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Bath Linens

We offer the best product range of Liquid Cooling Bath Refrigeration, Rectangular Single Wall Water Bath, Tissue Flotation Water Bath, Serological Water Bath and Ultrasonic Water Bath.

Liquid Cooling Bath Refrigeration

  • Chamber size 500 x 250 x 250 mms.
  • Capacity (Approx). 32ltrs.

CONSTANT TEMP. REFRIGERATION LIQUID BATH (Cooling Bath)   Standard double walled construction.  Inner chamber made out of 5oCto 90oC and controlled by a  sensitive Mercury contact thermometer with an accuracy of + 2oC.  Fitted with a stirrer and speed  regulator.       Chamber size                       Capacity (Approx).     500 x 250 x 250 mms.                  32ltrs.

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Rectangular Single Wall Water Bath

(Single wall) Body made out of thick stainless steel, top made out of chrome plated sheet concentric rings to cover 3" dia holes are provided.  Heating elements have an automatic cut-off device which operates when the bath gets dried. Equipment working on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.   Six inside (Stainless Steel) Capacity (Approx.)   a. 300x250x100mm 6 holes of 75mm dia. 8ltrs.   b. 355x405x100mm 12 holes of 75mm dia. 15ltrs.

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Tissue Flotation Water Bath

We have been able to offer customized solutions to the clients, by manufacturing and supplying a quality assured range of Water Bath Tissue Flotation.  These machines are used in pharmaceutical and biomedical laboratories for testing tissue samples. Our well experienced workforce manufactures these baths using quality grade materials, sourced from the most reliable vendors.  We check the Water Bath Tissue Flotation on construction and efficiency parameters before dealing with the clients.   Features:   Easy to operate Maintenance free Sturdy construction

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Serological Water Bath

Double wall construction, inner being made out of highly polished thick stainless steel and outer made out of thick mild steel sheet finished in stoving white enamel paint or staple mat colour combinations.  The gap is filled with special glass wool for temp. insulation. The bath is provided with the drain cock to easily drainout the water and clean the chamber when required.  A pyramidal shaped cover is provided.Immersion type heating elements are fitted at bottom. Temp. range  5° C above ambient to 80o C with accuracy + 0.5oC to 1oC is controlled by capillary thermostat regulated by a graduated knob on the panel, which is also provided with pilot lamp etc. The equipment is workable on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.   The baths are supplied without racks, thermometer and stirring arrangement.   Size inside Chamber (Stainless Steel)   Capacity (Approx).     a. 300x175x175mm  (Suitable for 1 racks)                  12ltrs. b. 300x250x175mm  (Suitable for 2 racks)                  14ltrs. c. 375x300x175mm  (Suitable for 4 racks)                  18ltrs. d. 475x300x175mm  (Suitable for 6 racks )                 25ltrs. e. 605x300x175mm  (Suitable for 8 racks )                 32ltrs.     Optional :-     i)             Imported Thermostat “EGO”/”JUMO” German with the accuracy of ±0.5°C. ii)            Digital temp. Indicator –cum – Controller. iii)           Microprocessor PID Digital temp. Indicator- cum- controller. iv)           Digital temp. Indicator   

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Ultrasonic Water Bath

We are a CE and GMP certified company, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a quality range of Ultrasonic Water Bath.  These baths are extensively used in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. To comply with the set industrial norms we use optimum quality materials to manufacture these baths.  To provide a defect free range to the clients, we check the Ultrasonic Water Bath on functioning and efficiency parameters. We offer the batch at cost effective prices.   Features:   Robust construction Long working life Resistant to impact and rust

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Water Bath Rectangular

Standard double wall construction, inner being of stainless steel outer of m.s. duly stoving paint finish and gap filled for temp. insulation with glass wool. Top cover with 75 mm (3") holes with concentric rings.  Temp. range 5oC above ambient to 95oC type element with accuracy of  +  1oC. Supplied complete with  plug & cord.  Panel provided with pilot lamps, thermostat control knob etc.   Size inside (Stainless Steel)                Capacity Approx.    a) 300x250x100mm  6  holes of 75mm dia .             8ltrs.  b) 355x405x100mm 12 holes of 75mm dia.           15 ltrs.    Optional:-   i)           Imported thermostat “EGO”/ “JUMO”  German with the accuracy of ±0.5°C. ii)           Digital temp. Indicator- Cum –Controller. iii)          Microprocessor PID Digital temp. Indicator-Cum –Controller. iv)          Digital Temp. Indicator. 

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Oil Bath with Stirrer

Inner chamber made of highly polished stainless steel or copper sheet and outer made of mild steel duly finished in stoving enamel.  Temperature range 50oC to 250oC + 2oC is controlled by a thermostat.  Supplied complete with stirrer, diffuser shelves, cover etc. panel provided with on-off switch, pilot lamps thermostatic control knob etc.   Chamber Size in mm  & Inches approx.     a.  250x250x250                 (10”x10”x10”) b.  300x300x250                 (12”x12”x10”) c.  350x 350x250                (14”x14”x10”)     Optional :-    i)            Mercury contact thermometer and relay with accuracy better than 1°C. ii)            Digital temp. Indicator- Cum- Controller. iii)            Microprocessor PID Digital temp. Indicator- cum- Controller . iv)           Digital temp. Indicator. 

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