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  • Buchholz Relay
    Buchholz Relay
  • Earth Fault Relay
    Earth Fault Relay
  • Electromagnetic Relay
    Electromagnetic Relay
  • Overcurrent Relay
    Overcurrent Relay
  • Directional Relay
    Directional Relay
  • Static Relay
    Static Relay
  • Earth Leakage Relay
    Earth Leakage Relay
  • Motor Protection Relay
    Motor Protection Relay
  • Reverse Power Relay
    Reverse Power Relay
  • Protective Relays
    Protective Relays
  • APFC Relay
    APFC Relay
  • Solid State Relays
    Solid State Relays
  • Latching Relay
    Latching Relay
  • Thermal Relay
    Thermal Relay
  • Over Voltage Relay
    Over Voltage Relay
  • Phase Sequence Relay
    Phase Sequence Relay
  • AC Relay
    AC Relay
  • Control Relay
    Control Relay
  • Differential Protection Relay
    Differential Protection Relay
  • Power Relays
    Power Relays
  • Undervoltage Relay
    Undervoltage Relay
  • Electrical Relays
    Electrical Relays
  • Electromechanical Relays
    Electromechanical Relays
  • Pneumatic Relay
    Pneumatic Relay
  • Current Relay
    Current Relay
  • Field Failure Relay
    Field Failure Relay
  • Magnetic Relay
    Magnetic Relay
  • Reed Relays
    Reed Relays
  • Tripping Relay
    Tripping Relay
  • Industrial Relay
    Industrial Relay
  • Time Delay Relays
    Time Delay Relays
  • Miniature Relay
    Miniature Relay
  • DC Relays
    DC Relays
  • Current Monitoring Relay
    Current Monitoring Relay
  • Check Synchronising Relay
    Check Synchronising Relay
  • Overload Relays
    Overload Relays
  • Hermetically Sealed Relay
    Hermetically Sealed Relay
  • Timing Relay
    Timing Relay
  • Signal Relay
    Signal Relay
  • Thermal Overload Relays
    Thermal Overload Relays
  • General Purpose Relay
    General Purpose Relay
  • Headlamp Relays
    Headlamp Relays
  • Miniature Power Relay
    Miniature Power Relay
  • Frequency Relays
    Frequency Relays
  • Electrical Control Relay
    Electrical Control Relay
  • Phase Failure Relays
    Phase Failure Relays
  • Meter Relay
    Meter Relay
  • Single Phase Protection Relay
    Single Phase Protection Relay
  • Sugar Cube Relays
    Sugar Cube Relays
  • Timer Relays
    Timer Relays
  • Air Conditioning Relay
    Air Conditioning Relay
  • Switching Relays
    Switching Relays
  • Synchronizing Relay
    Synchronizing Relay
  • Starter Relays
    Starter Relays
  • Short Circuit Protection Relay
    Short Circuit Protection Relay
  • Starting Relay
    Starting Relay
  • Panel Mount Relay
    Panel Mount Relay
  • Vacuum Relays
    Vacuum Relays
  • Voltage Relays
    Voltage Relays
  • Magnetic Latching Relay
    Magnetic Latching Relay
  • Safety Relays
    Safety Relays
  • Pump Protection Relays
    Pump Protection Relays
  • PCB Power Relay
    PCB Power Relay
  • High Voltage Relays
    High Voltage Relays
  • Digital Protection Relay
    Digital Protection Relay
  • Telecom Relays
    Telecom Relays
  • Ground Fault Relay
    Ground Fault Relay
  • Auxiliary Relays
    Auxiliary Relays
  • Alarm Relay
    Alarm Relay
  • Voltage Monitor Relay
    Voltage Monitor Relay
  • Single Phase Relay
    Single Phase Relay
  • Changeover Relay
    Changeover Relay
  • IDMT Relay
    IDMT Relay

Popular Relays Products

  • Omron relay

    Omron relay

    135 /Piece

    Aarna Enterprise

  • beluk apfc relay

    beluk apfc relay

    12 k /Piece

    Cos Phi Electricals

  • mu overload relay

    mu overload relay

    676 /Piece

    Synergy Enterprises

  • 16 amp 12vdc general purpose relays

    16 amp 12vdc general purpose relays

    50 - 1 k /Piece

    E Control Devices

  • Electric Relay

    Electric Relay

    325 - 375 /Piece

    Trust-high Sales & Marketing

  • Carton Box 110V Base Mounting zander aachen safety relay

    Carton Box 110V Base Mounting zander aachen safety relay

    6 k /Piece

    Zema Automation & Controls Pvt Ltd

  • self powered relay

    self powered relay

    17 k /Piece

    Adlite Electricals

  • apfc relays

    apfc relays

    9 k /Piece

    PS Power Controls

  • headlight relay

    headlight relay

    74 - 77 /Piece

    Jagdamba Auto Electric Parts

  • 5 Pin headlamp relay

    5 Pin headlamp relay

    100 /Piece

    Progressive Automotives Pvt. Ltd.

