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  • Glass Painting
    Glass Painting
  • Madhubani Paintings
    Madhubani Paintings
  • Watercolor Painting
    Watercolor Painting
  • Mural Painting
    Mural Painting
  • Tanjore Paintings
    Tanjore Paintings
  • Oil Paintings
    Oil Paintings
  • Modern Art Paintings
    Modern Art Paintings
  • Miniature Paintings
    Miniature Paintings
  • Indian Paintings
    Indian Paintings
  • Wall Paintings
    Wall Paintings
  • Abstract Paintings
    Abstract Paintings
  • Rajasthani Paintings
    Rajasthani Paintings
  • Landscape Painting
    Landscape Painting
  • Canvas Paintings
    Canvas Paintings
  • Warli Paintings
    Warli Paintings
  • Wall Murals
    Wall Murals
  • Hand Painting
    Hand Painting
  • Portrait Painting
    Portrait Painting
  • Ceramic Painting
    Ceramic Painting
  • Nature Painting
    Nature Painting
  • Flower Painting
    Flower Painting
  • Acrylic Paintings
    Acrylic Paintings
  • Phad Painting
    Phad Painting
  • Stone Painting
    Stone Painting
  • Leaf painting
    Leaf painting
  • Handmade Paintings
    Handmade Paintings
  • Scenery Painting
    Scenery Painting
  • Still Life Painting
    Still Life Painting
  • Stained Glass Painting
    Stained Glass Painting
  • Mughal Painting
    Mughal Painting
  • Chinese Painting
    Chinese Painting
  • Tribal Paintings
    Tribal Paintings
  • Traditional Paintings
    Traditional Paintings
  • Fabric Paintings
    Fabric Paintings
  • Ganesha Painting
    Ganesha Painting
  • Village Painting
    Village Painting
  • Fish Painting
    Fish Painting
  • Mirror Painting
    Mirror Painting
  • Embossed Painting
    Embossed Painting
  • Ink Painting
    Ink Painting
  • Animal Painting
    Animal Painting
  • Gond Paintings
    Gond Paintings
  • Fine Art Painting
    Fine Art Painting
  • Durga Paintings
    Durga Paintings
  • Contemporary Painting
    Contemporary Painting
  • Bird Painting
    Bird Painting
  • Floral Painting
    Floral Painting
  • Folk Paintings
    Folk Paintings
  • Figurative Paintings
    Figurative Paintings
  • God Paintings
    God Paintings
  • Pastel Paintings
    Pastel Paintings
  • Texture Paintings
    Texture Paintings
  • Seascape Painting
    Seascape Painting
  • Wooden Painting
    Wooden Painting
  • Patachitra Painting
    Patachitra Painting
  • Oil Canvas Painting
    Oil Canvas Painting
  • Religious Paintings
    Religious Paintings
  • krishna Tanjore Paintings
    krishna Tanjore Paintings
  • Handmade Oil Painting
    Handmade Oil Painting
  • Marble Paintings
    Marble Paintings
  • Batik Paintings
    Batik Paintings
  • Antique Painting
    Antique Painting
  • Fantasy Painting
    Fantasy Painting
  • Cloth Paintings
    Cloth Paintings
  • Silk Paintings
    Silk Paintings
  • Paper Paintings
    Paper Paintings
  • Palm Leaf Paintings
    Palm Leaf Paintings
  • Acrylic Canvas Paintings
    Acrylic Canvas Paintings
  • Terracotta Paintings
    Terracotta Paintings
  • Kids Room Paintings
    Kids Room Paintings
  • Antique Tanjore Paintings
    Antique Tanjore Paintings
  • Goddess Painting
    Goddess Painting
  • Antique Oil Painting
    Antique Oil Painting
  • Handmade Canvas Paintings
    Handmade Canvas Paintings
  • Lord Vishnu Painting
    Lord Vishnu Painting
  • Commercial Paintings
    Commercial Paintings
  • Gemstone Paintings
    Gemstone Paintings
  • Traditional Tanjore Painting
    Traditional Tanjore Painting
  • Meera Bai Painting
    Meera Bai Painting
  • Glass Wall Mural
    Glass Wall Mural
  • Marble Tile Painting
    Marble Tile Painting
  • Cotton Paintings
    Cotton Paintings
  • Velvet Paintings
    Velvet Paintings
  • Decorative Mural
    Decorative Mural
  • Spiritual Buddha Paintings
    Spiritual Buddha Paintings
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  • Decorative Paintings

