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  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    • Operating temperature: : 30 C to 60 C (-22 F to 140 F)
    • Operating Range: : 690V AC line to line, 400V
    • Weight: : 1.5 lbs / 0.7 kg

    Multifunctional three-phase power meter with basic revenue metering, power quality and harmonics analysis. It provides a cost-effective substitute for numerous analog meters used by industrial, commercial and utility customers for basic power metering. The PM135 is widely integrated in panel boards and SCADA systems. With the addition of the unique TOU module, the EH model answers the needs of revenue metering applic More...

    M B Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    West Bengal | More...

  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    • Display : 4 Rows of 4 Digit

    TRMS Measurement 23 Parameters on 46 Pages 4 Rows of 4 Digit Super Bright RED LED Display 3 Phase 3 Wire 3 Phase 4 Wire System (User Selectable) Programmable CTR, PTR, Instrument Address, Password and MD Period Energy Import - Export (4 Quadrant Operation) IP54 (For Meter Front) POWER MASTER Software (Optional) RS485 Port, 5KV Isolated with MODBUS RTU Protocol (Optional) CE Compliance with EN61010- 1, EN61326- 1 Inbu More...

    Meco Instruments Pvt Ltd

    Navi Mumbai | More...

  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    • voltage : 45 to 300 V

    Minilec offers multifunction meter F3MFM1 to 4 for simultaneous measurement of various Electrical Parameters of 3 Phase 3 Wire or 4 Wire electric power system. The Meters are widely used in application areas where accurate and reliable monitoring of Power Line parameters is essential. More...

    Minilec India Pvt. Ltd.

    Pune | More...

  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    • Current Input : / 5 A, /1 A (optional)
    • Frequency : 50Hz

    In today’s industries, knowing more about your power system is necessary to get control over it. This requires a system or a Meter which is capable of getting measurement continuously from your power system. Our industrial electrical system is of 3 phase power input viz. R, Y and B. Getting measurement of a parameter in all three phase simultaneously is more desired while deciding the load. The SYCON Multifunction More...

  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    • Features : Available in Accuracy class 1.0 as per Is13779/ IEC 62053-21,Optional Accuracy class 0.5s or 0.2s as per IS14697/ IEC 62053-22,True RMS measurement,ON Hour, LOAD HOUR & IDLE HOUR register in Non-Volatile Memory

    Multi Function Panel Meter 2160-A is an easy-to-use, cost effective electrical energy meter that offers all the basic measurement capabilities required for monitoring an electrical installation. Multi Function Panel Meter 2160-A is available in three display options either 16 x 4 LCD or bright LED or large multi-line backlit LCD panel for superior readability in poor lighting conditions. It provides four parameters d More...

  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    We offer multifunction energy meter. Elmax model no.em32 is a multifunction avf meter based on micro controller technology. The lcd display provides parameter like amp, volt, hz, kw, pf, kva, kwh, and mdi. Designed at par with international quality standards, multifunction energy meter is also available in various specifications and is widely used for monitoring current, voltage, and frequency of 13 phase supply in a

    Elmax India

    Faridabad | More...

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  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    Multifunction Energy Meter and Power Analyzer – PM130 EH Plus / PM175   Major Features   Bright 3-row LED display enabling easy reading Standard RS-485 communication port and an additional plug-in RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, Ethernet, Profibus, GPRS module True RMS Volts, amps, power, power factor, frequency, Power, Energies in all 4 quadrant with 128 samples/cycle. KWH Imp/Exp, KVARH, KVAH, MD measurements

    Saisha Electricals

    Pune | More...

  • Digital Multifunction Energy Meters

    We are offering digital multifunction energy meters. Multi function meter accuracy class 1.0, 0.5, 0.5s, 0.2 as per iec 62052-11 iec 62053-22 monitors all electrical parameters : per phase, voltage, current, demand, w, va, var monitors all instantaneous, integrated and demand parameters neutral current, frequency, power factor, % load, %unbalance (v&i), phase angle , thd demand calculation method – sliding & fixed


    Ahmedabad | More...