  • Dual Headlamp Relay

    Dual Headlamp Relay

    200 /Piece

    Rajashree International Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

  • rccb relay

    rccb relay

    350 /Piece

    Industrial General Agencies

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    • Peco 0118 Tata Ace Type -2 Tata Ace Radiator Fan Relay

      Price : Rs 300 / Piece (Approx)

      • Suitable Vehicle : Tata Ace
      • Rated Current : 20A
      • Warranty : 1 Year
      • Brand Name : Peco
      • Pack Size : 100PCS/Box
      • Voltage : 12V

      The complete assortment of raw material sourced undergoes stern examinations by the professionals to keep the quality standards high. Owing to this, we are capable of bringing forth exceptional quality products. Ours is the noted name involved in providing excellent support in tr more...


      Also Deals In : Peco 0131 Headlamp Relay 5 Pin Telco Type, Peco 0118 Tata Ace Type -2 Tata Ace Radiator Fan Relay, Peco 0119 Type - 3 Tata Ace Radiator Fan Relay

      Progressive Automotives Pvt. Ltd.


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    • Aldp Series Power Relay

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      • MOQ : 100 Piece(s)
      • Brand Name : Panasonic
      • Place of Origin : japan
      • Model Number : ALDP105W
      • Application : Air Conditioner , Hot Water Units

      We are supplier  of Power Relay(LD-P RELAYS (ALDP) series  in all over India.   Power Relay(LD-P RELAYS (ALDP) series :- Product Code  -  LD-P RELAYS (ALDP) Brand Name  -  panasonic   Features : Nominal switching capacity -  5A 277V AC more...


      Also Deals In : 16A SPST-NO PCB Power Relays - G2RL Series, 90A Latching Relay for Energy Meters - DZ-S, telecom relays, Lighting Control Relays, 90a Latching Relay, High Inrush Current Type Latching Relay - Dw-h Series, 5a Slim Power Relay - Aldp Series, Compact Size Power Relay, Low Profile Surface Mount Relay - Tq Series, High Capacity Dc Cut Off Power Relay - Aep Series, Low profile Safety Relays - Panasonic Sf-y Series, Compact Pc Board Power Relay - Jw Series, High Capacity Dc Power Relays, 10a Power Relays - Alq Series, Small Size Power Relay, High Electrical & Mechanical Noise Immunity Relay- Jq Series, Power Relay for Home Appliances, Non Polarized Low Profile Power Relay - Alz Series, 16a Latching Relay - Panasonic Dw Series, Low Power Consumption Relay - Panasonic He-s Series, 60 Amp Latching Relays, latching relays, Photovoltaic Power Solutions Relays, Telecom Signal Relays, Low Amp Relay, Home Appliances Relays, 80 Amp Latching Relays, Magnetic Latching Relays, 120a Latching Relays, Miniature Power Relays, 5 Amp Slim Power Relay, Overload Relay ZB32-2,4, 278448, miniature relay, Polarized Power Relays, Electronic Overload Relays ZB12-0,6, 278434, Automotive Relay ,Automotive PCB relay, 4Amp Non Latching Power Relay, PCB Low Signal Relay - DS2E-S-DC5V, 4Amp Non Latching Relay S3-24VDC, 10 Amp Low Profile Relays, OMRON RELAYS,OVERLOAD RELAYS,SOLID STATE RELAYS, 2a2b/3a1b/4Amp Polarized Power Relays S Series, Latching Single Coil Relay, Sugar Cube Relay, PCB Signal Relays ,Solid State Relays, Home Appliances Relay G2RL-1-E-DC12, Industrial Relay JW2ASN-DC12, Miniature pcb power relays, Omron Power Relays,10A PCB Power relays,, Panasonic PCB Power Relay, PCB Solid State Relays, G4A -E pcb power relays, Thermal Overload Relay, Coil latching Relay ADW1124HTW, PCB Mount Relay, Miniature Power Relay, general purpose relay, pcb relays, Pcb Power Relay, Power Relay, under voltage relay, Over Voltage Relay, 8AMP Latching Single Coil Relay, Non -Latching Low Signal Relays, NON-LATCHING Low Signal Relay - AGN20024, 5A SPST Slim Power Relays - ALDP Series, 5amp Slim Power Relays - ALDP112W, 24Vdc SPST Power Relays, Relays, 10A Miniature PCB Power Relays - ALQ Series, 10A PCB Power Relays, PCB Mount SSR - AQH3223A, 12Vdc Non Latching Signal Relay - DS2E-M-DC12V, Panasonic PCB Signal Relay - DS2E-S-DC24V, PCB Mount Signal Relay - DS2Y-S-DC24V, 2Amp DPDT Low Signal Relays, Signal Relays - DS2Y-S-DC5V, 24Vdc Signal Relays, 5A Power Relays - DSP2A Series, PCB Signal Relays - TX2-12V, 2A PCB Signal Relays -TX2-L-3V, PCB Power Relay - G2RL-1A4-E DC5, 16A Omron General Purpose Relay, Omron Relays, 5VDC General Purpose Relays, Electromechanical Relays, General purpose Relays, 24VDC Power relay - G2RL-1-E-DC24, 20A SPST Current PCB Power Relays, 10A SPDT PCB Relay - G5LE-14 DC12, 7AMP Slim Power Relay -G5NB Series, 5VDC PCB Power Relay, 1Amp DPDT PCB signal Relay, 10A SPDT Low Profile Relays, 12VDC SPDT SEALED PCB Power Relays, Electrical PCB Power Relay, 5Amp NON-LATCHING PCB POWER RELAY, 5A DPDT PCB Power Relays, PCB Mount Non-Latching Relays, Non Latching Relay-S2 Series, PCB Power Relay - S2EB-24V, 4amp Non Latching Relays, 16A Automatic electronic healthy phase selection relay -PEF-301, 2 channel timer relay DPDT -REV-201M, Single Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay, 3 Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay-RNPP-311M, PA-N Series PLC Relays, 3A/5A Power Relays - LA Series, 25 amp Power Relay - G7J Series, 40Amp power relays -G7Z Series, EATON CUTLER HAMMER Power Relay- D15CR22AB, 15 AMP DC Power Relay-G9EJ-1-E Series, Industrial Relays-RER Series, G6B PCB POWER RELAYS, General Purpose Relays - G2R -S Series, Panasonic Power Relay 10amp 12VDC Part JW1FSN-DC12V, PCB Power Relay- G5NB-EL Series, PCB Power Relay G5Q-EL Series, ADW1 Series Power Relay, ALDP Series Power Relay, G2RL Series Power Relay, G5NB-EL PCB Power Relay, G5Q-EL Series Power Relay, G5RL-U-K-PCB Power Relay, General Purpose Power Relay, Miniature Power Relays - MY2N Series, G6DN-1A DC24 -5 Amp Pcb Power Relays, Power Relays -ADW1112HLW, Latching Relay DW-H Series - ADW1124HTW, Power Relays - HEV2aN-P-DC24V, Solid State Relays - G3VM Series, Power Limiting Relay - OM-163, Three Phase Monitoring Relays - RNPP-312, Voltage Monitoring Relay -RN118, Time Delay Relay - REV-120, 16 amp 12vdc General Purpose Relays G2RL Series, Surface Mounting Relay, JW1FSN- 24VDC - Panasonic - General Purpose Relay SPDT