    Price : Rs 500 - Rs 1 k / Piece

    • Feature : Fine Finish
    • Packaging Type : Paper Box
    • Appearance : Antique
    • Use For : Decoration
    • Color : Multicolor
    • Shape : Oval, Square

    Shamix Ventures

    Swarna Jayanti Nagar,Aligarh

  • Hand Made Paintings

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    • Style : Abstract
    • Feature : Fine Finish, Great Design, Long Lasting
    • Material : Acrylic, Glass, Wood
    • Color : Multi Color
    • Supply Type : Manufacturer
    • Shape : Rectangular, Square

    Also Deals In : hand made paintings, 3D Wall Paintings

    Vardhman Mills


  • Original Oil On Canvas Paintings

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    • Color : Multicolor
    • Size : Standard
    • Feature : Fine Finish, Great Design, Light Weight, Long Lasting, Scratch Proof
    • Appearance : Antique
    • Finishing : Polished
    • Application : Decioration, Home Use, Office Use, Wall Hangings

    Also Deals In : Canvas Paintings, Handpainted oil on canvas paintings, Contemporary Paintings, Modern Art Paintings, original oil paintings, Miniature Paintings, Original Oil On Canvas Paintings, Rajasthani Oil Paintings, Ganesha oil painting, Portrait and Figurative Paintings, Landscape Still Life Paintings, Wildlife and Animal Paintings, Rajasthani lady oil painting, Old masters paintings in miniature size, Hindu God's paintings, Indian nude lady oil painting, Buddha oil paintings, Indian lady with sitar oil painting., Indian tiger oil painting, Elephants oil painting, Running wild horse oil painting, Black buck oil painting, Indian village people oil paintings, Still life oil paintings, Still Life Painting, Colourful Rajasthani women oil paintings, Rajasthani lady feeding the child oil painting, Beautiful Indian lady oil painting, Indian lady wearing nauvari saree oil painting, Rajasthani ladies playing zula oil painting, Indian lady looking in the mirror oil painting, Beautiful little girl oil painting, Modern and contemporary paintings, Lion cub oil on canvas wildlife paintings, Reproduction of orientalist painting in oil on canvas, Reproduction of orientalist portrait painting, bird paintings, Landscape Oil Painting, seascape paintings, figurative paintings, Portrait Paintings

    Classic Oil Painting


  • Handmade Flowers On Glass Painting

    Price : Rs 1 k / Piece (Approx)

    • MOQ : 200 Piece
    • Supply Type : Manufacturer
    • Appearance : Classy
    • Material : Glass
    • Frame Shape : Rectangular
    • Usage : Home Decoration

    Also Deals In : Handmade Glass Painting, Handmade Flowers on Glass Painting, Handmade Women Face Dry Pastel Painting, Handmade Radha Krishna Dry Pastel Painting, Handmade Ladies on Glass Painting, Handmade Women with Basket Watercolor Painting

    Eco Products India

    Mahavir Enclave,Delhi

  • Buddha Paintings

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    • Appearance : Classy
    • Color : Available in Different Colors
    • Style : Abstract
    • Application : Wall Decor
    • Feature : Elegant Attraction, Seamless Design
    • Size : 40x40Cm, 50x50Cm, 60x60Cm

    Feel the eternity of Buddha Paintings that include thousands of color patterns. Golden Buddha Painting is a vivid creation from the artists hand, representing traditional Buddhist Culture of Peace and Nirvana. The mere glimpse of Buddha Oil Paintings will rejuvenate your sense an more...


