 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD
      • Supply Type : Manufacturer
      • Size : 285x190x90 mm
      • Accuracy : +- 0.5% FS plus minus 1 Digit

      Also Deals In : Conductivity TDS & Salinity Meter, Conductivity Salinity Meter

      Bionics Instruments India

      Sadar Bazar,Ambala

    • Digital Multimeter

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      • MOQ : 10 Piece
      • DC Current Range : 3 Ampere
      • AC Current Accuracy : 0.5 percent
      • Measurement Type : Average
      • AC Current resolution : 0.1 milliamp ere
      • Type : Hand Held

      Aditya Foreign Trading

      Khodiyar Colony,Jamnagar

    • Clamp-on Ultrasonic Btu Meter

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      • Warranty : 1Years
      • Material : Aluminium, Stainless Steel
      • Feature : Durable, High Accuracy
      • Certification : CE Certified
      • Display Type : Analog, Digital

      The STUF 300R ultrasonic thermal energy meter provides abundant capabilities for accurate thermal energy measurement of a liquid-based thermal energy production / transferring system. It is the 3rd generation energy meter from Shenitech. Compared to its predecessors, the 3rd gene more...


      Also Deals In : Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter, Clamp-on Ultrasonic BTU Meter

      Ninth Wave Technologies

      Sp Road,Secunderabad

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