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Processed Food

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  • Nachos
  • Sabudana Vada
    Sabudana Vada
  • Hot Dog
    Hot Dog
  • Popcorn
  • potato chips
    potato chips
  • Kathi Roll
    Kathi Roll
  • Puffed Rice
    Puffed Rice
  • Banana Chips
    Banana Chips
  • Bakarwadi
  • Chicken Cutlet
    Chicken Cutlet
  • Fryums
  • Masala Papad
    Masala Papad
  • Chicken Burger
    Chicken Burger
  • Roasted Chana
    Roasted Chana
  • Tapioca Chips
    Tapioca Chips
  • Aloo Bhujia
    Aloo Bhujia
  • Roasted Peanuts
    Roasted Peanuts
  • Butter Murukku
    Butter Murukku
  • Potato Wafers
    Potato Wafers
  • Cheese Ball
    Cheese Ball
  • Soya Sticks
    Soya Sticks
  • Vegetable Cutlets
    Vegetable Cutlets
  • Chorafali
  • Corn Chips
    Corn Chips
  • Vegetable Samosa
    Vegetable Samosa
  • Veg Sandwiches
    Veg Sandwiches
  • Fish Sticks
    Fish Sticks
  • Vegetable Pizza
    Vegetable Pizza
  • Puffed Wheat
    Puffed Wheat
  • Rice Crackers
    Rice Crackers
  • Coconut Chips
    Coconut Chips
  • Potato Papad
    Potato Papad
  • Moong Dal Namkeen
    Moong Dal Namkeen
  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget
  • Snack Foods
    Snack Foods
  • Plantain Chips
    Plantain Chips
  • Tomato Chips
    Tomato Chips
  • Fish Burger
    Fish Burger
  • Methi Khakhra
    Methi Khakhra
  • Fried Snacks
    Fried Snacks
  • Fruit Snacks
    Fruit Snacks
  • Roasted Nuts
    Roasted Nuts
  • Onion Chips
    Onion Chips
  • Rice Snacks
    Rice Snacks
  • Veg Burger Patty
    Veg Burger Patty
  • Potato Sticks
    Potato Sticks
  • Aloo Lachha
    Aloo Lachha
  • Vegetable Chips
    Vegetable Chips
  • Roasted Food
    Roasted Food
  • Roasted Cashew
    Roasted Cashew
  • Masala Khakhra
    Masala Khakhra
  • Khatta Meetha Namkeen
    Khatta Meetha Namkeen
  • Nachani Papad
    Nachani Papad
  • Mixture Namkeen
    Mixture Namkeen
  • Healthy Food Snacks
    Healthy Food Snacks
  • Coated Peanuts
    Coated Peanuts
  • Salted Cashews
    Salted Cashews
  • Salted Snacks
    Salted Snacks
  • Corn Sticks
    Corn Sticks
  • Roasted Namkeens
    Roasted Namkeens
  • Garlic Chips
    Garlic Chips
  • Salted Peanut
    Salted Peanut
  • Taco Chips
    Taco Chips
  • Soya Namkeen
    Soya Namkeen
  • Suji Papad
    Suji Papad
  • Red Chilli Papad
    Red Chilli Papad
  • Falahari Namkeen
    Falahari Namkeen
  • Pav Bhaji Khakhra
    Pav Bhaji Khakhra
  • Baked Snack
    Baked Snack
  • Dehydrated Potato Chips
    Dehydrated Potato Chips
  • Fish Snack
    Fish Snack
  • Snack Stick
    Snack Stick
  • Flavored Cashew Nuts
    Flavored Cashew Nuts
  • Jeera Khakhra
    Jeera Khakhra
  • Cassava Chip
    Cassava Chip
  • Chana Papad
    Chana Papad
  • Snacks Pellet
    Snacks Pellet
  • Fried Nuts
    Fried Nuts
  • Processed Cashew Nuts
    Processed Cashew Nuts
  • Salted Nuts
    Salted Nuts
  • Raw Kurkure
    Raw Kurkure
  • Kothmir Marcha Khakhra
    Kothmir Marcha Khakhra
  • Garlic Papads
    Garlic Papads
  • Matthi Snack
    Matthi Snack
  • Potato Snacks Pellet
    Potato Snacks Pellet
  • Tomato Wafers
    Tomato Wafers
  • Chivda Namkeen
    Chivda Namkeen
  • Chilli Garlic Khakhra
    Chilli Garlic Khakhra
  • Applam Papad
    Applam Papad
  • Frozen Samosa
    Frozen Samosa
  • Boondi Namkeen
    Boondi Namkeen