    Also Deals In : Canvas Paintings Code No. 513, Flower Paintings Code No.312, Blue Flowers Paintings-code No.027, Flower Paintings Code No.359, Boxes Textured Paintings - Code No.305, Paintings Code No.327, Earth Abstract Paintings-Code No.230, Flower Girl Beauty Paintings Code No.343, Paintings Code No.269, Paintings Code No.299, Paintings Code No.195, Paintings Code No.151, Paintings Code No.130, Paintings Code No. 130A, Paintings Code No.128, Paintings Code No.152, Paintings Code No.418, Paintings Code No.410, Paintings Code No.103, Paintings Code No.126, Paintings Code No.348, Paintings Code No. 349, Paintings Code No.314, Paintings Code No.310, Paintings Code No.316, Paintings Code No.213, Paintings Code No.069, Paintings Code No.399, Paintings Code No.235, Paintings Code No.319, Paintings Code No.267, Paintings Code No.268, Paintings Code No.134, Paintings Code No.143, Paintings Code No.132, Paintings Code No.142, Paintings Code No.212A, Ajanta Caves paintings-Code No.394, Ethnic Design paintings-Code No.232, Kalamkari Paintings Code No.245, Khujrao Temple Paintings Code No.146, Lady Tree Paintings Code No.022, Mirror Palace Paintings Code No.026, Modern Juda Lady Paintings Code No.135, Rajasthani Pujarin Paintings Code No.032, Trinity of God Paintings Code No.025, Spiritual Chakras Paintings Code No.264, Spiritual Jyoti Paintings Code No.262, Sun Paintings Code No.332, Sun Earth People Paintings Code No.034, Violin + Bells Paintings Code No.022, Peacock Paintings Code No. 024, Pots + Landscape Paintings Code No.148, Window + Village Paintings Code No.144, Matka Images-Code No.119, Code No.148, Code No.144, Flower Paintings - Code No.424, Antiqu Paintings Code No.208, Antique paintings-Code No.207, Illusion Light Painting-code No.196, Jharoka paintings-Code No.205, Paintings Code No.421, Landscape paintings-Code No.401, Landscape Modern Peacock - Code No.402, Leaves-Code No.267, Male paintings-Code No.331, Modern Paintings-Code No.407, Nature Paintings-Code No.342, Nature Paintings-Code No.347, Text Leaves Paintings-Code No.364, Text Leaves-Code No.362, Textured Leaves Paintings -Code No.330, Buddha leaves-Code No. 237, Ganesha Paintings-Code No. 350, Modern Ganesha Paintings-Code No. 341, Horses on Paper paintings-Code No. 106, Running Horse Paintings-Code No. 392, Two Horses Paintings-Code No. 061, Krishna Paintings-Code No.- 557, Krishna Radha Paintings-Code No.- 503, Paintings Code No.539, Paintings Code No. - 533, Paintings Code No. 534, Paintings Code No. 535, Paintings Code No. 557, Paintings Code No. 555, Paintings Code No. 554, Paintings Code No.553, Paintings Code No. 552, Paintings Code No. 433, Paintings Code No.434, Canvas Paintings Code No. - 503, Canvas Paintings Code No.510, Canvas Paintings Code No 511, Canvas Paintings Code No 505, Canvas Paintings Code No.509, Canvas Paintings Code No. 512, Canvas Paintings Code No. 525, Canvas paintings Code No. 523, Canvas Paintings Code No. 558, Canvas Paintings Code No. 559, Canvas Paintings Code No. 560, Canvas Paintings Code No. 561, Canvas Paintings Code No. 562, Canvas Paintings Code No. 563, Canvas Paintings Code No. 565, Canvas Painting, water color painting, Modern Abstract Paintings, Traditional Paintings, nature paintings, Ganesha Paintings

    Vijaya Arts

    Lajpat Nagar,Delhi

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  • Saura Painting

    Price : Rs 500 / Piece (Approx)

    • MOQ : 25 Piece(s)
    • Country of Origin : Made in India
    • Usage : Wall Decor Or Gift Someone
    • Material : Silk
    • Packaging Details : Plain Box Or Pipe
    • Size : Assorted

