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Herbal Products

Our product range comtains a wide range of Gandha Thailam, Yograj Guggulu, Arthritis Oil, Dhoordhoorapathradi Thailam and Ayurvedic Facial Oil

Gandha Thailam

A highly effective medicated oil, specially prepared for the treatment of Blunt injuries of bones and musles, muscular spasm, sprain, tendon injuries, subluxation, dislocation and fracture, with prescribed number of drops, either taken internally or applied externally. Gandha Thailam is special classic Ayurvedic combination of herbs prepared for the treatment of acute injuries and inflammations of bones, muscles and joints. Crush and blunt injuries of bones and muscles are remarkably treated with apt dosage of Gandha Thailam. Prompt results are obtained if applied over the site of injury and massaged with care. 5- 10 drops of Gandha Thailam is consumed along with warm milk for relief from inflammation, pain and swelling. In case of fracture, Gandha Thailam is prescribed for both internal and external use in apt dosage, for quick results. Blunt injuries to muscle, sprain and spasm are treated with this quick acting and effective medicine.  

  • Sl No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty
    1 Tilathailam Sesamum indicum Ol 10.000 ml
    2 Ksheera Cow Milk   40.000 ml
    3 Nalada Vetiveria zizanioides Rt 0.019 g
    4 Valaka Coleus vettiveroides Rt 0.019 g
    5 Lohitayashtika Rubia cordifolia Rt 0.019 g
    6 Naksha Ziziphus mauritiana St 0.019 g
    7 Misi  Anethum graveolens Fr 0.019 g
    8 Plava Cyperus scariosus Rt.Tr 0.019 g
    9 Kushta Saussurea lappa Rt 0.019 g
    10 Balatraya (each)
      Kharayashti Sida retusa Rt 0.019 g
    Ven kurunthotti Sida retusa St 0.019 g
    11 Urakka veru Abutilon indicum Rt 0.019 g
    12 Srikhandam Santalum album Ht Wd 0.019 g
    13 Sariba Hemidesmus indicus Rt 0.019 g
    14 Sarala Pinus longifolia Ht Wd 0.019 g
    15 Sarjarasa Shorea robusta Exd. 0.019 g
    16 Amarandaru Cedrus deodara Ht Wd 0.019 g
    17 Patmakadi gana (each)
      Patmaka  Prunus cerasoides Ht Wd 0.019 g
    Pundra  Nelumbo nucifera St 0.019 g
    18 Jivaniyagana (each)
      Riddhi  Habenaria intermedia Rt 0.019 g
    Vriddhi  Habenaria acuminata Rt 0.019 g
    Thugaksheeri Maranta arundinaceae S.C 0.019 g
    Sringi  Pistacia integerrima Gl. 0.019 g
    Amritha  Tinospora cordifolia St 0.019 g
    Jeevanthi  Holostemma adakodien Rt 0.019 g
    Kakoli  Fritillaria roylei Rt 0.019 g
    Ksheerakakoli  Lilium polyphyllum Rt 0.019 g
    Meda  Polygonatum cirrhifolium Rt 0.019 g
    Mahameda  Polygonatum verticillatum Rt 0.019 g
    Mudgaparni  Vigna trilobata Pl 0.019 g
    Mashaparni  Vigna radiata  Pl 0.019 g
    Rishabha  Microstylis wallichi Rt.Tr 0.019 g
    Jeevaka  Microstylis uscifera Rt.Tr 0.019 g
    Madhuka  Glycyrrhiza glabra St 0.019 g
    19 Rasna Alpinia calcarata Rt 0.019 g
    20 Amsumathi Pseudarthria viscida Pl 0.019 g
    21 Kaseru Cyperus esculentus Rt 0.019 g
    22 Kalanusari Trigonella foemum-graecum Rt 0.019 g
    23 Nata Valeriana jatamanasi Rt 0.019 g
    24 Patra Pogostemon cablin Lf 0.019 g
    25 Lodhra Symplocos cochinchinensis St.Bk 0.019 g
    26 Ksheerasukla Ipomoea paniculata Rt 0.019 g
    27 Durva Cynodon dactylon Lf 0.019 g
    28 Saileya Parmelia perlata Pl 0.019 g
    29 Kumkuma Crocus sativus Stl.Stg 0.019 g
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Yograj Guggulu

