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Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer

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  • Ammonium Sulphate

    • Purity : 100%
    • Formula : (NH4)2SO4
    • Molar Mass : 132.14 g/mol
    • Soluble in : Water
    • Use in : Pharma Industry
    • Form : Powder, Liquid etc.

    Based in Surat(India), we have garnered wide acclaim for making available quality and cost effective products to the lengths and breadths of the country. Get in touch with us for placing small as well as bulk orders, timely deliveries will be straight to your doorstep! More... less...

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    Orchid Enterprise

    Ankleshwar, India | More...

  • Bio Cover

    • Dose : 3 to 4 ml dissolve i..
    • Brand Name : Bio Cover
    • Active Ingredient : Potassium Oleate
    • HSN Code : 000003808

    Bio Cover contains potassium salt of fatty acid. Potassium salt of fatty acid approved to be used in organic farming cultivation of crops. Bio Cover serve as ideal to form solubility of neem oil for spray purpose. Also used to make herbal extract for organic farming. Bio Cover serve as a chemical constituents extractor from herbs. It also controls soft body insect like mites, jassid, Whitefly by penetrating inside th More... less...

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    Green More Organic Foods Limited

    Bhopal, India | More...

  • Rhizobact (rhizobium)

    • Type : Biofertilizer
    • Brand Name : Rhizobact

    Rhizobact – Rhizobium Content: Rhizobium spores/conidia 1 x 10 8 CFU / ml. Dosage: (Shake Well Before Use) ·         Soil treatment: 1 liter / acre through drip irrigation. ·         Foliar application: 2.5 - 5 ml per liter of water ·         Seed/root dip treatment: 10 ml per kilogram of seeds.                                             Mode o More... less...

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    Krishidoot Bio-herbals

    Nashik, India | More...

  • Organic Chelated Npk Liquid Fertilizers

    Ecogold pp mix - an organic npk liquid fertilizer composition: amino nitrogen 3.0+0.2% chelated phosphorous with peptides 4.0+0.2%, potassium as gluconate or lactate 3.0+0.2%, other organic nutrients – gluconates, lactates or proteinates of magnesium (mg), potash (k), zinc (zn), iron (fe) and boron (b) 2.0±0.2%. Composition in pp mix granules is as per liquid formulation. Coated on bentonite granules. uses of ecog More... less...

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    Biogold Industries Llp

    Mumbai, India | More...

  • Bixovit Bio Fertilizer

    We have different payment options to choose from as per the convenience of the clients. In the type of operation processed online, the procedure depends on the gateway or processor model; both of them ensure complete security. We are a leading name offering the best in class and qualitative array of Bixovit Bio Fertilizer.   Features : Unique bio fertiIizer for root strengthening and improved nutrient uptake. In More... less...

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    Bioxcell Life Sciences Private Limited

    Hyderabad, India | More...

  • Npk Fertilizer

    • White : crystalline

    We are offering Npk Fertilizer, Amrut Gold 19-19-19 is a highly water soluble product that supply Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. It is idear for fertigation and foliar application. Free from impurities viz heavy metals, sodium and chloride. More... less...

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    Patil Biotech Pvt. Ltd

    Jalgaon, India | More...

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  • Bio Npk Fertilizer

    • Type : Fertilizer
    • Color : Green
    • Classification : Compound Fertilizer
    • Release Type : Controlled
    • State : Liquid
    • Purity : 99.99%
    • Grade Standard : Bio Tech Grade

    Bio-NPK is able to synthesize/assimilate atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize phosphate and mobilizes potash into available form, thereby providing balanced nutrition to the plant. More... less...

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    Tierra Overseas

    Bhayandar(East), India | More...

  • Micro Power Potassium Sulphate Npk Fertilizer

    • Moisture percent by weight maximum : 1.5
    • Foliar Spray : 8-10 Gm per Lit. of ..
    • Packing : 1kg / 25kg
    • Bulk Packing : 25 kg HDPE bags
    • N:P:K : 00:00:50

    Advantage : It is free-flowing, fine crystalline multinutrient fertilizer, which fully soluble in water. It contains sulphur which helps to improve shelf life of fruits It is useful for development of fruit size, to increase weight, sugar, colour formation and keeping quality of fruit of all type of crops. More... less...

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    Cbm Agrisciences India Pvt. Ltd.

    Khargone, India | More...

  • Organic Liquid Fertilizer


    • Manufactured By : Annadata Organic
    • Industry : Agriculture
    • Pack Type : Bottle
    • Brand : ORGAMINO
    • State : Liquid

    08048091009 Send Inquiry

    Annadata Organic Biotech

    Surat, India | More...