  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    We are the manufacturer of our products. Some of our successful collaborations have been in manufacturing of Meter movements, Complete analogdigital meters, Multilayer SMT PCB assemblies, Digital meters sub-assemblies, Transformer cores, Coil windings, Small transformers, Punched metal components & Plastics injection moulding components.

  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    Multifunction meter with LED Display, four rows of four digits for multi parameter display with communication port. LED Display Site Programmable CT & PT Ratio True RMS Measurement Password protection Maximum Demand with relay contact Optional Features: RS485 computer interface 60A direct current(external CT Module available) Harmonic measurement (total and individual) Autoranging Universal auxiliary supply

    Veritek Engineering Pvt Ltd

    Navi Mumbai | More...

  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    The CSM Series offers single function and multi function digital panel meters. These digital panel meters measure all electrical qualities like Voltage, current, Power, energy, Frequency & Power Factor accurately. CSM Series is widely used for industrial & commercial application. All the models are very compact in size and are user friendly.

    C & S Electric Ltd

    Delhi | More...

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  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    The EM132 is a cost-effective multi-function transducer with local display, designed to replace analog or digital transducers. Its local display allows setup and verification of installation, without the hassle of using computers. One device supports all network configurations (i.e., 3 wire, 4 wire, wye, delta, etc.) and is field configurable.

  • Multifunction Energy Meter

    Multifunction energy meter It is possible to program primary of external potential Transformer (PT), primary of external Current Transformer (CT) on site via front panel keys by entering into Programming mode.

    Instrument Sales Corporation

    Bhilai | More...

  • Multifunction Meters

    • height : 0.5"
    • Resolution : 0.01,0.1,1
    • Display Type : Digital
    • Voltage : 3-6VDC, 6-9VDC
    • Usage : Energy Monitoring
    • Display : 7 segment led
    • Color : Multi Colour
    • Weight : 200-300gm, 300-400gm
    • Temperature operating : 0 to 50°c storage: -20to 75oc
    • Type : Meters
    • Certification : CE Certified

    Multifunction Meters are efficient in providing accurate readings, which are quite beneficial in researches done in Institutes, Industries, Laboratories, Agriculture, and Seed Technology. Description :- 3  (RMS) Voltage 3  (RMS) Current 3  Power(Active, Reactive, Apparent) 3  Power Factor Frequency Programmable CT Digits 3 rows of 3 digits Input type 3ø-4wire & single Ã&ce More...

  • Dcm 30a - 1000 A Ac Average Responding Multifunction Clamp Meter

    • FEATURES : 3½ digit (1999 counts) Backlit LCD Display with annunciators. Overload protection on all ranges Range 1000Amp AC

    This is an economy range general purpose 3 ½ digit AC Clamp meter with backlit LCD display. The jaw opening is 50mm approx. & can measure AC current through the clamp upto 1000A. It also measures DC Voltage -1000V, AC Voltage-700V, and Resistance upto 2 M?, Frequency -20 MHz with continuity & diode measurements. This meter also has a Max button which is used for Inrush Current measurement & meter is powered by 9V Ba More...

    Renuka Enterprises

    Dombivli | More...

  • Multifunction Meter

    • Brand : Automatic Electric Ltd.
    • Product Code : AE 1440

    AE -1440 is developed specific for Utility Substation applications. .AE – 1440 computes -Display, Monitor, stores, and communicate up to 67 major electrical parameters, including true RMS Voltage, Current, PF, Frequency, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power, Active energy, Reactive energy, Apparent energy, Total harmonic distortion (THD) and Maximum demand. The meter offers simple user-friendly Programming More...

    Yash Traders

    Thane | More...

