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Institutional Furniture

We offer the best product range of DC-100X Blood Donor Couch and DC-80X Blood Donor Couch.

DC-100X Blood Donor Couch

  • Dimension 72" x 24" W x 48" H
  • Lifting capacity Upto 200 kg
  • Gross Weight 90 kg
  • Operation 200 V AC, greared motor 0 operations fuction - remte control
  • Arm Rest Swing in / swing out, Up / Down
  • Scope 8 delivery Remote switch / 2 arm rests / head rest

DC-100X Blood Donor Couch is a completely automatic enveloping, variable tilt chair. DC-100X wax specifically designed to make blood withdrawals easier, safe and functional, and it then turned to be perfect also for other diagnostic and therapeutic areas. The possibility to taking a semi orthopneic position, which is undoubtedly preferred by patients or blood donors compared with the dorsal position lying on a bed makes long blood transfusion chemotherapeutical or hemodialysis session more bearable. Immediate position shift, In case of lipothymia a light pressure on the control button makes the whole chair immediately slide along its transversal axis, thus lowering the head and raising the legs, in a moderate Trandeleburg position. As a consequence it favours a rapid blood flow to the brain districts and an immediate recovery from the lipothymial state. Slowly and gradually the position is then brought back to the initial semi-seated and then upright position, in order to avoid orthostatic hypotension events. DC-100X can be equipped with a practical I.V.rod, with a height-ad-justable hook, that can be easily installed on both sides. These characteristics make the DC-100X couch the ideal solution for Blood Transfusion, Diagnostic Analysis lab and Day Hospitals.

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DC-80X Blood Donor Couch

  • Dimension 72" x 24" W x 48" H
  • Lifting capacity Upto 180 kg
  • Gross Weight 80 kg
  • Operation Remote Control with 2 motors
  • Arm Rest Swing in / swing out, Up / Down
  • Scope 8 delivery Remote switch / 2 arm rests / head rest

DC-80X is a Blood Collection donor chair with Two Actutators. DC-80X adjusts to a Blood donor position. Even like a comfortable chair. Moves electronically from armchair to full recliner with comfortable blood donation position. Best of all, this chair folds up like traditional patio recliners and can be shifted anywhere in blood donation room. Progressively adjustable from sitting to doctor recommended, zero gravity reclining. The DC-80X chair has easy to use levers under armrests for locking in your desired position. The poly vinyl cushion make this chair ultra-comfortable while the solid mild steel frame makes it extremely strong Et sturdy. Highly elegant and comfortable armrest can be adjusted on both sides of the armrest for donor comfort and venepuncture. DC 80X is build with high grade mild stainless steel, to reduce the risk of breakage. Two electrically operated Actutators lowers back ir feet portions with a press of a button. (Battery model optional at extra cost)

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