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  • Overband Magnetic Separator
    Overband Magnetic Separator
  • Magnetic Drum Separator
    Magnetic Drum Separator
  • Magnetic Roll Separator
    Magnetic Roll Separator
  • Magnetic Coolant Separator
    Magnetic Coolant Separator
  • Electromagnetic Separator
    Electromagnetic Separator
  • Magnetic Tube
    Magnetic Tube
  • Magnetic Iron Separator
    Magnetic Iron Separator
  • Magnetic Grills
    Magnetic Grills
  • Eddy Current Separators
    Eddy Current Separators
  • Magnetic Traps
    Magnetic Traps
  • Electrostatic Separators
    Electrostatic Separators
  • Magnetic Collector
    Magnetic Collector
  • Magnetic Hump
    Magnetic Hump
  • Magnetic Grid
    Magnetic Grid
  • Liquid Line Magnetic Separators
    Liquid Line Magnetic Separators

Popular Magnetic Separators Products

  • inline overband magnetic separator

    inline overband magnetic separator

    40 k /Piece

    Magwell Industries

  • Magnetic Separator

    Magnetic Separator

    30 k /Piece

    Shri Ram Industries

  • coolant magnetic separator

    coolant magnetic separator

    37.85 k /Box

    Macrocut Solutions

  • Magnetic Sticks

    Magnetic Sticks

    700 /Piece

    Uptech Engineering

  • Magnetic Drum Separator

    Magnetic Drum Separator

    2.50 Lac /Piece

    Rajindra Forging and Engineering Works

  • Stainless Steel Round Hopper Magnet

    Stainless Steel Round Hopper Magnet

    22 k /unit

    Peculiar Plastic Machinery

  • circular magnetic grill

    circular magnetic grill

    8.20 k /Piece

    PMG Equipments

    • High Power Magnetic Roll Separator

      Price : Rs 1.20 Lac / Piece (Approx)

      • MOQ : 1 Piece(s)
      • Driven Type : Electric
      • Voltage : 110V
      • Automatic Grade : Semi Automatic
      • Color : Blue
      • Power : 1-3kw

      MAGWELL Magnetic Roll Separator has Developed High Intensity, High Gradient, and Permanent Magnetic Roller Separators with the indigenous Technology. This technology can be successfully used in Industrial Minerals applications. The Technology involves high energy Rare Earth Neody more...


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      Magwell Industries

      T Nagar,Chennai

    • Magnetic Separator

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      • Power : 3-6kw
      • Power Source : Electric
      • Driven Type : Electric
      • Finishing : Coated
      • Automatic Grade : Semi Automatic
      • Specialities : Rust Proof, Long Life


      Near by Budh Vihar, Sadhana Kendra,Kanpur

    • Magnetic Grills

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      • Application : Fence Use, Grill Use
      • Color : Metallic
      • Thickness : 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 30-40mm, 40-50mm
      • Feature : Durable, Fine Finished, High Coercivity, High Quality, Incorporated With High Anisotropic, Modern Anisotropic
      • Condition : New
      • Size : 100/50/10, 120/60/15, 140/70/20, 160/80/25, 180/100/30

      Also Deals In : Magnetic Traps, magnetic humps, magnetic trap, Magnetic Grills

      Jai Mag Industries


    • Magnetic Drum Separator

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      • Voltage : 220V, 380V
      • Surface Treatmen : Paint Coated
      • Automatic Grade : Automatic
      • Power Source : Electric
      • Type : Drum Separator
      • Pattern : Magnetic

      Use and Application Removes unwanted ferrous material from useful non ferrous material. Used in mills, pharmaceuticals, chemical, food and mostly all automated industries as a precautionary device. Saves finished product/goods from unwanted ferrous material therefore improving qu more...


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    • Magnetic Separator

      Price : Rs 30 k / Piece (Approx)

      • Frequency : 50 Hz
      • Capacity : 1.5 Ton
      • Supply Type : Manufacturer
      • Size in mm : 400 mm
      • Belts Length : 600 mm
      • Power Source : Electric

      Shri Ram Industries

      Shiv Colony,Faridabad

    • Magnetic Coolant Separator

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      • Warranty : 5years
      • Application : Removing Ferrous Particles
      • Driven Type : Electric
      • Automatic Grade : Automatic
      • Weight : 10-20kg, 20-30kg, 30-40kg, 40-50kg, 50-60kg
      • Power : 1-3kw, 3-6kw, 9-12kw

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      JD Magnetic Impex


    • Magnetic Ferrous Traps

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      • Finishing : Coated
      • End Connection : Butt Weld
      • Size : 4/5inch, 5/6inch, 6/7inch
      • Pattern : Plain
      • Material : Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
      • Feature : Blow-Out-Proof, Casting Approved, Durable, Investment Casting

      Also Deals In : Permanent Magnetic Tubes & Grids, Permanent Plate Magnets, Magnetic Ferrous Traps, Overband Magnetic Separators

      Erich Magnetics


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    • Magnetic Separator

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      • Warranty : 12 MONTHS
      • Place of Origin : ITALY
      • After-sales Service Provided : PROVIDED
      • Brand : LOSMA

      Losma magnetic separators are very high power magnets with more than 4000 gauss power italian machines for your all industrial applications for separating metal chips from neat oil and water soluble cutting oils. more...