    Also Deals In : warli painting, Saura Painting, Phad Painting, palm leaf painting, Palm Leaf Painting With Golden Grass Frame, gond painting, Decorative Madhubani Painting

    Truly Tribal

    Fatima Nagar,Pune

  • Antique Handmade Painting

    Price : Rs 12 k / Piece (Approx)

    • Usage : Wall Decoration, Home Decoration
    • Material : Wood
    • Medium : Acrylic Colours
    • Specialities : Seamless Design, Scratch Proof, Elegant Attraction
    • Speciality : Lighting Frame with Latkans
    • Style : Realistic

    Also Deals In : Hand Made Mural Painting, Acrylic On Canvas (6 BY 4) painting, floral painting, Wooden Door Handmade Oil Painting in 3D Effect, Fabric Paintings, Handmade Paintings, teracotta paintings, terracotta vase paintings, Oil paintings, acrylic paintings, Nature Handmade Painting, 3D Handmade Painting, Antique Handmade Painting

    Trishna Arts

    Vikas Puri,Delhi

  • Horse Painting

    Price : Rs 900 / Piece (Approx)

    • Print Media : Premium Canvas, Archival Paper
    • Brand : Harmony Arts
    • Size in Inch : 12x16, 18x24, 24x32, 30x40, 36x48
    • Cash on Delivery : Upto Rs 2000
    • Condition : Print Only- Unframed, Stretched Canvas, Black Frame

    Details : Select your Size: Choose the best size that fits your wall. Select condition: You can get it unframed artwork rolled in tube or with frame. Print on Canvas or Archival Paper: It is printed on 350 gsm soft textured Canvas of Archival Paper to give an elegant look. Framin more...


    Also Deals In : Madhubani Painting, gond painting, Rajasthani Painting, god painting, Tanjore Painting, Abstract Painting, Still Life Painting, seascape painting, Landscape Painting, Bird Painting, kids room painting, floral painting, Figurative Painting, animal painting

    Harmony Arts

    Race Course Circle,Vadodara

  • Modern Krishna Painting

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    • Feature : Great Design, Long Lasting
    • Shape : Square
    • Appearance : Classy
    • Size : 14x18 cm
    • Color : Multicolor
    • Packaging Type : Paper Box, Thermocol Box

    Also Deals In : 20x20 Inch Canvas Painting, 18x18 Inch Canvas Painting, 24x24 Inch Canvas Painting, 10x10 Inch Canvas Painting, 8x15 Inch Canvas Painting, 30x42 Inch Canvas Painting, 40x50 Inch Canvas Painting, 24x45 Inch Canvas Painting, 12x18 Inch Canvas Painting, Colorful Abstract Painting, Feather Abstract Painting

    Dayal Art India

    Sector 45,Noida

  • Wall Paintings

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    • Usage : Home, Hotels, Office, etc.
    • Durability : Long Life
    • Size Available : 4 X 4 Ft, 6 X 6 Ft
    • Type : Decorative Items
    • Shape : Square
    • Design : Many attractive designs available

    Our products are formed under the supervisor of experienced quality control managers utilizing only premium materials and the latest technologies. Contact us our customized packaging solutions. Apart from the standard packaging options, we can pack products in wanted amount and s more...


    Also Deals In : Wall Paintings, Panchatantra Vastu Ganesh



  • Glass Paintings

    Price : Rs 400 - Rs 600 / Piece

    • Overall Weight : 200 Gram
    • Special Feature : Includes metallic ornamental decoration
    • Specialities : Seamless Design, Scratch Proof
    • Supply Type : Supplier
    • Usage : Wall Decoration, Home Decoration
    • Packaging Type : Thermocol Box

    Sona Crafts

    Arya Nagar,Firozabad

  • Kalamkari Paintings

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    • Technics : Attractive Pattern, Handloom
    • Material : Cotton
    • Application : For Making Garments
    • Type : Kalamkari Paintings
    • Feature : Anti-Wrinkle, Comfortable, Embroidered

    Being one of the prestigious Exporters and Suppliers, Kala Srusti offers the finest Kalamkari Paintings . The Kalamkari Paintings are intricately created by expert artists. These attractive paintings have huge demand in the world of art, and we can cater to medium as well as bulk more...