  • 1 Phase Multifunction Meter

    • Model No : EM08 (20A), EM08-S (5A),EM08-S (1A)
    • Brand : Meco

    10 Parameters on 10 Display Pages Measures V, A, PF, Hz, KW, KVAr, KWh, KVAh and KVArh Auto / Manual Scroll Display (User Selectable) SMPS Power Supply (85 - 26vac / DC) Ideal for Testing of Electrical Appliances User Programmable CT Ratio (1.00 - 99.99) for EM - 08S (1A/5A) TRMS Measurement 4 Digit LCD Display with Backlight (20mm Digit Height) LED Indicator for Parameters Indication RS 485 Port (5KV Isolated) (Opti More...

    Vikas Instruments

    Kolkata | More...

  • 3 Phase Multifunction Power Meter

    • Ordering Information : Model,Input Voltage,Input Current,Input Frequency and RS485 MODBUS Communication (Optional)

    TRMS Measurement 23 Parameters on 46 Pages 4 Rows of 4 Digit Super Bright RED LED Display 3 Phase 3 Wire 3 Phase 4 Wire System (User Selectable) Programmable CTR, PTR, Instrument Address, Password and MD Period Energy Import - Export (4 Quadrant Operation) IP54 (For Meter Front) POWER MASTER Software (Optional) RS485 Port, 5KV Isolated with MODBUS RTU Protocol (Optional) CE Compliance with EN61010- 1, EN61326- 1 Inbu More...

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

    Navi Mumbai | More...

  • Multifunction Meter

    • Class : 1.0, 50Hz
    • Voltage : 3x240V AC

    Multifunction meter, Latest ASIC and Microcontroller based digital technology.Low power consumption less than 1 watt.Meter records correct energy with same accuracy under reverse current connection.Meter works accurately under earth load condition.LED′s indication for current reversal and earth load tampering.Meter data download through optical communication. Immune to effects of external magnetic field as per IS : More...

    Techno Meters & Electronics

    Coimbatore | More...

  • Multifunction Meter

    • Brand Name : SYCON

    We are offering multifunction meter. Display features three phase voltages and currents. three phase line voltages and currents. power factor of each phase and frequency. active power (kw), apparent power (kva), reactive power (kvar), total power active energy (kwh), apparent energy (kvah), reactive energy (kvarh) and total energy. friendly user interface. easy to install. rs-485 modbus communication available averag More...

    Systems & Controls (sangli) Pvt Ltd

    Maharashtra | More...

  • Multifunction Meter

    • Display range : 0,000…19,999 Ω

    Multifunction meter, MPI-530-IT meter is a multi-functional instrument for electric shock protection measurements including the option of various methods for measuring earthing and earthing resistance. Sonel MPI-530-IT allows testing of residual current devices (RCD), types AC, A, F and B also in IT network. Additionally the meter enables its user to analyse power supply parameters, records and displays them on its s More...

    Sonel Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

    Tamil Nadu | More...

  • Pocketsize Waterproof Multifunction Meter Cx-105

    • features : Used for field work., Good accuracy and minimised size.,Powered by 3 x LR44 batteries,Long-lasting work on one battery set.

    CX-105 is a multi-purpose meter which enables to make different kinds of measurements depending on the type of the chosen head. Complete set of heads enables following measurements: pH, mV, redox potential, conductivity, salinity, oxygen dissolved in water in mgl or %, humidity with possibility to determine the dew point, temperature of the surface and temperature of liquids or air. The user may choose appropriate he More...

    Matrix Technochem

    Mumbai | More...

  • Multifunction Meter

    • Operating Temperature : -10’C – +50’C
    • Voltage : 240v ph- N

    Multi Source Energy Meter 32 bit micro controller inbuilt latching relay with German technology online data monitoring through RS 485 link optional time of use tariff deduction of daily utility charges no additional cost of token generation direct entry of credit in rupees to meter without cumbersome keypad entries. no unwanted trip offs during working days double password protected online tariff management systems e More...

    Neptune India Limited

    Noida | More...