Yograj Guggulu is unique tablet of Ayurvedic preparation for the treatment of Arthritic ailments, both acute and chronic. Pain and swelling present in the joins, stiffness, numbness, anaemia, piles, anorexia, ulcers and skin infections are also effectively treated with YograjGuggulu tablet. Yograj Guggulu is the most famous and effective Ayurvedic tablet in the treatment of Arthritis. The inflammatory condition begins with redness, pain and swelling which would remain for few years, unless treated with apt medicines. The inflammation might even affect the rest of the joints a including upper and lower limbs. The major ingredients of Yograj Guggulu is Guggulu, a good anti-inflammatory agent, effectively cures the painful condition of arthritis and swelling as well. Ingredients like pippali, pippalimoola, chavya etc acts effectively against worms, wounds, ascitis, piles, anorexia, ascitis, fistula and abdominal lumps. During medication the patient must follow certain diet restrictions which might otherwise hinder effectiveness of the medicine. Yograj Guggulu is usually administered as a supportive medication along with appropriate decoction.  

  • Sl No Sanskrit Name English Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty
    1 Pippali Indian long pepper Piper longum Dr.Fr 10.8 mg
    2 Pippalimoola Indian long pepper Piper longum Rt 10.8 mg
    3 Chavya Wild Pepper Piper chaba Rt 10.8 mg
    4 Chitraka White lead wort Plumbago zeylanica Rt Tr 10.8 mg
    5 Nagara Dry ginger Zingiber officinale Rz. 10.8 mg
    6 Patha Pata root Cyclea peltata Rt Tr 10.8 mg
    7 Vidanga Wawrung Embelia ribes Dr.Fr 10.8 mg
    8 Indrayava Kurchi Holarrhena antidysenterica Sd. 10.8 mg
    9 Hingu Asafoetida Ferula asafoetida Exd 10.8 mg
    10 Bharngi Beetle killer Clerodendrum serratum Rt 10.8 mg
    11 Vacha Sweet flag Acorus calamus Rz 10.8 mg
    12 Sarasapa Mustard Brassica nigra Sd. 10.8 mg
    13 Ativisha Aconite Aconitum heterophyllum Rt Tr 10.8 mg
    14 Ajaji Fennel flower Cuminum cyminum Dr.Fr 10.8 mg
    15 Renuka Chaste tree Vitex agnus-castus Fl 10.8 mg
    16 Krishnajeeraka Black Cumin Nigella sativa Sd. 10.8 mg
    17 Gajakrishna Gajapipal Scindapsus officinalis Dr.Fr 10.8 mg
    18 Ajamoja Bishop’s Trachispermum roxburghianum Dr.Fr 10.8 mg
    19 Katuka Kutki Picrorhiza kurroa Rt 10.8 mg
    20 Moorva   Marsdenia tenacissima Rt 10.8 mg
    21 Triphala (each)        
      Abhaya Chebulic myrobalan Terminalia chebula Fr.R 143.6 mg
    Amalaki Gooseberry Phyllanthus emblica Fr.R 143.6 mg
    Vibhitaki Belleric myrobalan Terminalia bellirica Fr.R 143.6 mg
    22 Guggulu Indian bedellium Commiphora mukul Exd 646.2 mg
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Arthritis Oil

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 10 Pack(s)

We offer Arthritis Oil. Kaircare Plus is a Unique, Multi-functional Product. Apart from Being a Fast, Effective and Gentle Pain Relieving Oil, this Product Has Been Found to Be Very Effective in the Treatment of Arthritis, Spondylitis, Back Pains, Frozen Shoulders, Sciatica Pains, and Muscular Spasms. Kaircare Plus is 100% Herbal with Natural Extracts of Herbs & Essential Oils that have the Ability to Penetrate Deep Into the Affected Areas to Heal the Symptoms .kaircare Plus Was Created Especially for the Purpose of Relieving Aches and Pains. Excellent for Therapeutic Massage, Kaircare Plus is a Soothing, Gentle and Potentially Sensual Way to Relieve Exhausted and Fatigued Muscles. Kaircare Plus is Developed from 100% Natural Botanical Ingredients, Which are Devoid of Synthetic Fragrances, Petroleum Derivatives or other Harmful Chemicals. Kairali’s Kaircare Ayurvedic Oil for Aches and Pains is the Solution for the Effective Relief from Arthritic Pain, Backache, Gout, Tendinitis, Muscular, Joint and Rheumatic Pain. The Herbs in Kairc are Plus are Famous for Their Use as Anti-inflammatory and Pain Relieving Agents. Kaircare Plus, the Anti Inflammatory Herbal Oil Not Only Provides Instant Relief, But Strengthens the Bone Tissues, the Skeletal and the Neuromuscular Systems, Allowing for the Comfortable Movement of Joints and Muscles. Kaircare Plus Oil Penetrates the Body Tissue Faster Than Any other Oil Ointment Because of Its Strong Anti Inflammatory Actions.