    Kala Srusti


  • Acrylic Painting

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    • Durability : Long Life
    • Material : Polyresin
    • Usage : Home, Banquets, etc.
    • Type : Wall Hanging
    • Shape : Rectangle
    • Application : Decoration

    Also Deals In : Marble Dust Paintings, Wooden Inlay Painting, acrylic painting

    Divyansh International

    Sector 14,Udaipur

  • Glass Paintings

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    • Color : Multicolor
    • Appearance : Antique, Classy
    • Type : Glass Painting
    • Material : Glass
    • Frame : Framed
    • Packaging Type : Cartoon Box, Paper Box

    Recce Interior And Exterior


  • People Wall Decor Canvas Painting

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    • Appearance : Classy
    • Shape : Rectangular
    • Color : Multicolor
    • Material : Acrylic, Wood
    • Type : Decorative
    • Size : Standard

    Also Deals In : 5 Gods Tanjore Painting, Alamelu Mangai Thayar Tanjore Painting, Alilai Krishnar Oval Tanjore Painting, Andal Tanjore Painting, Annapoorni Antique Tanjore Painting, Balaji Antique Tanjore Painting, Embossed Antique Tanjore Painting, Lakshmi Tanjore Glass Painting, Oonjal Radha Krishna Tanjore Painting, Peacock Tanjore Glass Painting, Perumal Antique Finish Tanjore Painting, radha krishna tanjore painting, Raja Alankaram Murugan Tanjore Painting, Raja Rajeshwari Amman Tanjore Painting, Ramar Pattabishegam Tanjore Painting, Thayar Balaji Tanjore Painting, 2 Ladies Glass Canvas Oil Painting, Boat Mural Work Wall Painting, Coconut Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, Elephant Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, Flower Vase Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, Flower Vase Wall Decor Canvas Painting, Fruits Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, Gurjari Mural Work Wall Painting, Horse Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, House Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, Leaf Mural M-Seal Wall Decor Painting, Musician Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, People Wall Decor Canvas Painting, Scenery Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, Ship Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, Sivan Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, Statue Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting, Temple Wall Decor Canvas Oil Painting

    Mangala Arts

    Avinashi Road,Coimbatore

  • Old Stamp Paper Paintings

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    • MOQ : 1 Piece(s)
    • Medium : Gouache colours
    • Place of Origin : Pushkar
    • Style : Vintage
    • Brand Name : Shiv shakti art & handicraft
    • Type : Paper painting

    These paintings painted on old stamp paper. Size - 9*14 Inch. Vintage look. Good gifts for new house . more...


    Also Deals In : Silk Paintings, Wild Horses Silk Painting, Horse Portrait, Horse Painting On Velvet, procession silk painting, Velvet Paintings, Miniature Painting, Rajasthani Paintings, Old stamp paper paintings, Elephant Silk painting

  • Madhubani Paintings-wall-08

    Price : Rs 3 k / Piece (Approx)

    • MOQ : 1 Piece(s)
    • Size : 30x30Cm, 40x40Cm, 50x50Cm, 60x60Cm, 70x70Cm
    • Appearance : Common
    • Feature : Elegant Attraction, Fine Finish, Great Design, Long Lasting, Rust Free
    • Color : Multicolor
    • Frame : Framed, Rolled

    Also Deals In : Madhubani Paintings, Madhubani Paintings-Wall-03, Madhubani Paintings-Wall-04, Madhubani Paintings-Wall-05, Madhubani Paintings-Wall-06, Madhubani Paintings-Wall-07, Madhubani Paintings-Wall-08, Madhubani Paintings-Wall-09, Madhubani Paintings-Wall-10

    Ambe Mithila Paintings

    Ratanlal Nagar,Kanpur

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