Popular Processed Food Products

  • Roasted Peanuts Brownish roasted groundnut

    Roasted Peanuts Brownish roasted groundnut

    105 /Kilogram

    SKV Global Traders, Imports & Exports

  • dry roasted peanut

    dry roasted peanut

    107 /Kilogram

    Krishna Foods

  • Carton mahesh roasted chana

    Carton mahesh roasted chana

    5 /Pack

    Mahesh Namkeen Private Limited

  • Brownish Hard Roasted Groundnuts

    Brownish Hard Roasted Groundnuts

    200 /Pack

    Vedic Neutraceuticals

  • Light Yellow Heaven Foods maggie flavour banana chips

    Light Yellow Heaven Foods maggie flavour banana chips

    250 - 300 /Kilogram

    Heaven Food Industries

  • Pure Light Yellow round red chilli papad

    Pure Light Yellow round red chilli papad

    165 /Kilogram

    Arun Murugaa

  • Dry Natural banarasi aloo papad

    Dry Natural banarasi aloo papad

    250 /Kilogram

    Guru Kripa Udyog

    • Maggi Flavoured Banana Chips

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      • Pack Type : Packet
      • Sodium : 6mg per 100g
      • Total Carbohydrate : 58g per 100g
      • Shelf Life : 4-6 Months
      • Pack Size (Gram) : 1 kg
      • Protein : 2.3g per 100g

      Also Deals In : salty banana chips, flavored banana chips, Banana Chips, Cheese Flavoured Banana Chips, Garlic Flavoured Banana Chips, Jaljeera Flavoured Banana Chips, Kalimiri Flavoured Banana Chips, Khatta Meetha Flavoured Banana Chips, Maggi Flavoured Banana Chips, Masala Flavoured Banana Chips, Pudina Flavoured Banana Chips, Salty Flavoured Banana Chips, Tomato Flavoured Banana Chips, Chinese Flavoured Banana Chips, Kurkure Flavoured Banana Chips

      Synergy Food Industries


    • Banana Chips

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      • Packaging Type : Plastic Packet
      • Taste : Crunchy
      • Packaging Size : 1kg, 500gm
      • Color : Light Yellow
      • Application : Snacks
      • Shelf Life : 1 Year

      We urge you to try our vast range of popular banana chips. At Samyak Multiproduct INC, we are the most reliable banana chip suppliers in India for sourcing the product from manufacturers who pick the choicest bananas to prepare the chips. Based in Jaipur, we promise our variety o more...


      Also Deals In : Banana Chips, Potato Chips

      Samyak Multiproduct INC

      Subhash Nagar,Jaipur

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    • Banana Chips

      Price : Rs 250 / Kilogram (Approx)

      • Taste : Crunchy, Salty, Sweet
      • Packaging Type : Gunny Bag, Plastic Packet
      • Supply Type : Supplier
      • Color : Light Yellow
      • Carbohydrate : 16.9%
      • Feature : Hygienically Packed, No Artificial Color

      Also Deals In : Banana Chips, Tapioca Chips, Banana Chips, Potato Chips, Tapioca Chips

      Arc Impex


    • Biryani Banana Chips

      Price : Rs 250 - Rs 300 / Kilogram

      • Texture : Soft
      • Type : Baked
      • Main Ingredient : Banana
      • Supply Ability : 1000 Box/Boxes per Day
      • Quality : Optimum
      • Style : Dried

      Also Deals In : Tomato flavored banana chips, Black pepper flavored banana chips, Biriyani flavored banana chips, thatta crispy snacks, Biryani Banana Chips, black pepper banana chips, Cheese Banana Chips, Golden Banana Chips, Mint Banana Chips, Maggie Flavour Banana Chips, Tomato Flavoured Banana Chips

      Heaven Food Industries


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    • Pudina Corn Pasta Fryums

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      • Ingredients : Corn Starch, Gram Flour, Edible Oil, Salt and Pudina Flavour
      • Brand Name : Evercrunch Snacks
      • Feature : Easy to digest, Low fat, Non-oily
      • Packaging Type : Plastic Packet
      • Packaging Size : 40-250 Grams
      • Flavour : Pudina

