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ASH Earthing Electrodes

ASH Earthing Electrodes

Expect pioneering features, utmost conductivity and protracted service life from our ASH Earthing Electrodes. We are enlisted amid the reliable Suppliers of ASH Earthing Electrodes from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The offered Earthing Electrodes are fastidiously checked to confirm compliance with the industry stipulated standards. As per buyer’s discretion, the ASH Earthing Electrodes are provided at feasible prices.


What IS S.E.E.?
Ash  Safe Earthing Electrode (S.E.E) is dedicated to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for your grounding requirements. Ash is a corrosion-free grounding system ideal for almost all types of soil conditions and environments.

Ash Safe Earthing Electrode (S.E.E) is tested and certified by various independent testing laboratories like Central Power Research Institute (C.P.R.I) Bhopal & R D S O, Lucknow. During last few years of installations have proved the validity of this product by ensuring the earth resistance values at different sites.

Ash Safe Earthing Electrode (S.E.E) by utilizing the metal alloys and natural compounds, is able to provide a multifaceted proactive highly conductive and corrosion free earthing. The electrode is manufactured from custom-made G.I. Tube with adequate galvanization (i.e., more than 80-100 M) to ensure maximum conductivity and prolonged service life. The Ash contains a conductor rich crystalline mixture that protects the main earth electrode from corrosion in the soil.

  • Weight : 50-100gm
  • Thickness : 5-7mm
  • Brand Name : ASH
  • Application : Earthing Purpose
  • Finishing : Polished
  • Length : 250-500mm
  • Current Type : AC, DC
  • Material : Aluminium

Comparison Between Traditional Method Of Earthing And Ash Earthing Electrode (S.E.E).

Ash Safe Earthing Electrode Traditional Method of Earthing
There are two pipes. One Inside. The other i.e. Pipe - in - Pipe Technology One G.I. / C.I. Pipe of Particular Diameter.
Safe Earth Electrode is not in direct Contact with the soil. Safe Earth Electrode is not in direct Contact with the soil.
Absence of Corrosion Liable to fast corrasion. Subsequent Decay of Earthing Pipe/plate.
Galvanization is Adequate i.e. 80-100 Microns.

Galvanization is not adequate.

Partically no need to change i.e. fir and forget Partically no need to change i.e. fir and forget

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