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Delivery Time : 7 days

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Dhoordhoorapathradi Thailam

  An Ayurvedic medicated oil prepared with Dhoordurapatra as the major ingredient, Doordurapatradi Thailam acts as an effective oil for treating dandruff and scabies. The prevalence of dandruff causes itching in the scalp and burning sensation, which in turn hinders the growth of hair. Doordurapatradi Thailam significantly fights dandruff and keep the scalp free of infection. Thus, it promotes the growth of hair and keep the scalp healthy.

  • Sl No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty
    1 Taila Sesamum indicum Ol 10.000 ml
    2 Dhurdhurapatra Datura metel Lf 10.000 g
    3 Durva Cynodon dactylon Lf 10.000 g
    4 Amrita Tinospora cordifolia St. 10.000 g
    5 Kimsuka Zanthoxylum rhesta Lf 10.000 g
    6 Kushta Saussurea lappa Rt     0.156 g
    7 Mustha  Cyperus rotundus Rz.     0.156 g
    8 Ela Elettaria cardamomum Dr.Fr     0.156 g 
    9 Madhuka Glycyrrhiza glabra Rt     0.156 g
    10 Keraksheera Coconut Milk ELADI 10.000 ml
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Ayurvedic Facial Oil

An Ayurvedic product aimed at maintaining the health and radiance of your skin, Kaircin is an herbal oil that repairs damaged skin, moisturizes it and slows down signs of aging. Kaircin contains potent herbal ingredients that are proven to nourish your skin and give it youthful complexion. The ingredients of Kaircin are derived from plants so, it does not harm the skin. They are easily absorbed and effective at making your skin look beautiful and radiant. KAIRCIN also contains healing and anti-aging properties that help to soothe, repair and rejuvenate the skin to make it look younger and flawless. Kaircin contains an active keratin that is proven to stimulate natural production of collagen and elastin. These proteins enable your skin to maintain its youthful glow as you age.

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  Chyavanaprasam is beneficial for the health in a number of ways. It improves skin complexion, makes the skin exude its natural glow and radiance and fights dermal bacterial infection too. In addition to this, it promotes the growth of thick, healthy hair and helps the body to absorb calcium, thereby helps strengthening the bones and teeth. The sense organs are sharpened due to the regular consumption of Chyavanaprasam. If consumed regularly, Chyavanaprasam increases the vigour and vitality. It increases general health, memory and well being. Chyavanaprasam is especially beneficial for asthama patients and those suffering from dyspnea, fever, heart diseases, gout, diseases of urine and semen and disorders of speech. The anti-oxidant properties of Chyavanaprasam help the body to act against the ageing process thereby helps one maintain youthfulness. The Rasayana (rejuvenating property) enhances fertility, keeps the menstrual cycle to repeat itself on the right time and helps one to overcome the difficulties of constipation. It also tones the muscles and enhances the protein synthesis effectively. This medicine promotes a healthy and long life, which is free of diseases.

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Herbal Medicine for Liver Care - Spaliv from Kairali

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 15 Pack(s)

Combining 12 powerful herbal medicines we have created SPALIV, a product designed to protect your liver from both internal and external damage. The liver is an extraordinary organ, performing more than 500 functions that we need to survive. Amongst other things, the liver is responsible for treating 1, 300 ml of blood per second, essentially eliminating harmful toxins from our system. At Kairali, we have created SPALIV to provide you with a safe, herbal method by which you can increase the functional efficiency of the liver and ensure optimum liver performance. The magic of SPALIV is that it neutralizes all kinds of toxins and poisons from food, water, the air and the medications we take; all potential sources of detrimental effects on the liver. It counteracts those hard to avoid poisons and protects one of the body's most important organs. Alcohol users in particular find SPALIV helpful in maintaining a healthier liver

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Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

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