      Also Deals In : American Style Potato Chips, Pepper Banana Chips, potato jali wafers, Cheese Potato Sticks, Potato Sticks, Schezwan Sticks, soya sticks, Tomato Sticks, diet chiwda, Masala Chiwda, potato chiwda, Sabudana Chiwda, Masala Papdi, Sev Papdi, cheese balls, cheese puffs, cheese rings, Corn Pasta Fryums, Manchurian Rings, Plain Potato Sev, Pudina Corn Pasta Fryums, Red Chilli Shell Papad, Spicy Aloo Tikki Fryums, Tomato Triangles, Cumin Khakhra, Methi Khakhra, Methi Masala Khakhra, Pav Bhaji Khakhra, crispy potato wafers, Cheese Halka Fulka Fryums, Plain Hot Shot Fryums, Plain Timepass Fryums, Plain Potato Shell Fryums, Chilli Potato Shell Fryums, Spicy Halka Fulka Fryums, Spicy Time Pass Fryums, Spicy Zigzag Fryums, Plain Zigzag Fryums, Spicy Hot Shot Fryums, Roasted Chana, Salted Peanut, MANCHURIAN STICKS, Cheese Ball, SALTED NALLI

      Ever Crunch

      Dombivli East,Pune

    • Crunchy Cups Fryums

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      • Taste : Salty
      • Storage : Cool and Dry Place
      • Moisture Content (%) : 5
      • Brand Name : Nakoda
      • Shelf Life : 6 Months
      • Fat Content (%) : 5

      Also Deals In : Potato Chips, Tomato Chips, Mixture Namkeen, Aloo Bhujia Namkeen, falahari namkeen, snacks, Malvi Mixture Namkeen, Moong Dal Namkeen, Falahari Mix Spicy Namkeen, Sangam Mixture Namkeen, Khatta Mitha Mixture Namkeen, Raita Boondi Namkeen, Falahari Sev Namkeen, Crunchy Sticks Fryums, Time Pass Fryums, Chill Out Fryums, Party Time Fryums, Crunchy Cups Fryums, Mast Masala Potato Chips, Cream & Onion Potato Chips, Pepper Salt Flavoured Patato Chips, Tasty Salted Patato Chips, Tomato Flavoured Potato Chips, Chana Masala Papad, Garlic Bhakarwadi, Masala Triangle, Methi Mathri, Methi Roll, Sasdi Mathri, Shahi Dryfruit Mixture, Roasted Peanuts

      Nakoda Foods Marketing

      Dhar Road,Indore

    • Non Fried Dehydrated Potato Chips

      Price : Rs 46 / Pack (Approx)

      • Specialty : Organic
      • Snack Packaging : Packet
      • Protein ( Per 100g) : 2.5g
      • Flavour : Classic Salted
      • Diet Fibre ( Per 100g) : 2.2g
      • Carbohydrates (Total) ( Per 100g) : 21g

      Also Deals In : Non Fried Dehydrated Potato Chips, Potato Tikli Chips, Dehydrated Crispy Potato Chips, Dehydrated Potato Lachha Chips

    • Garlic Papad

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      • Shape : Round
      • Type : Garlic Papads
      • Feature : Delicious Taste, Easy To Digest, No Added Preservatives
      • Packaging Type : Plastic Packet
      • Taste : Salty
      • Country of Origin : India

      Also Deals In : nachani papad, batata papad, Aloo Papad, Masala Papad, Garlic Papad, Green Chilli Potato Papad, Red Chilli Potato Papad

      M/s Sitai Graugh Udyog

      Dist- Raigad,Navi Mumbai

    • Aloo Bhujia Namkeen

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      • Application : Snacks
      • Packaging Size : 100gm, 200gm, 250gm
      • MOQ/Price : As Per Customer Rs100-400/Packet
      • Certification : FSSAI Certified
      • Packaging Type : Paper Box, Plastic Packet
      • Country of Origin : India

      Also Deals In : Aloo Bhujia Namkeen, Chana Moong Dal Namkeen, Kuttu Atta Mixture Namkeen, Mixture Namkeen, Palak Boondi Namkeen, potato wafer

      Narula Bakers


    • Palak Chivda Namkeen

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      • Fat : 10gm
      • Variety : Chivda
      • Application : Snacks
      • Type : Chivda Namkeen
      • Taste : Spicy
      • Feature : Easy To Digest, Free From Impurities, Low Fat

