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Our Complete range of products are Laminar Air Flow Filters, Pre Filter and HEPA Filter.

Laminar Air Flow Filters

Laminar flow principle involves double filteration of air through coarse pre-  filters (upto 5 microns) and Hepa filter (down to 0.3 microns) for filteration of biological and particulate contaminants.  A constant uni-directional air flow is drawn from atmosphere and passed through pre and hepa filters on the work surface. Fabricated out of reinforced ply board which is clad in from out side laminated sheet and inner exposed areas are finished in epoxy paint.  Table top covered with non-glaring laminated sheet or stainless steel sheet (optional).  Side panels are fixed and are made out transparent acrylic sheet.  The front door is folding type and made of thick acrylic sheet. (optional) Stand is built in   type or detachable.  Blower unit has AU or equilavent motor and is dynamically balanced with minimal sound & vibration  level. Fluorescent lighting is also provided.  A suitable UV tube is provided for sterilization.  An acrylic  block  type manometer to measure static pressure in the chamber has been inustalled.Two way gas  tap for gas line has also been provided   Working  Chamber Size.   a. 2 ’x 2’ x 2'  b. 3’ x 2’ x 2' c. 4’ x 2’ x 2’ d. 6’ x 2’ x 2’ 

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Pre Filter

  • Model Particular
  • LIC-044 Size 55x55x5 cm
  • LIC-055 Size 85x55x5 cm

These filters have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of clean air in general ventilating and air-conditioning systems in Hospitals, Computer installations, also in Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Petro-Chemical, Fertilizers, Synthetic fiber industries and Compressor applications. The heart of the filter is a reinforced washable synthetic non-woven filter media/fiber glass. Fiber media pleated in accordation format along –with a backing of wire/HDPE netting. The mediums are carefully selected to offer the best possible performance to suit specific needs. In order to obtain uniformity of dust loading, the filter plates are kept apart by means of aluminium separators. The complete filter pack is sealed into rigid cassette of mild steel or aluminium. Filter is offered in a three piece construction namely element cassette, outer casing and front grill. For replacement, only the cassette element needs to be changed. The micronic fine filter has a filtration efficiency upto 90.0%, particle retention >5.0 micron and can operate upto 120ºC and 100% relative humidity. Before use, the filters are tested in accordance with the specification of BS 2831 Standards.

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HEPA Filter

The filter has excellent resistance to chemical including corrosive vapour and most acids except phosphoric and hydro solvents which have little or no effect. These have excellent electric qualities, they neither absorb moisture, swell, stretch nor undergo chemical change through contact with moisture. Filter medium fabricated from fire proof 100% micro fiber glass paper pleated with aluminium/cadmium plated mild steel with exclusive plastic base adhesive. Continuous neoprene sponge rubber seals are provided on filter frame for effective sealing . The filter has a filtration efficiency of upto 99.97%, particle retention >0.3 micron and can operate in temperature upto 150º C intermittent 121º C continuous and 100% relative humidity. The filter are tested by the DOP test methods, the most accurate and stringent test.

  • Model



    HEPA Filter 60x60x15 cm


    HEPA Filter 90x60x15 cm


    HEPA Filter 120x60x15 cm

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