  • Three Phase Port Multifunction Meter

    • Storage Temperatur : 30℃ ~ +75℃
    • Communication: : RS485 Port MODBUS-RTU Pro
    • Operating Tempera : 25 ~+70, -25℃ ~ +70℃
    • Display: : LCD Display
    • Type : Three Phase Digital Power
    • Rated Current: : 1A.~5A
    • Rated Power : <3VA
    • Place of Origin : Henan, China (Mainland)
    • Name: : three phase power Meter
    • Dimensions: : 68*68
    • Phase: : Three Phase
    • Frequency: : 45-65Hz
    • Output Voltage : 220V
    • Accuracy Class: : 2.0
    • Standard: : IEC62053-21

    Embuilt Technologies

    Kanpur | More...

  • Digital Multifunction Power Meter

    • Measurement of Current, Voltage, Active Power, Reactive Power and Apparent Power, Power Factor etc. : • High – brightness RED LED display.
    • • High accuracy upto 0.5% : • Programmable adjustment for current and voltage transformers ratio ( CT / PT ) ratio
    • • With RS485 output (optional) : • Indication of maximum and minimum value of Voltage and Current
    • • Indication of Maximum demand current and power : • High-brightness RED LED display.

    MODEL KM 5400 DIGITAL MULTIFUNCTION POWER METER KM 5400 Multifunction Power Meter is a special instrument for measuring electrical network parameters. The measured parameters are displayed on 5 rows of display, which can measure and manage more than 50 electrical networks parameters at the same time, KM 5400 provides the line voltage, phase voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active kilowatt hour, More...

    Total Automation

    Pune | More...

  • Energy Meter

    • Certification : CE Certified
    • Usage : Energy Monitoring
    • Frequency : 50Hz-65Hz
    • Voltage : 6-9VDC
    • Weight : 400-500g
    • Body Material : Plastic
    • Features : Accuracy, Light Weight, Low Power Comsumption
    • Warranty : 1Year

    Shree Power Control System

    Nagpur | More...

  • Energy Meters

    • Phase : Three Phase
    • Dimensions : 72*63*90
    • Operating Temperature : -10~+55℃
    • Accuracy Class : 0.5/1S

    Our products are packed according to the requirement of buyers, as we provide customized packaging solutions. Our packages are superior, secure and waterproof as well. We use quality-approved raw materials as inputs for the production of our finished goods. The selection procedure of the raw materials is conducted by our expert quality auditors. More...


    Mandi | More...

  • 3 Phase Prepaid Energy Meter Whole Current With Zigbee-rf

    • Brand Name : Elmeasure
    • Phase : 3
    • Display Type : LED
    • Color : Grey
    • Dimensions : 27X6.9X17.1

    single device for measuring electricity, gas & water consumptions. This works with the integration of gas and water with the electrical parameters thereby, extending the flexibility for the user to budget expenses. More...

    Elmeasure India Pvt. Ltd.

    Bangalore | More...

  • Dual Energy Meter

    • Dimensions : 96 L x 96 B x 105 D mm

    This panel meter is designed for dual source energy measurement. It serves as a replacement for two separate energy meters, necessary for metering applications with dual energy sources.

    Larsen & Toubro Limited

    Mumbai | More...

  • Three Phase Dual Source Energy Meters

    • Standard : IEC62053-21/22
    • Dimension : 96x96x57 mm
    • Auxiliary Supply : Universal Auxiliary(90-300V AC) Supply (Other supply voltages on demand)
    • Accuracy : Class 1.0 or Class 0.5
    • Inputs : Voltage (upto 500V)Current Secondary(5A)
    • Panel Cutout : 92mm x 92mm
    • Standards for enclosure : IP-20(Back), IP-65(Front)

    Three Phase Dual Source YI-536 Parameter displayed :  Active Energy(Wh)     Features: -    Microcontroller based meters with low VA burden -    6 digit seven segment display -    CT primary range 1A to 50kA AC programmable -    CT Secondary range 0.5A to 5A - AC programmable -    PT primary range 50V to 500kV AC programmable -    PT Secondary 50V to 500V AC programmable -    Password protected More...

    Yokins Instruments Pvt Ltd

    Delhi | More...

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