      Maanas Enterprise


    • Hopper Magnet

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      • Diameter : 2 X 40mm

      Hopper magnet is a unique device used to protect all kind of machines from iron contamination like nuts, nails, and iron bits. These ensure the hassle free and smooth operation of the machine. There are total four standard sizes, both in round and square are available and can be more...


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      Sardar Patel Ring Road,Ahmedabad

    • Magnetic Roll Separator

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      • widths : 1200mm
      • Magnetic Rolls : 65, 75 & 100mm Dia.
      • Strengths : 8,000 Gauss, 20,000 Gauss

      High gradient, Permanent Magnetic Roller Separators with the indigenous Technology. Which has been used successfully in Industrial Minerals applications. The Machine incorporates high energy Rare Earth Neodymium Permanent Magnetic Roll Assembly, which is manufactured and assemble more...


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    • Hand Magnets

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      • Color : Black Grey Metallic Shiny Silver
      • Supply Type : Manufacturer
      • Shape : C Shape, Round Shape
      • Diameter : 0-50mm, 100-150mm. 150-200mm
      • Certification : ISO 9001: 2008
      • Material : Cobalt, Earth Metals, Iron, Lodestone

      Also Deals In : Hopper Magnets, drum type magnetic separators, hand magnets

      Shree Shakti Industries


    • Iron Magnetic Separator

      Price : Rs 95 k - Rs 98 k / Piece

      • Type : Magnetic Iron Separator
      • Condition : New, Used
      • Weight : 100-200kg, 200-300kg, 300-400kg, 400-500kg, 500-600kg, 600-700kg, 700-800kg, 800-900kg, 900-1000kg
      • Color : Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Light Green, Light White
      • Power : 1-3kw, 3-6kw, 6-9kw, 9-12kw
      • Driven Type : Electric, Mechanical, Pneumatic

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      Star Trace Pvt. Ltd.

      Red Hills,Chennai

    • Magnetic Separator

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      • Type : Magnetic Separator
      • Brand : Crystal
      • Diameter : 2 Inch


      Sector 10,Noida

    • On Off Type Magnetic Separator

      Price : Rs 4.50 k / Set (Approx)

      • Certification : CE Certified
      • Material : Aluminium, Mild Steel
      • Color : Multi Colour
      • Warranty : 1yr
      • Thickness : 0-50cm, 100-150cm, 150-200cm
      • Application : Air Filtration, Gas Filtration

      Model : Ul-813 The ease of use, which is one of the standout features of the On Off Type Magnetic Separator , has been a boon for the global industrial sector. These On Off Type Magnetic Separators work for long durations with impeccable efficiency. Available at the best prices, more...

      Uptech Engineering


    • Hopper Magnets

      Price : Rs 3.20 k / Piece (Approx)

      • MOQ : 1 Piece(s)
      • Supply Type : Manufacturer
      • Dia 13" and square 12 X 12" : 6500

      Owing to our wide distribution network and speedy delivery services, buyers can receive their orders on timely basis. We are bracketed with the top-notch suppliers, engaged in offering the best quality hopper magnets. more...

      Shah Tech Corporation


    • Magnetic Iron Separator

      Price : Rs 50 k / Set (Approx)

      • Automatic Grade : Automatic, Fully Automatic, Manual, Semi Automatic
      • Type : Magnetic Separators
      • Voltage : 110V, 220V, 380V, 440V
      • Usage : Removing Iron Chips And Ferrous Particles
      • Certification : CE Certified, ISO 9001:2008
      • Driven Type : Electric, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Pneumatic

      Typical Aluminium Chips contain magnetic Iron Material which sticks to chips due to Oil and Water used during machining.; Hence Chips are required to be dried to make it free from oil and moisture, which is then passed over a highly sensitive Magnet with vibrating screen. Initial more...

    • Magnetic Separator

      Price : Rs 1 / Piece (Approx)

      • Material : Mild Steel
      • Capacity : 1 Ton/Hr
      • Power Source : Electric

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