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Transfluthrin mosquito repellant chemical

Transfluthrin mosquito repellant chemical

INR 10.80 / 10 Gram ( Approx )

Which dimefluthrin would be better quality?Dimefluthrin is light yellow clear oily liquid,not brown,not precipitated.

If you received sample like anyone of below,please just throw it away,not to use in your mosquito coil or any other product.

These dimefluthrin is never accepted by China mosquito coil factories,too low quality.

Besides the color problem,another way to tell them is the ‘shape’. It seems as liquid under high temperature at beginning,however,once the temperature gets down under 10℃,or keep it in bottle for 1 month,it will start precipitate,like the fat.

Dimefluthrin should be pure liquid,but now it change to be like fat,so how you think about the quality?

Meperfluthrin and dimefluthrin purity?

Most important,many of these suppliers not understand product actually or intend to mislead customers,they will declare purity of ‘95%’ ‘96%’ or even above,however,actually it is impossible to reach so high purity for bulk cargo while keeping effect stable or other character not changed,so the final effect will decrease actually.

Please find good quality chemical,it is so important for your mosquito coil effect to kill or repel mosquito.Also make your product selling successfully.Don’t buy the low quality product due to 5% lower price,or else you will lose 50% effect.

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