      Also Deals In : Mahalaxmi Chivda Namkeen, Papad Chivda Namkeen, Poha Chivda Namkeen, Chinese Samosa, Patti Samosa, Sezwan Roll, Diet Masala Chivda Namkeen, Diet Sada Chivda Namkeen, Khatta Meetha Chivda Namkeen, Palak Chivda Namkeen, Wheat Chivda Namkeen, Sabudana Chivda Namkeen, Fulwadi Snacks, Moong Dal Namkeen, Butter Stick, sev puri, pepper potato chips, Masti Masala Potato Wafers, Tangy Tomato Potato Wafers, Cream Onion Potato Wafers, Cream Onion Ruffles, Methi Muthiya Snacks, Frozen Samosa, Soya Stick, Masala Butter Chakali, Sada Butter Chakali, Tikha Boondi Namkeen

      Munchin Foods

      Rabale,Navi Mumbai

    • Anand Rajasthani Chana Lahsun Papad

      Price : Rs 40 / Gram (Approx)

      • MOQ : 30 Kilogram
      • Diameter : 5-8 Inch
      • Weight : 200 gram
      • Brand : Anand (Rajasthani)
      • Packaging Size : 100-400 Pieces
      • Shelf Life : 4 Months

      Also Deals In : Anand Rajasthani Punjabi Masala Papad, Chana Masala Lahsun Papad, Anand Rajasthani Chana Lahsun Papad, Anand Rajasthani Garlic Papad, Anand Rajasthani Masala Lahsun Papad, Moong Lahsun Papad, Anand Rajasthani Chana Masala Papad, Anand Rajasthani Chana Methi Papad, Jeera Khakhra, Masala Khakhra, Methi Khakhra

      Anand Food Products


    • J. J. Garlic Fryums Katri

      Price : Rs 30 / Pack (Approx)

      • MOQ : 50 Kilogram
      • Supply Type : Manufacturer
      • Type : Ready to fry or roast
      • Shelf Life : 12 Months
      • Pack Size : 200 gm (Also available in 400g, 500g and 1 kg)
      • Brand Name : J.J.

      Also Deals In : J.J. Potato Fryums Chips, J.J. Banana Fryums Chips, J. J. Garlic Fryums Chips, J. J. Garlic Fryums Katri, J.J. Butter Onion Waffer Chips, J.J. Tomato Fryums Rings, J.J. Tomato Fryums Sev, Mixed Fryums, Aachar Masala Khakhra, Jeera Khakhra, Masala Khakhra, Methi Khakhra

    • Mahalaxmi Chivda

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      • Available Pouch Size : 6 oz. (170g)/ 12 oz. (340g)/ 2lbs(908g) with attractive 3 layer packing
      • Oil Used : Yes
      • Shelf Life : 6 Months
      • Supply Type : Manufacturer
      • Brand Name : Chheda's
      • Packaging Type : Plastic Packet

      Also Deals In : Yellow Banana Chips, Salt-N-Pepper Banana Chips, Long Masala Banana Chips, Tomato Banana Chips, Golden Potato Chips, Salted Criss Cross Potato Chips, Masala Criss Cross Potato Chips, Roasted Poha Chivda, Diet Poha Chivda, Mahalaxmi Chivda, Golden Mixture Namkeen, Mix Farsan, Farali Potato Chivda, Bhavnagri Gathiya, Soya Snax, Bhajani Chakli, Cheese Ball, Chheda's Cornflakes Chivda, Chheda's Khatta Meetha, Chheda's Roasted Chana - Lemon Pudina, Chheda's Roasted Chana - Hing Jeera, Mangalori Mix

      Chheda Specialities Foods Pvt. Ltd.

      Kandivali West,Mumbai

    • Aloo Bhujia

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      • Application : Snacks
      • Feature : Easy To Digest, Good In Taste
      • Brand Name : Rajdhani
      • Taste : Salty, Spicy
      • Storage : Store in a cool & dry place
      • Packaging Size : 250gm

      Crisp Aloo Bhujia flavored with a few drops of lemon juice can make for a perfect snack. We offer lip-smacking Aloo Bhujia that is prepared using high-quality ingredients. It contains the richness of Pure Ghee and selected spices. We can make available Aloo Bhujia in different pa more...


      Also Deals In : Aloo Bhujia, Aloo Bhujia Namkeen, Mixture Namkeen

      Sachin Trading Company


    • Indian Masala Cheese Ball

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      • Color : Creamy
      • Type : Snacks
      • Certification : Fssai
      • Form : Balls
      • Packaging Type : Plastic Packet
      • Flavour : Indian Masala

      Also Deals In : Indian Masala Cheese Ball, Tomato Tangy Cheese Ball, Exotic Magic Masala Potato Chip, Masala Twist Potato Chip

      B.S.Jain Agro Pvt Ltd

      Rajeev Nagar Ward,Sagar

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