      E Control Devices

      Sector 16,Faridabad

    • Thermal Overload Relay

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      • Supply Type : Manufacturer

      We are engaged in the Manufacturing and Supplying of superior quality Thermal Overload Relay . The Thermal Overload Relays are economic electromechanical protection devices for the main circuit. This range of Thermal Overload Relay offers reliable protection for motors in the eve more...

      Divya Switchgear


    • Axis Goldline Series Single Phase Solid State Relays

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      • Application : Industrial Use
      • Feature : Accuracy, Auto Controller, Dipped In Epoxy Resin, Durable, Heat Resistance, High Performance
      • Type : Solid State Relays
      • Frequency : 60Hz
      • Material : Aluminium
      • Warranty : 1yr

      Also Deals In : 4- 20 mA Single Phase Solid State Relays, Axis Goldline Series Single Phase Solid State Relays, Long Body Single Phase Solid State Relays, 4- 20 mA Double Phase Solid State Relays, Axis 44 Series Double Phase Solid State Relays, 4- 20 mA Three Phase Solid State Relay, 100 to 300 Three Phase Solid State Relays, Solid State Relays

      Dydac Controls

      Mayur Vihar,Delhi

    • Omron Relay

      Price : Rs 135 / Piece (Approx)

      • MOQ : 10 nos
      • Warranty : 1 Year
      • Feature : Durable
      • Certification : CE Certified
      • Brand Name : Omron
      • Use for : Power Control

      Also Deals In : C&S Relay, Schneider Relay, Omron relay

      Aarna Enterprise


    • 4 Pin Relay

      Price : Rs 27 - Rs 30 / Piece

      • MOQ : 10 Piece(s)
      • Number of Poles : 4
      • Voltage Type : DC
      • Voltage : 12V ,24V
      • Color : Black
      • Use : Automotive Industries

      We have parted our infrastructure into several units and one of them is storehouse. We update it on regular basis so as to meet stated industry standards. Placed in puranpur(India), is capable of catering to local as well as domestic markets without any hassle. more...


      Also Deals In : 4 Pin Relay, headlight relay

    • Solid State Relays

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      • MOQ : 1 to 500 Piece(s)
      • Feature : Stable Performance
      • Voltage : 240 V
      • Range : 3A to 300 A
      • Application : Industrial Use
      • Brands Available : Satronix, Unison, Crydom, Celduc, Omron

      Also Deals In : Solid State Relays, telecom relays, Thyristor Module

      Component Masters

      Lamington Road,Mumbai

    • Electrical Relay

      Price : Rs 200 - Rs 4 k / Piece

      • Type : Electrical Relays
      • Voltage : 220V
      • Frequency : 50Hz, 60Hz
      • Application : Electrical Use
      • Operating Temperature : -25 +85deg C
      • Material : Polyester Film

      Rudra Tech. Enterprises


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