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Emerald Gemstones

Emerald Gemstones

Mercury holds the status of Prince among all planets. When the benefic effects of Mercury are enhanced through Emerald, people wearing it become more prosperous and intelligent. Emerald gives success in Business and Trading. It opens more avenues for establishing new ventures and helps in expansion of the existing business. Mercury is the significator of finance and gives the wearer of Emerald the ability to manage finance with prudence. Emerald enhances analytical abilities to calculate risks and rewards of a trade to earn more profits.


Mercury rules the brain leading towards taking right and quick decisions in life. Wearing Emerald improves communication skill of people and make them able to express themselves confidently with logic and reason. Emerald helps students in their studies and also increases focus and concentration of mind. Emerald also helps sports persons and athletes. It makes the wearer witty, humorous, creative and innovative.


Emerald is beneficial for people associated with professions related to Business, Trading, Share Market, Banking, Accounting, Brokerage, Advocacy, Sports, Stationery, Writing, Printing and Journalism.


Emerald can be worn to heal ailments related to Skin, Speech, Voice, Tongue, Throat, Impotency, Insomnia, Mental Disorders, Ears, Nasal Problems, Mind and Concentration.


Details :

  • Planet Represented: Mercury
  • Day: Wednesday


Scientific Properties:

  • Type: Mineral
  • Family: Beryl
  • Color(s): Varying Green
  • Hardness: 7½ - 8
  • Density: 2.67-2.78
  • Crystal System: Hexgonal Prisms
  • Chemical Composition: Al2Be3(Si6O18)
  • Transparency: Transparent to Opaque
  • Refractive Index: 1.565 - 1.602
  • Double Refraction: -0.006
  • Dispersion: 0.014 (0.009-0.013)

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