  • Ambaxon 720

    • Brand Name : Ambaxon 720
    • Technical Name : Metalaxyl 8%+Mancoze..
    • Application : Agricultural
    • Shelf life : 2 Years
    • Form : Powder
    • Packing Available : 100 g

    Application : Being systemic and contact fungicide it provides double protection Remains effective for a longer time and prevents & Cures the diseases effectively. Reduces the number of sprays. Increase in the yield Fungal Disease Controlled : Downey Mildew of Grapes, Late Blight & Damping off of Potato Black Shark, Late Blight & Damping off of Tobacco Phytophthora and  Foot rot of Black Pepper, Whit More... less...

    08042754093 Send Inquiry

    Ambachem Industries

    Vadodara, India | More...

  • Muriate Of Potash Fertilizer

    • Packaging Type : Plastic Bag
    • Packaging Size : 25Kg, also available..
    • Usage : Chemical Industry
    • Grade Standard : Chemical Grade
    • Color : Orange
    • Form : Crystalline Powder
    • Purity (%) : 95%

    08049672645 Send Inquiry

    Utsav Chemicals

    Vapi, India | More...

  • Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

    • Form : Liquid
    • Application : Agriculture

    Nutritional value of Seaweed : Seaweed Extract > 25% Amino acids + Fulvic acid + Humic acid > 1.88% Nitrogen (N) + Phosphorus (P 2 O 5 ) + Potassium (K 2 O) > 3% Calcium (Ca) + Magnesium (Mg) + Cupper (Cu) + Zinc (Zn) > 0.9 % Boron (B) + Sulphur (S) + Iron (Fe) + Sodium (Na) < 1% Molybdenum + Protein + Vitamins > 0.01% Auxins + Alginic acid + Cytokinins + Mannitol  > 0.5 %   Major benef More... less...

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    Rdimex Worldwide Trade Pvt Ltd

    Surat, India | More...

  • Sa Macros Organic Npk Fertilizer


    • Type : ORGANIC
    • Brand Name : SA AGRO EXIM PRODUCT
    • State : MAHARASHTRA
    • Purity : ORGANIC
    • Place of Origin : INDIA

    Granules and Liquid NPK Fertilizer in Organic Form Highlights : Innovative Liquid Organic fertilizer in bio available form of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, chelated with multiple organic acids to address all major deficiency symptoms in all crops plantations. Enriched with Amino acids derived from vegetables cereal proteins and hence most effective in increasing yields. Increases the ability of plant to withst More... less...

    08042756515 Send Inquiry

    S A Agro Exim Company

    Pune, India | More...

  • Npk Fertilizer (19:19:19)


    With outstanding storage facilities, we are capable of making fast and urgent requirements of the customers. Owing to our automated and spacious infrastructure, we make systematic packaging followed by delivery to the clients in set time. With complete security system and with the help of the leading technologies, we make it possible to make payments online. Fret not! We ensure that all the details are kept confident More... less...

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    Apex Agro Chemicals

    Jalgaon, India | More...

  • Neem Powder Fertilizer

    • Type : Herbal
    • Packaging : 40 Kg HDPE Bags.
    • Form : Powder
    • Color : Brown
    • Shelf Life : 1 Year
    • Purity : 100%

    08042753036 Send Inquiry

    Leafcon International

    Anand, India | More...

  • Bio Fertilizer

    • Type : Organic
    • Application : Agriculture
    • Release Type : Quick
    • Purity : 100%
    • Color : Black
    • Shelf Life : 1 Year

    08039634265 Send Inquiry

    Anant Renewable Energy

    Agra, India | More...

  • Vermicompost Fertilizer

    • Type : Organic
    • Purity : 100%
    • Use In : Agriculture
    • Packaging : Packed in bags

    We make it much easier for you and thus, we have electronic payment system that will make transactions with complete security. Rest assured us for all the payment issues. We are a leading name offering the best in class and qualitative array of Vermi Contrast. More... less...

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    Sattern Enterprises

    Maharajganj, India | More...

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  • Ammonium Sulphate

    We are Thane(India) based entity and have become a primary choice of the buyers owing to our timeliness. We are blessed with a large storage facility that helps us in keeping large stock and meeting urgent and massive requirements of the customers. More... less...

    08048064201 Send Inquiry

    Blend Industries

    Thane, India | More...

  • Ammonium Sulphate

    • Purity : 100%
    • Color : White
    • Form : Crystals
    • Formula : (NH4)2SO4
    • Molar Mass : 132.14 g/mol
    • Soluble in : Water

    Being a high-flying name in this arena, we promise to deliver the best in line quality products. In addition to this, we make sure that the offered lot is prepared using the finest grade material. After the product is completely inspected, we make sure that it is sternly packed using the finest packaging material. Our team members ensure that the packaging keeps the products safe from external destructive factors. More... less...

    08048074501 Send Inquiry

    P G International

    Mumbai, India | More...

  • Utsav Vermicompost Fertilizer

    Vermicompost (or vermi-compost) is the product of the composting process using various species of worms, usually red wigglers, white worms, and other earthworms, to create a mixture of Cow Dung. Details : Vermicompost(also called worm castings, worm humus, worm manure, or worm feces) is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by earthworms. These castings have been shown to contain reduced levels of contam More... less...

