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We offer a complete product range of Lid Vacuum Desiccator PAN, Digital Hand Held pH Meter, Buchner Filtration Flask, Digital Haematocrit Centrifuge and Digital variable Electrophoresis Power Supply

Lid Vacuum Desiccator PAN

We are an esteemed organization engaged in providing an extensive range of quality Desiccator With Lid Vacuum manufactured with high quality materials with assurance of high reliability, stability, strength and long lasting features which we have in extensive demand in the market. We are well known in the market for our quality products in affordable prices and on time deliveries.  

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Digital Hand Held pH Meter

  • MODEL Description
  • PH-13  
  •  Range 0.001 to 14.00 ph
  •  Resolution 0.01 ph
  •  Accuracy ±0.02 ph ± 1 digit
  •  Temperature 0-100°C Manual
  •  Input Resistance 1012 Ohms
  •  Operating  Temp. 10° to 45°C
  •  Display 3½ digit LCD Display
  •  Power 9 Volts Battery
  •  Dimensions 150 x 85 x 35 mm
  •  Weight 400 gm.

Accessories     Combinatio Electrode   Buffer Solution Battles  (Two)   Instruction Manual

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Buchner Filtration Flask

We manufacture "MICROSIL" Brand Flask Buchner Filtration. Capacity from 100ml to 1000ml with socket.  

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Digital Haematocrit Centrifuge

Model : T-15    13000 r.p.m. Microprocessor based, Digital Timer, r.p.m meter and programmable speed regulator. Supply completed with Rotor +Reading Device + 1 Pkt. Capillaries, 1 Pc. Wax sealing Tray and instruction manual.

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Digital variable Electrophoresis Power Supply

Model : EPM-200   Body made of ABS plastic injection moulded and is shock proof.   Microprocessor based, programmable, Electrophoresis power supply.   Variable voltage 0-300V.   Variable current 0-500mA.   Digital timer 9 hr. 99 minutes programmable   Digital display of voltage and current thru 2 line 22 character LCD display.   Digital display of timer in respect to set time and run time.   For single unit use at a time.   To work on 220 volts 50 Hz A.C.   Supply is complete with cord & plug, Instruction manual, Packed in corrugated box.

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Horizontal Mini GEL Electrophoresis

Electrophoresis Horizontal - Mini - GEL Gel Electrophoresis Unit, Mini horizontal, Submarine with combs. Leak proof,     Model : GE-1    Moulded in single piece made of polycarbonate. 99.9% pure platinum wire is used in electrode.

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Power Supplies Electrophoresis

  • Model EP-200

Electrophoresis Power Supply, Analog, Fixed 100mA. Voltage 50, 100, 150, 200, 250V  

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Kjeldhal Digestion And Combined Distillation Units

One single mild steel tubular stand is provided with two heating shelves, one above the other.  A fume duct holder and a heating box are supplied for digestion unit.  The heating units have individual on-off switches.  In upper portion another heating unit with a condenser rack is provided.  The unit is workable on 220 V AC 50 Hz. Single phase.  Complete with cord & plug etc.   1. Unit of 3 tests (Heater type)   2. Unit of 6 tests (Heater type)   3. Unit of 3 tests (Mantel type)   4. Unit of 6 tests (Mantel type)   Optional :-   i) Fume Duct Made of lead or Borosilicate glass.   ii) Sunvic Energy Regulator.  

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Kjeldhal Digestion Units

KJELDHAL UNITS (Without Glass parts)   Are made out of mild steel duly finished in stoving enamel paint. Other metallic parts are chrome plated.   KJELDHAL DIGESTION UNITS   Useful for estimation of nitrogen contents in substances by digestion in 250 & 500 ml flasks. Provided (optional) with fume duct made of lead and pair of hangers. To work on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase. Individual on-off switches and one energy controller for all units is provided.   1. Unit of 3 tests (Heater type)   2. Unit of 6 tests (Heater type)   3. Unit of 3 tests (Mantle type)   4. Unit of 6 tests ( Mantle Type)   Optional :-   I) Fume duct made of lead of or borosilicate glass.   ii) Sunvic energy regulator

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Platinum Crucible Lid

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