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Lab Instrument

We offer the best product range of PE-20X Plasma Expressor and PE-30X Plasma Expressor.

PE-20X Plasma Expressor

  • Weight 2.5 kg.
  • Warranty 6 Month
  • Plasma Expressor (PE-20X) Manual / Electronic AC 220 Volts Operated (PE-30X).
  • Mode of operation PE-20X Manual & PE-30X (Electronic).
  • Modal PE-20X
  • Condition New

Details : Mechanical Accessory for Transferring of Plasma to the satellite bags. Suitable to extract blood components (Plasma and platelets) from all types of Blood Bag systems available in the market. Front panel spring loaded o exert uniform pressure on plastic blood bags for transfer of blood components. Compression plate made of durable transparent acrylic material 8 mm thick. Metal used for equipment non-corrosive and can be cleaned with disinfectant. Base and vertical portion of the equipment body powder coated and sturdy enough to hold the blood bags in vertical position. Compartment provided at the back to contain satellite bags. Storage Box built in to contain clips & other accessories. Light embedded in the acrylic plate to ensure a view of complete transfer of plasma (Optional).

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PE-30X Plasma Expressor

  • Weight 3 kgs.
  • Material 100% stainless steel hardware.
  • Warranty 6 Month
  • Power 220 Volts AC, 50 Hz.
  • Condition New
  • Modal No. PE-30X

Details : Automatic clamping on detection of Red Cells without plasma contamination. Spring loaded equipment exerting uniform pressure on blood filled bags, for ease of separation. Built-in buzzer for indicating completion. Can be connected in series for multiple units with one mains power source. Electrically operated on AC 220Volts / 50 Hz. S.M.P.S. based equipment. Light detection sensors embedded to disallow passing of red cells.

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