    08043693616 Send Inquiry

    Utsav Dairy Farm Pvt. Ltd.

    Noida, India | More...

  • Acetobacter Bio Fertilizer


    Acetobacter Spp. is an obligatory aerobic nitrogen fixing bacteria which is capable for nitrogen fixing in roots, stems and leaves of sugarcane plants. � It fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to crop. � It promotes root proliferation and increases the number of rootlets, resulting in uptake of nutrients from Rhizosphere. More... less...

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    Anand Agro Care

    Nashik, India | More...

  • Organic Fertilizer

    • Type : Organic
    • Purity : 100%
    • Color : Black
    • Usage : Agricultural

    Specifications : Special Organic Fertilizer made in India. Ready for Agricultural purpose. Top and Export Quality Organic Fertilizer Healthy for Soil. Packing : 20kg x 1 Plastic Bag 25kg x 1 Plastic Bag 5kg x 4 Pouch x 1 Carton More... less...

    08048063974 Send Inquiry

    Harikrishna Services

    Delhi, India | More...

  • Vermicompost Fertilizer


    • Type : Organic
    • Purity : 90%
    • Moisture : 30 - 40% Max
    • Form : Powder
    • Color : Brown
    • Grade : Superior

    08045135172 Send Inquiry

    Jai Maa Sharda Enterprises

    Shahjahanpur, India | More...

  • Silvenex Liquid

    • Pack size : 5Ltrs. and 20Ltrs.
    • Foam : Liquid
    • Shelf Life : 2 Years
    • Storage : Store in cool and dr..
    • Supply type : Bulk
    • Feature : Good Quality

    SilveNex is a cost effective, universally applicable sterilizing agent.It eliminates all pathogenic Amoebas, Bacteria, Biofilms, Fungi, Virus, Yeasts and mould etc. without any side effects. The main component of SilveNex, Silver (Ag+) is well known for its powerful oligo-dynamic and catalytic effect, combined with stabilizers to form a stable solution. Silver is completely stable in form of suspension.Its stability More... less...

    08045135476 Send Inquiry

    Gentle Bio-sciences Pvt Ltd

    Hyderabad, India | More...

  • Partially Chelated Iron Fertilizer

    • Brand Name : Ecomin Gold
    • Usage : Agriculture
    • PH Value : 8-9
    • Purity : 97%
    • Potassium : 96%
    • Form : Granules

    We are ranked among well-known Manufacturers & Suppliers of Partially Chelated Iron Fertilizer branded as ECOMIN GOLD. The mixture is highly effective in removing Deficiency of Iron in crops like citrus, potato, wheat, paddy, nurseries, maize, sugarcane and any other crops showing signs of Iron Deficiency. It is effective, as we have developed the formula after years of research. Buyers can purchase Partially Che More... less...

    08039674199 Send Inquiry

    Shree Kaveri Agro Industries

    Sangrur, India | More...

  • Kisan Ferti Phos

    Benefits Provides Ortho Phosphate to the plant within 24 hrs. of application in amino phosphate form. Helps in time root development. Improves immune system. Due to amino phosphate form, root can easily uptake phosphorous, at the same time phosphorous will available for crop throughout crop cycle, doesn't convert into stable form. Certified Organic Inputs so doesn't give any adverse impact on soil, pH & microorga More... less...

    08039634470 Send Inquiry

    Khetiwalo Organic Fertilization

    Maharashtra, India | More...

  • Neem Organic Fertilizer


    • Packaging Size : 50 Kg Bag
    • P.H : 6.5 to 7.5
    • Moisture : 15-25%
    • Nitrogen : Min. 0.5%
    • Phosphorous : Min. 0.5%
    • Organic Carbon : Min. 14%
    • C:N Ratio : < 20

    We hold expertise in offering a superior quality range of Neem organic fertilizer Manufactured by selecting best quality Neem seeds cleaned by system free from soil, stone & other impurities.V-Neem Powder consist of neem kernel cake manufactured by specially developed expel technology to retain maximum limonoides intat in the cake.Neem cake is blended with other neem seeds parts & Standardized to make total n More... less...

    08033756403 Send Inquiry

    Vitthal Neem Agro Products

    AURANGABAD, India | More...

  • Prota-min (mix Micronutrient Chelated Fertilizer)

    It is hydrolysed protein based organic  Nitrogen Fertilizer derived from vegetable / animal origin proteins (i.e., Soya / Casein / Gelatin etc.) in the form of free amino acids, short chained peptides by hydrolysis which provides organic Nitrogen in most bioavailable form and helps to increase the yield of the crop.   Mineral Amino Acid Chelated Fertilizers are readymade formulations of various minerals lik More... less...

    08048065651 Send Inquiry

    Chaitanya Agro Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

    Malkapur, India | More...

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