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  7. Patent Registration Services 23 Products / Services available
  8. Marketing Services 1 Products / Services available
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  11. Investment Service 1 Products / Services available
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Marketing Services

We offer the best product range of and Patent Marketing Service.

Patent Marketing Service

All you have to do is trademark your brand name or patent your invention or get design registration for your industrial design or copyright for your software, artistic, literary or dramatic work.rnOnce registration and valuation of a patent or trade mark or design or copyright is done through experienced Intellectual property attorneys like Joachim & Janson it can be either assigned or licensed to those who wish to buy it. If you do not wish to give the entire rights you can give limited rights through non exclusive license agreements and if you wish to sell it off for a fair value you can do so through an assignment agreement.rnIt is however important that patent, trade mark, industrial design or copyright should be sold to appropriate companies who would find it useful and pay you good royalties. Non commercial use of an intellectual property like patent or trade mark for a substantial period like 4-5 years will take away your right over it so it is always advisable to either use it on your own or license it to third parties.rnJoachim & Janson is a leading IP law firm which provides patent monetization and patent acquisition services. J&J consists of experienced IP consultants; Advocates; Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Design attorneys who provide services like novelty search, preparation of applications, registration services, find prospective buyers, negotiate the deal, prepare licensing agreements, amend or enter the name and address of assignees in the register at IP offices, renew it in time etc.

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