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Our product range comtains a wide range of Biomass Turbo Dryer, Rotary Drum Dryer, Coir Pith Dryer, Turbo Dryer CTD and Drum Dryer

Biomass Turbo Dryer

  • size 30 x 15 or 25 x 25
  • Moisture Evaporation Capacity 450 Kg. /Hr.
  • Output 1500 Kg. /Hr.
  • Maximum Input Moisture 35%
  • Outlet Moisture 15%
  • Centrifugal Fan Motor 15 Hp
  • Vibrating Screen 2 Hp
  • Screw Conveyor Motor 2 Hp

Turbo Dryer is also known as Column Turbo Dryer (CTD) which is utilized for the Drying Purpose for all such Raw Material which is having high moisture content up to 30-35% such as fibrous material such as Bagasse, Jute, Coir Pitch, EFB Palm Waste etc from which moisture evaporates at the acceptable limit of 12%.

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Rotary Drum Dryer

Product Info: Rotary Drum Dryer also known as a rotary kiln, is employed to reduce or minimize the moisture content of agro and forest waste, it is done by bringing it into direct contact with heated gas. The rotary dryer is made up of a large, rotating cylindrical tube. The dryer discharge end is lower than the material feed to convey the material through the dryer under gravity.

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Coir Pith Dryer

  • Output 1500 KG/HR.

Certain raw materials containing moisture content beyond 45% (wet basis), need to be treated for moisture evaporation to bring the moisture content to acceptable limit of 15%. For suspension drying of fibrous materials like bagasse, jute, coir pith etc., turbo dryer is required. The system consists of screw conveyor, vibrating screen, feeding hopper vane guide, conveying line including insulated drying column and conveying line through which wet or moist material is conveyed with hot air. A powerful low pressure open wheel centrifugal fan assures significant resilience time for removal of excess moistures. Material is conveyed to cyclone and discharged through air tap duct.

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Turbo Dryer CTD

  • temperature 650 C
  • Moisture Evaporation Capacity 45O KG/HR.
  • Output 1500 KG/HR.
  • Maximum Input Moisture 35%
  • Outlet Moisture 15%
  • Centrifugal Fan Motor 15 HP
  • Vibrating Screen 2 HP
  • Screw Conveyor Motor 2 HP

The biomass briquetting made industry for rendering comprehensive solution concerning to the biomass briquettes, coming up with the other indispensible machinery required to reduce the moisture content from the agro waste, named Turbo Dryer CTD 60, is a highly engineered product consist of a stack of slowly rotating circular trays enclosed in an area where a heated gas or air flow continuously by centrifugal fan.

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Drum Dryer

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