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Industrial Chemicals

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Chlorine Dioxide Liquid for Milk Processing, Rapid Oxide Solution, Sodium Chloride Granules, Floor Cleaner Thickener and Acid Thickener.

Chlorine Dioxide Liquid for Milk Processing

230 /Litre
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  • Application Milk Processing
  • Color White
  • Physical State Liquid
  • Packaging Type Can,Drum
  • Industry Power Generation, Food & Beverage,Pulp & Paper, Chemical Processing
  • Usage Industrial
  • Packaging Size 1 kg to 50kg
  • Categories Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals, ETP Treatment Chemicals, Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Grade Standard Technical Grade

We are providing Milk Processing Chlorine Dioxide Liquid to our clients. Milk is also a very nutritious medium for microbial growth, and spoils very quickly if not handled properly after collection. In addition, many pathogenic bacteria can also grow in milk, for example, Listeria mono cytogenes, Salmonella spp, and Escherichia coli. Chlorine dioxide is a safe and effective sanitizer for use in a variety of milk processing and packaging applications. Chlorine dioxide can be applied to water systems, processing equipment, and environmental surfaces to reduce or eliminate milk spoilage organisms. Disinfecting parts of dairy machines, cans and tankers.

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Rapid Oxide Solution

30 /Pack
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  • State of Matter Liquid
  • Form of Chemicals Powder
  • Concentration (%) 0.3%
  • Purity 99.9%
  • Chemical Formula ClO2
  • PH Range 4-11

Other Details: RapidOxide is an advanced delivery system to generate chlorine dioxide with a purity of 99.9 %. RapidOxide does not generate chlorine, chlorate, chlorite or chloride. The active biocidal substance is chlorine dioxide (ClO2). It is 10 x more powerful than chlorine (and chlorine type disinfectants), works at a broad pH range from 4-10 and does not generate any by-products or side effects when used. Rapid Oxide 0.3% solution kills all water-borne microorganisms. These include bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, mold, spores, protozoans, cryptosporidia, actinomycetes, cysts, and other diseases. RapidOxide also removes phenols, cyanides, and methanogens from the water. RapidOxide is easy to use, simple to apply and contributes positively to all aspects of crop health. Rapid Oxide has no harmful environmental impact. Rapid Oxide is a 99.9 % pure chlorine dioxide in a 0.3% water solution. Rapid Oxide is delivered as a powder kit of two components. These have a 5-year shelf life. Once added to a specific volume of water, the components react to produce a 99.9 % pure chlorine dioxide solution with a full-potency shelf-life of up to 30 days.

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Sodium Chloride Granules

250 /Kilogram
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  • Packaging Type Loose
  • Feature Heat Resistant
  • Chemical Compounds NaClO2
  • Physical State Granules
  • Molar Mass 58.4 g/mol

Chemical Composition : Sodium chlorite is the product of three elements: sodium (Na), chlorine (Cl) and oxygen. In each molecule, one sodium atom and one chlorine atom bind with two oxygen atoms. The chemical equation for this composition is NaClO2. It is found in solid form as a white powder and is also water-soluble. Under high heat, it can be explosive. Oxidizing Power : One of the primary uses of sodium chlorite is an oxidizer. It is helpful in bleaching various types of materials, such as wood, oils, and other textile products. It can help deactivate many types of poisons by interacting with them and changing their chemical composition. The oxidizing powers of sodium chlorite also make it a useful pesticide and herbicide. Agriculture : According to Health Science Spirit, sodium chlorite has widespread application in agriculture. It can be combined with citric acid, which helps acidify it, and applied to food products as an antimicrobial treatment. This treatment can be used on meats, poultry, fish, fruits, and vegetables. It can be applied in food and water treatments to kill various microbes and parasites without eliminating healthy bacteria needed by our digestive system. Other Uses : According to Health Science Spirit, sodium chlorite may be an effective treatment of toothaches. It can also turn some heavy metals soluble, making it easier for them to be expelled from the body. One of the benefits of its internal treatment is that it does not react badly with organic matter, including our food and our own bodies.

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Floor Cleaner Thickener

90 /Kilogram
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 50 Kilogram Kilogram
  • Application Floor Cleaning
  • Shelf Life 1year
  • Color Creamy, White
  • Form Liquid
  • Available Packaging Size 35Kg, 50Kg, 200 Kg
  • Pack Type Drum

Features: Pure composition Eco-friendly Long shelf life

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Acid Thickener

250 /Kilogram
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 50 Kilogram Kilogram
  • Purity 100%
  • Packaging Type Drum
  • Physical State Liquid
  • Usage Industrial
  • Color Yellow
  • Density 0.95
  • Shelf Life 1 Year

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Descalant Powder

150 /Kilogram
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  • Physical State Powder
  • Usage Industrial, Laboratory
  • Grade Standard Reagent Grade, Bio-Tech Grade
  • Color White
  • Quality Optimum
  • Self Life 1 Year

Benefits: Removes limescale quickly and effectively Dissolves hard and old limescale deposits from your appliances Regular use will extend the life of the appliance and saves running cost. Reduces Maintenance Cost Saves Energy Bills Increases Detergent effectiveness in case of Washing Machines and Dishwashers In hard water areas washing machines should be descaled every three months and dishwashers should be descaled every six months. It can be used in appliances such as Washing Machines, Dish Washers, Geysers, Steam Iron, Coffee Makers, Bath Tubs, and Bathroom Fixtures etc.

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Cooling Tower Chemical

160 /Litre
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  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Color Blue
  • Usage Industrial
  • Physical State Liquid
  • Packaging Type Drum
  • Packaging Size 5 L, 1 L

Benefits due to the anticorrosive property of CoolCare: It increases plant life. Reduces the Maintenance cost of the cooling system. Increases the heat transfer rate. Reduces the plant operating risk. Benefits due to the anti-scaling property of CoolCare: Reduce the maintenance cost. Maintain the same water flow rate in the heat exchangers and water circulating pipelines in the cooling system. Increase the heat transfer rate. Maintain the same efficiency pump. Other Benefits of  CoolCare: It is highly concentrated chemical, so small quantity can give the excellent result. It can work even if the circulating water pH is more then 8.5pH. Handling is very simple because CoolCare replaces two chemicals so it will reduce 50% labor. Key Points: CoolCare it is the best chemical for the cooling tower it has the capability to do the task of Anticorrosive and Antiscaling chemical at the same time so there is no need to put two different chemicals in the cooling tower. It is highly concentrated chemical, so small quantity can give the excellent result. It can work even if the circulating water pH is more than 8.5pH.

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